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Fun Fun Fun

A fat leftist British woman jabs a Palestinian flag in a man’s face and instead of arresting the bitch, the cops spend all their time moving along the man being assaulted.

It’s ‘fun, fun, fun” as the leftists exert their authority over everyday citizens. Too bad the cops are also fascists, but such is life. Here’s more from Paul Joseph Watson.

Who Are The Wolf Men?

Here, well-known extraterrestrial investigator Linda Mouton Howe explores tales of wolf-like creatures from around the world. Sometimes called werewolves, wolf men or barghest, these creatures often were linked to a isolated hill or a remote, heavily forested area.

Herodotus, the ancient Greek historian, presented the oldest remembered story of a wolf man found in The Epic of Gilgamesh, from around 2,100 B.C. Howe talks with Paul Sinclair, a British filmmaker, who has a new documentary called Wolf Lands.

Sinclair delves deeper into the legends emanating from Flixton, along the North Sea in the United Kingdom. Wolf-like creatures, able to walk perched on their hind legs, were said to be able to surgically mutilate sheep, cattle or wild animals, before returning to underground caves in which they lived. Here’s more from Howe’s Earthfiles channel.

The Long Game Being Played

This is part of a news show we used to make back in 2014. It seemed incredibly relevant now, over nine years later. The full title of the video: The Long Game Being Played On The Grand Chessboard. Here’s more from Truthstream Media.

In this clip from The WWI Conspiracy (Part Two), we examine the propaganda surrounding the “Rape of Belgium” at the start of WWI and the actions of the baby bayoneting, evil Huns. Here’s more from The Corbett Report.

CIA Invested In Wuhan Lab

The Two Mikes welcomes back Jack Maxey for an update on his investigation into the corruption of the Biden administration. 

Maxey said that he had discovered that the CIA’s
investment company – called InQtel – turns out to have been the owner of the Ukrainian company Metabiota, whose laboratories developed and manufactured substances used in
chemical and biological weapons. The U.S. government provided cover for these labs by making them appear to be offices of the U.S. Department of Agriculture working on Ukraine’s agricultural problems. 

Metabiota also was listed as an InQtel’s investment portfolio.

He also found that the CIA was investing in the Wuhan Laboratory.  Maxey also said that U.S. and British scientists were working inside the Wuhan Lab. Hunter Biden, of course, is the person who connected Metabiota to China’s version of the CDC. Maxey also said that it is increasingly apparent that Barack Obama spent both of his terms in office weaponizing the U.S. government against the Republic’s citizenry.

Railway Tickets Offices Closing

There’s a mass closure under way of railway ticket offices across the United Kingdom. It’s becoming patently obvious that the companies that run the rails don’t care one hoot about the blind, the infirm, the elderly or anyone else suffering an honest-to-God disability.

What motivates these companies? Paving the way toward centralized banking and a new digital currency. You can beat it’s going to be used to punish anyone who rails against the system! More from Hugo Talks.

Dystopian Fiction Or Fact?

A false accusation just got a man locked out of his smart home. Yes, it sounds like the plot of a dystopian sci-fi movie.

And, in fact, the British sci-fi series Black Mirror has been predicting many off-kilter aspects of the society ahead. The show is sort of like The Twilight Zone, an anthology series that also delved into dystopia mixed in with some rather peculiar and bizarre science fiction. Here’s more from Truthstream Media.

Slaves Under Mass Obedience

Thousands of concertgoers at Glastonbury in Great Britain attend the announced final concert of Elton John — in a stage shaped like a pyramid with a seeing-eye on top. The rock scene is now squarely Luciferian, from Elton John to Madonna. To show independence, you must shake off The Beast and end your mass slave obedience. Here’s more from Hugo Talks.

A Strange Festival

Attendees at this summer’s Glastonbury Festival in Great Britain cheered wildly as leftists demanded that refugees be freely and openly accepted. It is probably Great Britain’s biggest festival for contemporary music, as well as dance, comedy, cabaret and other acts.

But while the organizers mouth off about accepting refugees, how come they stage their five-day event behind 12-foot-tall walls. Why don’t they let everyone attend for free? That’s what they want nations to do — let everyone cross the borders free. But somehow, that demand doesn’t apply to Glastonbury. Typical bunch of screaming leftist wankers. Here’s more from Paul Joseph Watson.



World Order Of George Soros

George Soros has championed himself as a liberal, a rationalist and a supporter of “open societies,” as he calls his non-profit agency the “Open Society Foundation.” But there really is little that’s open or rational about this unscrupulous monster. Just as he used his hedge fund to bring chaos to nations including Great Britain and Thailand, he now continues to try to disrupt his adopted homeland — the United States.

The chaos and rampant crime we are seeing in our biggest cities is largely a byproduct of his political handiwork — supporting district attorneys who refuse to support the police and simply let criminals go free.

In short, Soros has worn out his welcome. He has become a foreign adversary, who stands against the national interests of the United States. This globalist needs to be shown the door — booted out on his hind quarters! Here’s more from Steve Turley.

Trial Income Tested In UK

Two locations in Great Britain are now testing a monthly universal basic income of 1,600 pounds, about $1,985.

Hugo Talks calls the lump income payments “part of the enslavement plan.” Hugo Talks says many citizens will welcome the free money without understanding the impact on their lives. How long before cash is eliminated, and we’re all paid with digital currencies?