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CIA Controls The Narrative

Hollywood insider Scotty Saks joins the program to discuss his experience in Hollywood and the control structure behind the industry. He shares his time working with Johnny Cash, James Brown, HBO, ESPN, the mainstream media and many others. You can follow Scott Saks on his website at https://sovereignradio.net/

Here’s more from Sarah Westall on Business Game Changers.

He’s Leaving The U.S. –A!

The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, is now threatening to leave the US of A if Americans re-elect former President Donald Trump. Springsteen joins a small rat pack of Hollywood and New York leftists, notably Cher and Barbara Streisand, who vow they’ll move overseas.

Our opinion? Good riddance!

Entertainers are paid to entertain, not to issue unreasonable or arrogant political demands. Here’s more from The United Spot.


Alaska’s Unfriendly Skies

Alaska’s most famous UFO encounter happened on November 17th in 1986. What did the pilot really see, and was his life in danger?

The SAG-AFTRA actors’ strike is over, but concerns over A.I. remain. What did the studios refuse to agree to, and how will it affect performers?

The leader of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jinping, was welcomed to America for a meeting with President Biden shortly after California Governor Gavin Newsom visited China. What major discussion was left out of their talks—and the newspaper reports—that should’ve been addressed?

If Snoop Dogg can finally “give up smoke,” why can’t the CCP give up their human rights abuses? Tune in for more on this edition of the Edge of Wonder.

Fake News, [Deep State] Panic

The fake news, actors and the [Deep State] are now panicking. They realize that the people are on the side of Trump and more and more people are going to his side.

The [Deep State]/[Central Bankers] have set us on the path to war and the people are panicking. The people are waking up and in the end they will reject war.

Trump will continue talking about peace and the people will eventually agree with him. In the end, he will have the people and the people will see the true enemy.  Here’s more from the X22 Report.

Making Movies Great Again

Mel K welcomes fellow Hollywood refugee, actor, director, producer and fearless truth warrior Kevin Sorbo, www.sorbostudios.com. Kevin is a wonderful example of standing for god and light and cutting a path in life one can be proud of in this crazy world. Thank you Kevin for being a brave beacon of hope and faith for not compromising in the face of evil and tyranny. God Wins!

ChatGPT On The Darknet?

Could ChatGPT and other chatbots be used on the “darknet”? Hackers say so. How are artificial intelligence-programmed robots being used to talk, act, and think like humans?

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) saw the writing on the wall about where this tech could be headed, and they tried to safeguard their jobs with a strike that lasted nearly 150 days. Finally, their Hollywood strike appears to be ending after a stalemate between the writers and their production studios, which are focused on bottom lines. Will the SAG-AFTRA actors’ strike also end, with performers’ likenesses and earnings protected?

In other tech news, why is Microsoft Cloud looking to use more modular reactors to power its AI and data centers? Join Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts from Edge of Wonder to hear all about it.

Ben Swann! Satanic Rituals!

Videos that were censored and are gone forever? No!

Here, see the lost Ben Swann Pizzagate video! Hollywood Satanic rituals! Reddit Cannibals! There’s something about the moon! George Carlin! How to use OK.RU. More from McAllister TV.


Under The Spell Of Witchcraft

Have you ever wondered how many people today are under the influence of witchcraft?

Hugo Talks steps away from the public perception of Hollywood’s version of sorcery and black magic and delves into the Biblical perspective, dissecting the influence of technology, such as mediums practicing their craft on social media, or other mass communications systems.

He says many of these activities are framed by culture and society as not having anything to do with witchcraft. “If you look at it from a Biblical point of view, that seems to be a falsehood created in order to lure many people into practicing witchcraft and sorcery without them knowing about it.” Here’s his report.

Mike Adams: America Is Done!

Mike Adams has come to the conclusion that America has seen its best days. Or to put it bluntly, “America is too far gone to save!” he says.

Adams says the infiltration of Marxists and Satanists is so complete in America, that there’s no coming back! The damage has already been done. The dollar is on its last legs, the military is hopelessly outdated, Congress, with few exceptions, is corrupt and there’s mass cultural corruption. “And the 2024 election, no matter who wins this, can’t turn this country around,” he says.

Is America really on its last legs? Here’s more with Adams and please judge the material for yourself.

Are Vampires A Distinct Species?

Vampires and witchcraft! How are they linked? McAllister TV does a deep dive, exploring the connections.

Is the vampire species based in Antarctica? Blood falls! Blood rituals! Vampires still exist! These bloodthirsty entities prowl by night in human form!

Vlad the Impaler! The Queen! Prince Charles! All of Hollywood: They all need blood and they never die! Here’s more from McAllister TV.