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Alliance Thwarts Infiltration

ICONS2020’s Sarge reveals never-released intel that the Alliance was infiltrated earlier this year, prompting a highly-classified meeting and plenty of finger-pointing.

Sarge says the top hierarchy of the Alliance were called to a meeting at an unknown location in late May to discuss operational strategies and coordination. He says there were heated exchanges over lagging operations in the final stage of the Great Awakening and fingers were being pointed at the European contingent and Western leaders for dragging their feet.

“I was told there was major infiltration at the highest level of the Western command that was the problem,” Sarge says. “But since then, they have identified and rectified it and cleaned it up.” Sarge says the Alliance also discovered there was a major disruption by enemy combatants in Middle Earth–which was responsible for the disaster in Hawaii–that needed to be cleaned out.

Sarge welcomes starseed warrior, Heidi, to the podcast to dissect the turn of events and discuss the threat of Inner Earth.

Juan O. Savin: Counter Punch

Juan O. Savin tells Michael Jaco that after months of enduring the best Deep State efforts to derail the Great Awakening, we’re about to experience the counter punch from the White Hats.

Savin says it all begins when Congress returns from their brief summer hiatus and the focus centers around the CEFC, a China energy company that Hunter Biden was involved with and where massive amounts of money went to the Biden Crime Family.

Savin explains further and also breaks down how the FBI was briefed and failed to act on the Hunter Biden laptop months before the story hit the mainstream media, how the 2024 Presidential election is in danger of being paused, plus more intel. Buckle up, folks. The push-back is about to become a tidal wave!

Gen. Flynn: Cyber Attack Looms

Gen. Michael Flynn warns that we’re likely to see a cyber attack that is so vast it will disrupt the internet.

Appearing on Infowars, with host Alex Jones, Flynn says the globalist crime syndicate is backed up against the wall and are in full panic mode. He explains further and lays out their next move and how to stop them.

Gene Decode: Black Eyes Matter

Gene Decode joins the Spiritually Raw podcast to discuss a Satanic child abuse condition, known as panda eyes, when a child is brutally sodomized, and the trauma bursts capillaries around their eye sockets (14-minute mark of video).

Decode also reveals that the coronavirus is gone from the North American continent, thanks to the Alliance and their chemtrail treatment, and discusses a number of topics, including the Great Awakening, adrenochrome, nobility families, the Illuminati, Operation Mocking Bird, and more.

AI Crisis Has Arrived

Glenn Beck tells The Rubin Report’s Dave Rubin that the atomization of society, caused by algorithms and AI, has arrived.

Beck, author of the recent release, Dark Future, says the looming social credit score program could restrict interactions between people. He explains further, plus also discusses the approaching AI-created unemployment catastrophe and the crisis of meaning among younger generations, and the allure of radical actions for a sense of purpose–a potential for a great awakening.

The Wind Cries Mary

Nobody tells the truth about the Jewish Globalist Communist Satanic cabal more often or better than Brother Nathaniel. He is racially Jewish and was raised in the Judaism religion up until his Great Awakening, and now he does everything he can to help the world Awaken to the evil Jewish Cabal. Nobody can call him Anti-Semite or Racist because he is JEWISH!!! Here’s more from Brother Nathaniel.

Juan O. Savin: The Kill Shot

Juan O. Savin says that as the public wakes up, the pressure will intensify on the White Hats’ next move. Could the kill shot loom in the near future?

Savin tells David “Nino” Rodriguez how the Great Awakening will likely play out with the military, including the final salvo against the Deep State’s Agenda 21 and an avalanche of arrests in the fall. Buckle up!

Life Outside The Circus

We all have to choose: Go all in with 10G, Mixed-Reality and Digital Currency, or discover new/old ways of life outside the Digital Circus. I chat outside and get a surprise. More from Amazing Polly.

First Arrest Will Verify Direction

The [Deep State] has made their move. Trump and the patriots know the playbook. Trump is now finishing the final act of the sting operation.

Most likely they will arrest him. Trump lets us know we are in the final battle. We will take the country back and we will Make America Great Again.

Scavino sends message letting us know that at dawn Trump will win against the [Deep State]. Trump has been warning about war. The scare event will be used to round up the [Deep State] players. Here’s more from the X22 Report.

BOOM Week Happening!

BOOM Week Happening! The key will unlock the door. Arrests will lead to Great Awakening?

All will be right — Patriots will protect patriots! Keep charging Midnight Riders!

The Information Warfare will intensify! Welcome to the Digital Battlefield! The picture will open up the eyes of the world! More from And We Know.