Great Reset Modeled After China

Klaus Schwab has finally admitted that the Great Reset is modeled after Communist China!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent interview Schwab gave to a television station, owned largely by the Chinese Communist Party, where he openly admits that China is a “role model” for the New World Order. More from World Alternative Media.

Winter Blackouts Coming

Josh Sigurdson reports that 25 percent of Americans face intermittent winter blackouts, as the energy grid crumbles at the seams, thanks to the Biden Administration’s anti-fossil fuel policies. He also reports on the Cabal’s Great Reset agenda and the early stages of food rationing across the globe. More from World Alternative Media.

Global Vax Passport Exposed

Josh Sigurdson reports the Deep State’s sinister plan for a global vaccination passport has been exposed. It’s a refurbished version of what we’ve seen in the past and they are laying out the blueprint at G20.

Meanwhile, the globalists are moving forward with their Great Reset, as banks have already integrated carbon credits into apps and state governments, such as Canada, continue their vaccine tyranny. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Robo Farmers By 2030!

John Deere is apparently moving toward full automation and is pushing for robo farmers by 2030, replete with self-driving tractors and other farming equipment.

But Josh Sigurdson warns John Deere’s anti-human agenda fits perfectly into the Great Reset playbook, together with the supply chain crisis and collapse of the energy grid–all pointing to the year 2030. Here’s his report.

Prediction: NASA False Flag

Josh Sigurdson boldly predicts that NASA will purposely derail its mission to  the moon with a false flag. He says the lunar mission, which has been pushed to October due to technical issues, might well end in a crash with fatalities.

Addressing the issue on Facebook, Sigurdson wrote, “This will represent the end of the American empire as we know it.”  He added the scenario is a real and present danger and there’s no reason for it and the collapse in other areas recently, other than for the benefit of the Deep State’s Great Reset. Here’s more.

Imminent Collapse Of EU

Josh Sigurdson reports on the imminent collapse of the European Union, as governments warn the end could come next winter.

Sigurdson says Europe is currently in a state of collapse, thanks to inflation and the plummeting Euro, self-inflicted energy crises and supply chain breakdowns. Then there’s the migrant crisis, with deaths exploding among European countries. The disaster will be one for the history books. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Govern By Conquest Or Consent?

James Paul Warburg, financial advisor to President Franklin Roosevelt who helped organize the Society For the Prevention of World War III, was quoted as saying, “We shall have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”

Fearless Nation dissects the cryptic quote, regarding its uncanny similarity to ideologies today and the relentless discourse surrounding the Great Reset. He asks, “Was it all pre-planned and implemented?” He discusses the current system and psychological principles, such as, group mentalities and political tribalism, and the timing and progression of the Great Reset. Here’s more.

Food Collapse Has Arrived!

World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson says there’s a 50-percent crop die-off in many areas across the globe and, not so surprisingly, it is happening simultaneously.

Leading the charge is corrupt California, where half a million acres of farmland were left unplanted due to alleged drought and climate regulations, inflation and supply chain issues that have snowballed. Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, 30 percent of the farms were shut down because of nitrogen issues. And on and on it goes. Here more with Sigurdson.

Disguising Mines As Toys

In a revelation that can only be disguised as pure evil, Josh Sigurdson reports that the Ukraine government is dropping what the military calls “petal mines,” disguised as children’s toys, into Russian neighborhoods in Donetsk and Donbass. While the mines cannot harm heavy military equipment, they are basically designed strictly to attack innocent civilians. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Power Outages Everywhere!

Josh Sigurdson reports on power outages worldwide, as millions face grid failure, while still struggling with high gas prices and ravaging inflation.

He says Brits appear to be at wit’s end, as power bills are expected to top $5,000–all part of the globlaist move toward the Great Reset. “The Tower of Babel is being built in real times,” he says. More with World Alternative Media.