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Master Bates Motel

How often should you really be masturbating? Is there a correct answer or only the answer supplied by Hollywood and the rest of the globalist trash? More from Hugo Talks.

Paradise Or An Enormous Vice?

What’s The Mukaab? It’s an ornate, new shopping and entertainment cube that the city of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia wants to build.

It’s not any ordinary cube, either. The proposed Mukaab could hold up to 20 Empire State Buildings. It’s planned to tower up 400 meters, roughly 1,312 feet tall.

You can not only shop to your heart’s content, but also experience the “world’s first immersive, experiential destination,” changing from day to day. It’s said “you enter a new reality – transported to Mars one day, and magical worlds the next.”

This complex is set to be completed by 2030. More from a skeptical Hugo Talks.

Modern-Day Bone Pointing

Shamans in Australia’s aborigine culture used to practice an art known as “bone pointing.” Those who had violated the aborigines’ laws would face a ceremony where a bone would be pointed at them, signaling they would encounter death within three days.

Here, Hugo Talks looks at witchcraft and sorcery, and how supernatural powers have been used to control us. Is the Big reveal a modern-day example of bone pointing?

Statins: Part Of The Script

As many as 15 million more individuals in the United Kingdom could be prescribed statins to cut their risks of heart attacks and strokes. This is the word from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, or NICE, as reported by the BBC.

Hugo Talks wonders if this uptick in statin prescriptions bears any relationship at all to the bad side effects we’re seeing among those who took the covid vaccines. If the jabs didn’t get us one way, are the health agencies trying another? Or trying to ameliorate what they’re already done? Time will tell.

Unleash The Kraken Crapola

The Luciferians at the World Health Organization have run through the Alphas, Betas and Zetas, and now are searching for scarier names to dub new strains of Covid, otherwise known as the common flu. So we now have a new variant rummaging the planet from Australia to Timbukti, and the peabrains at the WHO are calling it “The Kraken.” Ooohhh. We’re shaking in our boots! More from Hugo Talks.

Prepper Report Surfaces In UK

Mainstream media in the United Kingdom recently did an extensive report on preppers. Why now?

Hugo Talks ponders that question here. Are these journalists just slow on the draw? Or are they now pushing the idea of prepping when food prices are astronomical, rather than when the prices are more reasonable? Could signal a pullback in prices coming soon.

Fallen Angels

Strange how Facebook is now pushing to change its name to Meta — the Hebrew word for “the dead.” So is Facebook now the Book of the Dead? Hugo Talks probes the semantics and comes up with some eye-opening findings.

Especially fascinating: The reversal of “Meta,” or Atem. That’s the original Egyptian sun god, before Ra. Often, Atem is associated with blue lotus flowers, which are appearing in many settings lately. Watch and learn.

Lab-Grown Blood

Scientists in the United Kingdom now testing lab-grown blood injected into the arteries and veins of humans in clinical trials. More from Hugo Talks.

Elon Musk Baphomet Costume

Some people on the right hold forth Elon Musk as a savior who will turn out the censor-mongering lefties. But if so, why did Musk show up at a Halloween party wearing a Baphomet costume? And why bring his mummy along? Hasn’t he grown up yet? More from Hugo Talks.