Trans Charity Child Abuse

Scotland Yard metropolitan police are investigating a trans charity in Great Britain for child abuse, after they delivered chest binders to children without parental approval.

Sourcing a piece in the Telegraph, The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters reports the Mermaids trans charity was discreetly sending chest binders–which are used to flatten the chest–to female children 13 and 14 years old. The metro police website described the binders as “breast ironing,” a method to hinder growth. Here’s more.

Nord Stream Sabotage Shuffle

Russia says it didn’t do it. CNN insinuates that Russia did. Styxhexenhammer666 says the Nord Stream sabotage remains unsolved, although others are pointing the finger toward Washington DC, in light of Joe Biden’s pledge to stop the natural gas pipeline. The one saving grace: Styx doubts that this incident, as horrendous as it is, will lead to nuclear war.

NATO places the blame squarely on Russia, declaring sabotage and vowing retaliation. Will this incident spur the outbreak of World War III?

Many questions remain unanswered. Why would Russia destroy a pipeline that served to its benefit? And if an enemy of Russia did the dirty deed, who was it? Ukraine spies, perhaps. Or just another boneheaded play by the White House idiot Joe Biden?

Here, Tim Pool describes the sabotage as a sinister variation on the Nazi Reichstag fire that played a central role in touching off World War 2.

Why Do Brits Say “Trolley?”

Geralt is our British friend. We bring him on the show today to explain all the weird British stuff like the Queen’s death, the line of succession, who Meghan and Harry are, and what all that weird British food is about. Also why they say “trolley” instead of “cart.” More from The Babylon Bee.

End Of The Monarchy?

Will the death of Queen Elizabeth II signal the end to the British monarchy? Will protection be removed from the royal family? Trump, Queen, King, 1776. Coincidences flying everywhere! Let’s go! Pray! More from And We Know.

King Charles III: Untold Story

After Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, Prince Charles became King Charles III, and even if you aren’t under the crown, here are the things you need to know about him! Here’s what the media won’t tell you about King Charles III. Here, we present both videos in the two-part series. More from Really Graceful.

Queen’s Dead

What’s the dark truth behind the Queen secret pagan occultism? More from JustInformed Talk.

What’s Next For Royal Family?

Queen Elizabeth II has died! Here’s a video prepared by the Business Insider that explains what will happen next. The days, weeks and months after her passing are known as Operation London Bridge. Upon her death, her eldest son, Prince Charles, will immediately become King. This could signal great change, not just for the United Kingdom but potentially the world.

Power Outages Everywhere!

Josh Sigurdson reports on power outages worldwide, as millions face grid failure, while still struggling with high gas prices and ravaging inflation.

He says Brits appear to be at wit’s end, as power bills are expected to top $5,000–all part of the globlaist move toward the Great Reset. “The Tower of Babel is being built in real times,” he says. More with World Alternative Media.

The Lost Gardens Of Satan

Jamie Reid, the artist who designed much of the Sex Pistols’ breakthrough album Never Mind the Bollocks, has now created a series of walk-through gardens that stand as a tribute to Satan and Saturn. Reid’s wildflowers are growing at the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall, Great Britain. More from Hugo Talks.

Twisted Firestarter

Deliberate fires appear to have been set in scores of communities flanking London. It’s apparent the globalists are pushing more malarkey along the lines of climate change. They are lying to you! More from Hugo Talks.