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The Old Guard Is Shaken

Waking up the masses. Good actors. Many tuned in finally. We know corruption. Pray! More from And We Know.

Is the Freedom Caucus cracking? Kevin McCarthy continues to fight for what he believes to be his spot as Speaker of the House. Lauren Boebert nominates Kevin Hern, an Oklahoma Republican, and Matt Gaetz nominates Trump! Joe Biden reacts.

Bryan Kohberger appears in Idaho court where he is denied bail and remanded to custody. Idaho releases the Kohberger affidavit and probable cause documents, and we review all the latest filings. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire.

Step Down, Mr. Ryan

Judge Jeanine Pirro calls for Rep. Paul Ryan to step down as Speaker of the House after his failure to deliver an acceptable Republican answer to Obamacare. We’re not sure yet whether the blame for this defeat goes to Ryan or to those in the House Freedom Caucus, who continue to act like members of a dingbat minority party rather than as genuine leaders.

One things for certain: No one will ever mistake Ryan for Newt Gingrich. So even if he got played, he probably should step aside and allow someone more competent to serve as leader of the House. More from Fox News.

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