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J.D. Vance Visits East Palestine

A tip of our hat to J.D. Vance, the new U.S. Senator from the state of Ohio. On Thursday, Vance visited East Palestine, Ohio, to survey first-hand the devastation caused by the train derailment and the release of toxic chemicals.

Here, he provides persuasive evidence that these toxic chemicals have seeped and leached into the soils of a creek running through East Palestine. Seems like he’s doing a job that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should have done a week ago, if the agency had been even half-way performing its supposed duties.

Toward that end, Michael Regan, the head of the EPA, joined Vance Thursday in East Palestine, As they say, better late than never! More from Dinesh D’Souza.

On today’s episode of Occam’s Razor, we continue to examine the disaster in East Palestine, the new Marburg false flag & the recently exposed Israeli election hacking team. More from RedPill78.

China Joe Biden finally speaks to explain his decision to shoot down the Chinese balloon and other objects. President Biden says the 3 objects mostly recently shot down may have been commercial or scientific balloons, and we check in with Little Timmy.

China threatens countermeasures and tensions escalate after the shooting down of their spy balloon. Karine Jean-Pierre explains the White House response and the launching of sanctions against China. Did the Chinese balloon stray off course?

Angry Ohioans attend a town hall demanding answers to questions stemming from the Norfolk Southern Chemical disaster. Rep. Bill Johnson explains the company did not send any representatives as residents debate test results with government officials.

Biden EPA official Michael Regan explains that Norfolk Southern will face the consequences for the spill, including costs of the clean-up. We review the Notice of Liability sent from the EPA to Norfolk Southern.

Congress wonders where’s Pete Buttigieg? Newly elected Senator J.D. Vance releases a video of a creek in Ohio, showing chemicals bubbling up from the floor. Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz join Ilhan Omar in demanding action from Pete Buttigieg, who responds by blaming Congress.

The White House stands by Pete Buttigieg and the Department of Transportation’s response to the Ohio Train Derailment. KJP explains multiple agencies are facilitating the response and that she has total confidence in Pete.

As the finger-pointing starts in the aftermath of the Ohio Train Derailment, Republicans want to know more from the Biden EPA. The Oversight Committee sends a letter to the Biden EPA demanding answers about a stalled proposal for improved containers. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Pictured are members and sponsors of the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade. These young balloon enthusiasts had launched one of the balloons shot down by Joe Biden’s hardened military. The balloon was knocked out with a Sidewinder missile costing roughly $400,000.

Sid Vicious?

Tokyo Delve Sushi Bar was among several businesses damaged by a fire in North Hollywood. At least two, possibly three men had been arrested outside the building. There were reports the fire originated in the attic of the sushi bar about 5 am Monday morning but that’s rather strange, because the restaurant is closed on Mondays. Could the fire had originated at another business nearby? In Pursuit of Truth delves into the possibilities.

IPOT also travels to New York to revisit another bizarre accident — a helicopter barreling into the rooftop of a building owned by Sidley Austin LLP. Who are they? A massive group of attorneys, headquartered in Chicago, Ill., and frequently used by former President Barack Obama. Hmmm!

Here’s more on the helicopter crash in NYC. This was no accident. The owner of the helicopter, Daniele Rodini, commuted into New York City via the copter, from a home in upstate New York. Bodini serves as Chairman Emeritus of American Continental Properties Group (ACP). He serves as a Member of Board of Overseers at Columbia Business School. Bodini is the ambassador of the Republic of San Marino to the United Nations, chairman of the American-Italian Cancer Foundation, chairman of the Foundation for Italian Art and Culture, and guarantor of the Italian Academy at Columbia University. More from Bill Smith, who maintains the crash was intended to cover up an Italian spy ring.

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Winning! Winning! Winning! SerialBrain2 returns to President Donald Trump’s historic visit to the United Kingdom. Here, we see how the world has been controlled over the past few centuries — Rome serving as the center for religion, London for finances and Washington D.C. for military. But President Trump is demolishing the old arrangement, working to restore our independence, not only our financial freedom, but also political. Here we see a series of tweets and interviews, decoded to give us a better understanding of what they really mean.

The US is getting ready to hold an extradition hearing for Assange. US Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, exposes the Dean hearing and puts it all out there. We have now learned that John Durham’s investigation is much broader than originally thought. Durham is investigating the following: false statements, classified leaks, falsified FISA affidavits and illegal domestic spying by the C_A. New developments in regards to North Korea.  Kim Jong Un’s half-brother was a C_A informant. Iran releases prisoner to Lebanon. Trump sends message. There are no coincidences. More from the X22 Report.

Resignations! Suicides! Suspicious deaths! More Arkancides coming! Heat up your popcorn and prepare to sit back and enjoy the show. More from McAllister TV.

DOJ letter proves the scope of the John Durham investigation covers EVERYONE, THIS IS HAPPENING!!! More strange deaths. Chopper pilot identified, and Project Veritas has another tech insider proving conservative censoring. PLUS Amash OUT of Freedom Caucus. Italy is FUMING over Spygate actions by Obummer Admin. More from RedPill78.

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