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Masks Not What You Think

Warning: Masks are not what you think! They have nothing to do with protecting you and others, but are basically a dark occult symbol of mockery and psychopathic control.

History will tell you that slaves were forced to wear masks, a symbolic gesture to mark them as not having a voice and to be owned while under the control of another entity. As our world continues to spiral into a state of tyranny and chaos, we come to realize that government is slavery. Here’s more, courtesy of the Sam2IAm channel.

The Real Problem: Easy Money

HighImpactFlix’s Brian Young suggests the huge elephant in the room, the problem no one dares to talk about is the central-banking cartel. It’s the Federal Reserve note, which wouldn’t have a single iota of value if it weren’t for the Military Industrial Complex.

Young makes a strong case that government is not in control–not the president, not the Supreme Court, not Congress. We are slaves of the central bankers and their easy money. Here’s more.

Vax Narrative A Big, Fat Lie!

Dr. Jane Ruby reports that the “safe and effective” narrative pushed by many well-known physicians, governments, Big Pharma and paid shills was nothing more than a big, fat lie! In the following episode, Ruby unveils the truth in medicine behind these scoundrels, who based their research on phony science.

Exterminating Humanity

Natural News’ Mike Adams reports that globalists have openly admitted their plans to exterminate humanity. He says those who run the world have realized that people are no longer needed in light of AI technology and their strategy has switched to getting rid of them. Here’s his report.

Salvation Army Does What?

It appears the Salvation Army has pulled a fast one on the government and public. Riss Flex says they claim to be a religious institution, but evidence is mounting that they are no more than a militant religious group employing slave labor.

For starters, Flex reports, the Salvation Army refers to all their high-level people in military terms, such as lieutenant, major, and calls their stores and buildings temples. Flex says they claim to help people that are vulnerable, though they cut a deal with the government, where they have people work for them for free. The employees are usually people participating in rehab programs, who are given the option of working with the Salvation Army in lieu of going to jail. Flex explains.

Controlled Demolition

The Crow House host, who simply goes by Maxwell, takes a riveting look at the era of predictive programming that is being force-fed to the public.

Sourcing Amazon’s recent film release, Surviving the Matrix, a diatribe about virtual life after death, aka living in the mainframe, Maxwell says there’s no hiding the Deep State plan anymore. “Interesting how they play all this for us. They just put it out there and tell us exactly what they’re doing, exactly what their plans are and they just continue with the plans,” he says. It’s what the Deep State does in their rush to push the Great Reset, their idea of a controlled demolition of everything. Here’s more.


Millions Died From Vaccines

Josh Sigurdson says a report originally published by Global Research last September and covered up by the bad guys has resurfaced with greater impact. It reveals the coordination of the media, the government, Big Pharma and Big Business hiding the effects and massive deaths related to the Covid-19 vaccines.

Sigurdson says this and other studies suggests the vaccine deaths are 10 times more than what the government is claiming and, some say, as much as 100 times more. Here’s Sigurdson’s stunning report.

New World Order’s Cosmic Hoax

Ufologist Steven Greer says we’re in the final hour of an agenda that’s been playing out for nearly a century. Centralized monopolies of government power, the defense industry and the corporate media are all converging on the same narrative–that extraterrestrials are real, they’re here and they’re a threat. Greer says despite the media’s fake news, we know for a fact that they’re not a threat. The secrecy that has prevailed for years, he says, is the real existential threat to life on Earth.

Everyone thinks the ET phenomenon began with Roswell. Not so, says Greer, founder of CSETI and The Disclosure Project. He says the possibility exists that there was targeting and retrieval of ET material and beings 25 years before Roswell. He says members of his team who have been in the “vault” and involved in classified projects, have seen top-secret files dealing with ETs going back to the late 1800s.

Greer warns we can’t stop what’s coming if we don’t confront the truth. Could the the shenanigans be the New World Order’s cosmic hoax? Here’s Greer’s report and please judge the material for yourself.

Flex Pays Tribute To Cirsten W

Riss Flex pays a heartfelt tribute to fellow vlogger Cirsten W, who died recently from pneumonia. She also delves into the latest court proceedings regarding Prince Andrew, the GOP advantage in the looming November midterms and features a Freemasonic cop whistleblower, who is exposing Satanism in police departments and government.