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Globalists’ Rocky Mountain High

Here is Clif High’s conversation with David Nino Rodriguez, outlining an attack by the Deep State on a strategic location in the central United States. High pinpoints two possible locations for the attack — Cheyenne Mountain and the Denver International Airport, both in Colorado. He believes a direct energy weapon, or DEW, might be used for the attack, while authorities lie and claim a meteor struck the planet.

“We’re going to have some event that’s going to have so much relevant language following it that it’s going to dominate everything,” High says. Why the charade? Will it be tied to a failing economy? A dictatorial crime bill? Or triggered by another event altogether?

And when will it happen? High sees such an event occurring before April 3, 2024. He believes the attack is more likely this winter than either the fall or spring. He notes, “Psychics are picking up something way big.”

ADL: Muscle For The Cabal

How does the global Cabal use the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)  to silence, extort and control? Amazing Polly touches upon the derelict ADL as well as George Soros, Ukraine, the Vindmans, Elon Musk, January 6th and more.

Isn’t it going to be funny when the Anti-Defamation League gets sued for defamation? Those who have been harassed by these fascist bastards should let it rip.

And we’re not just talking about Elon Musk, who is threatening to sue the ADL for sabotaging Twitter’s ad sales. Here’s more from the panelists at Timcast, organized by Tim Pool.

Change Of Batter On The Way

The [Deep State] is under the control of the patriots. We are now heading into the 2024 elections and Biden is on his way out.

Did Trump just message us that this is about to happen.

Part 2 of Red October is coming. The country will begin to rally as the truth comes out and as we approach World War III. Buckle up and enjoy the show. Here’s more from the X22 Report.

Verbal Jiu Jitsu

Democrats are terrified and blame Republicans for unleashing an attack using verbal jiu jitsu. Have the Republicans finally fortified their spines and learned to waylay the reckless leftists?

It shouldn’t be that tough to attack a party built around the protection of pedophiles and destructive globalists. The Democrats deserve to crumble as their leadership — from New York to Hollywood — goes to jail! Here’s more from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Hawaiian Independence Blocked

The direct energy weapon assault in Maui was an attack by the failing Corporation of the United States to thwart an independence drive by Hawaii. Lahaina, the area struck by the DEW weapon, was where Hawaii’s original rulers held court. Some Asian nations that lend heavy sums to the American corporation have been calling for an independent Hawaii — one that presumably could be ruled once again from Lahaina.

This blistering laser-set fires served as a signal from the United States Corporation that Hawaiian independence will not be allowed to occur, says indie journalist Benjamin Fulford. “The Asians are saying that Hawaii needs to become independent again,” he says. “The reason is because, unlike other states that joined the Union after a vote by the citizens, … Hawaii was taken over by pineapple companies.”

Fulford, a Canadian by birth, now resides in Japan, although he delivered this latest report while on vacation in Canada. He  says globalists seeking to escape punishment for longstanding crimes have viewed Hawaii as one of the places they might go.

Keep an eye on Hawaii, he recommends, as well as select remote locations where the globalists might flee — like Yellowknife, the only large community in Canada’s extreme Northwest Territory, and Tenerife, the most heavily visited of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

We’re Approaching End Game

There are very few moves left in this grand chess match for the world. The battle between good and evil has been raging for a very long time, but if you’re paying attention, you can discern how it’s all playing out.

If you’re battle weary (as we all are), watch this episode, so you too will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Here’s more from the Son of Enos.

Globalists Engineering The End

Mike Adams, host of Natural News, says the signs are undeniable that globalists are engineering the end of humanity.

In the following episode, Adams reveals 12 telltale signs of their sinister game plan, though, he admits, the number is bound to increase. “The reason this report is critical to understand and share is because in the post-Covid era we are finally seeing a lot of more mainstream recognition that depopulation is a real agenda,” he says. Here’s his report.

The Big Gap

As the Mother Weffers get exposed and lose power, as we come to realize the corruption of Old Guard scientists like Anthony Fauci, we are facing what Clif High is calling “The Big Gap.” What exactly is he talking about? The Big Gap is somewhat similar to the Brain Drain that happened in the 1960s when Americans paid top salaries for scientists and engineers, leading many of them to leave their homelands across Europe and Asia.

Now, many American institutions are captured by Communists, who are dumbing down the United States.  But there’s an active counterinsurgency here  — a movement that will win, defeating the stooge-like Communists, same as their globalist backers. The Big Gap will occur as we retake our institutions and have to rebuild them after vanquishing the Communists.

“The gap that is indeed forming now is an intelligence gap,” High says. He adds, “This gap is a smarts gap, but it is a very particular kind of smarts gap. We’ve got real problems here in the Western world because of the corruption, because the corruption has gone through all of the educational institutions as well as all of the scientific institutions.”

No Longer A Conspiracy

Ukraine, Clintons,  RFK Jr., Bedminster, woke, trafficking!

In this edition:

  • Leaders exposing Big Pharma.
  • How election was stolen from Trump.
  • Globalists want full control.

Remain brave, stay the course. Pray! More from And We Know.

The Wind Cries Mary

Nobody tells the truth about the Jewish Globalist Communist Satanic cabal more often or better than Brother Nathaniel. He is racially Jewish and was raised in the Judaism religion up until his Great Awakening, and now he does everything he can to help the world Awaken to the evil Jewish Cabal. Nobody can call him Anti-Semite or Racist because he is JEWISH!!! Here’s more from Brother Nathaniel.