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[DS] Storms! Turmoil! Fear!

Expl@sions! WW3 rumors! The world is watching! We do not fear! Pray for Florida and the people harmed by Hurricane Ian! Trump offers to help! More from And We Know.

Climate Change Lie An Agenda

Iconic meteorologist Joe Bastardi tells The Pete Santilli Show that the climate change lie is not about science or anyone being right or wrong, it’s about an agenda. He details the climate misinformation, as documented in his new book, Weaponization of Weather In the Phony Climate War.

Disaster Relief Responsibility

The devastating and deadly Hurricane Ida became the second-most intense storm to strike Louisiana. The Category 4 hurricane is just one of many that have wreaked havoc on America this season.  But that doesn’t mean rebuilding should be done by Joe Biden and the federal government.

Politicians from the areas hit now want hundreds of billions of dollars in aid. When disaster strikes, the federal government definitely has a role, because the feds control resources, such as the military and other first responders. But why has rebuilding become the federal government’s responsibility? Until recently, businesses and charities handled most disaster response. And it’s a fact the private sector does a better job than government. Here are some answers from John Stossel.

A Week To Remember!

How do we hold on? We have seen the murder of our soldiers in Afghanistan, as a hurricane threatens America. It’s a dark time. We must continue to pray and stay close to our Savior! And there are conservatives we can admire and emulate. Listen as young black conservative on Roland S. Martin’s channel stands up to a woke mob. More from And We Know.

Weaponization of Weather

Mankind has always wanted to control the weather: To bring sunshine, for instance, and rain for crops. But what about controlling more ferocious forms of weather? Hurricanes? Earthquakes? Typhoons? Have we reached that stage of mastery, can we turn weather into a weapon of storm-like dimensions? Lionel Nation discusses.


Weather, Water Weaponized

Our friend Deborah Tavares returns to SGT Report to discuss the California “wild” fires, DEW’s, the manipulation and weaponization of weather – and water. You won’t believe what the criminals have planned for your Agenda 21 future.

Man-made Climate Change?

John Stossel says, “People are wrong to blame man for hurricanes. Comedian Trevor Noah asks “how many once-in-a-lifetime events is it gonna take… for everyone to admit that maybe man-made climate change is real”?

“Excuse me, Trevor, sneaking “man-made” into the sentence doesn’t make it true. The earth is warming, and man probably plays some part, but the earth was warming before factories and cars were even built.”

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But on the flip side, we have evidence humans are trying to control the weather. Weather hasn’t been natural since the mid 1900’s or maybe even earlier and NASA has its name written all over it. Of course, HAARP and HAARP-like facilities as well as chemtrails play their role. Weather modification programs have been active for decades and still people choose to ignore them and act they are only “conspiracy theories”. In this video I am breaking down older technolgies, but there are new ones like NEXRAD and SBX-1. More from ODD TV.



Blow by Blow on Wind

Love it or not, wind is a two-faced force of nature. While we welcome the pleasure of a cool breeze, or even strong gust, we tremble at the thought of gales, tornadoes and hurricanes. What is wind? Hank Green of SciShow answers in one simple sentence. “Wind is caused by air flowing from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure,” he says. “The closer the high and low pressures are to each other, the stronger the wind.” Tune in as Green gets a bit more technical in this edition of SciShow.

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