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9: Bizarre Creatures Abound

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Call Me Stormy has been in existence nine years now, and we have made 15,000 posts. To celebrate these milestones, today we re-publish our top 10 posts as measured by their popularity with our readers. We begin with No. 10 and will work our way up to No. 1. All of these posts have more than 900 views each, the best nearly 50,000. Here’s No. 9, originally published Sep. 8, 2014.)

There are many lifeforms strewn across the planet that still–in this day and age of technological excellence–baffle scientists. Hybrid Librarian takes a look at 10 of these conundrums that have our best minds scratching their noggins.

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Stormy Milestone: 10,000 Posts

Today marks a milestone in the history of Call Me Stormy. We have now published 10,000 posts.

Actually 9,998 posts as of today, while hitting 10,000 tomorrow.

To celebrate, we present the five most popular posts in the history of our blog, which we launched back in 2012. We always present hard-hitting political posts, but guess what? None of the most popular pieces we have run involve politics. Instead, they cover a stranger melange of topics: sex, pets, an anal examination, bizarre creatures and subway gangs.

Without further ado, here are the top five.

No. 1 from Sep. 2, 2012

Women Press to Go Topless

Reason.TV offers coverage of a topless protest in Washington, DC.  The video has nearly 500,000 views and Stormy readers have supplied 1,613 of those.

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No. 2 from March 9, 2015

Man’s Best Friend a Mystery

This video came from the SciShow and explores three weird things that domestication did to dogs. It has received about 1.2 million views overall and Stormy readers accounted for about 1,000 of those views.

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No. 3 from Sep. 3, 2013

Jeff Foxworthy’s 1st Colonoscopy

The comedian gets laughs with a tale of his first colonoscopy. This video has been seen nearly 850,000 times and, again, our readers account for roughly 1,000 of those views.

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No. 4 from Sep. 8, 2014

Bizarre Creatures Still Abound

This video originated with the Hybrid Librarian, identifying 10 mysterious lifeforms that baffle scientists. It’s generated more than one million views, and just shy of 1,000 on Stormy.

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No. 5 from Aug. 3, 2015

Mexico City’s Subway Gangs

Vice produced this look at youth gangs that ride the subway system in Mexico City. It’s been a popular video for Vice — nearly 2 million views — and equally popular for our readers.

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That’s it — for now! We promise to return with an update once we’ve run 20,000 videos. That will be a few years, though, so don’t sit around waiting for it!






Our Extinct Ancestors

Modern humans, or homo sapiens, are the only living species in their genus, but history teaches us that several other species of ancient humans have existed. Take the Denisovans, whose remains were found in a Siberian cave in 2008. Geneticists sequenced their genome and it was revealed they evolved from an unknown species with dark skin, brown eyes and brown hair, unlike their Neanderthal cousins. They are believed to have gone completely extinct. Hear about nine other mysterious extinct human species in this edition of Hybrid Librarian.

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The Zany Side Of Science

Science often drifts into the bizzaro world when it comes to experimentation. Hybrid Librarian takes a look at the 10 craziest science experiments that will blow your mind, such as the 21 grams theory. Dr. Duncan MacDougall, an early 20th-century physician from Haverhill, Massassachusetts, was known for his questionable studies, such as his 1901 work in which he endeavored to determine the weight of our souls. MacDougall placed six terminally ill patients suffering from tuberculosis on scales and carefully measured if there was any change in weight after death. He claimed that each patient lost exactly 21.3 grams of weight after their deaths, a condition that wasn’t repeated with dogs in a similar experiment. Eerie! Check out nine more of the zaniest science experiments.

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Planet’s Largest Animals Ever

Hybrid Librarian continues its quest for the largest animals to ever roam the planet, such as Gigantopithecus, the largest ape. Gigantopithecus came on the scene 5 million years ago in the bamboo forests of China and India. The animal stood 10-feet-tall and disappeared nearly 100,000 years ago, but many believe it didn’t go completely extinct. There are nine other new animals featured in Hybrid Librarian’s World’s 10 Biggest Animals of All Time, Part II.

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Creepiest Places On Earth

Somber, weird or evil, there is something that’s just downright creepy about the following 10 locations that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand. Take the Sanzhi UFO Houses, a set of abandoned pod-shaped buildings in New Tapei City, Taiwan, which served as a vacation resort for U.S. military stationed in the area. The project was shut down in 1980 due to financial issues and several incidents, such as several car accidents and suicides, earning it a reputation for being cursed. Check out nine other equally weird locales in this edition of Hybrid Librarian.

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Mysteries Beneath the Sea

Although President Kennedy declared space the final frontier, that honor may well go to the eerie depths of our oceans and all their hidden mysteries. One such anomaly was found six miles off the coast of Point Dume, Malibu, California, where a strange formation was discovered 2,000 feet below the surface on a seabed floor. The structure is three miles wide with a flat top supported by what appears to be pillars leading into a dark entrance. Many researchers have written it off as a natural formation, but some claim it emits radio signals and is believed to be an alien base. Check out nine other anomalies beneath our pristine seas in this edition of Hybrid Librarian.

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Out Of This World

Gliese 832 c, located 16 light years away in the constellation of Grus, is among the closest most habitable exoplanets to Earth. Though it is two times larger than our planet, Gliese 832 c is also regarded as one of the most Earth-like alien bodies. In this out-of-this-world edition of Hybrid Librarian, check out nine other exoplanets that may one day sustain mankind and life as we know it.

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