The Truth About Immigration

For years, Democrats have argued that Republicans are racist because the GOP opposes open borders and unlimited immigration. But now we are seeing a different picture, as Leftist cities and strongholds from Washington DC and New York City to Chicago and Martha’s Vineyard are going absolutely apeshit after busloads or planeloads of illegal aliens land on their doorsteps. More from Mr. Reagan.

Imminent Collapse Of EU

Josh Sigurdson reports on the imminent collapse of the European Union, as governments warn the end could come next winter.

Sigurdson says Europe is currently in a state of collapse, thanks to inflation and the plummeting Euro, self-inflicted energy crises and supply chain breakdowns. Then there’s the migrant crisis, with deaths exploding among European countries. The disaster will be one for the history books. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Trump’s Timeline Optics

Alan Fountain tells  NVTV’s Nicholas Veniamin that America is now experiencing a timeline of elements, all pulling Democrats and Rinos away from Joe Biden and into President Trump’s camp.

“The timeline we’re in now is not the 5DQ advanced intelligence, we’re in the 3D Trumplican winning votes timeline, where we’re inspiring former Democrats and Rino followers to see the logic in following Trump versus Biden,” Fountains says. Here’s more.

Fleeing China

Chris Chappell says Communism has completely failed China to the point where people want out. China’s youth have basically given up and are now leaning toward a “run philosophy” movement to escape. Chappell explains further in this episode of China Uncensored.

Texas Judge Caught Smuggling

A Texas judge has been arrested on charges of human trafficking. The judge, Timothy D. Japhet, is a federally appointed Justice of the Peace for immigration. A constable in Kinney County, Texas, stopped Japhet while he was netransporting four illegal aliens in his car. Japhet denied the charges, claiming he had just given the four men a ride.

Of note: Japhet served as longtime attorney in Corpus Christi and his clients included George Floyd. That’s the Afro-American allegedly killed by a police officer in Minneapolis, Minn., whose murder sparked a notorious riot. More from RedPill78.


Cartels Move Into Tribal Lands

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem tells the Breitbart channel that contrary to popular belief, there’s more happening on the porous southern border than just illegal immigration.

Noem says cartels are funneling drugs and human trafficking through her state’s Native American tribal lands, which is devastating the area. “I have nine Native American tribes and they are sovereign governments,” Noem says. “I don’t have any authority or jurisdiction over their lands.” Here’s more.


Kari Lake Rips Fake Fox News

Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake throws down the gauntlet and exposes sellout Fox News and fake journalist Bret Baier for their failure to address the fraudulent 2020 Presidential election.

An animated Lake tells Baier that not only was the election fraudulent, but also resulted in an illegitimate president. She then chides the host for his network’s failure to cover the story. “I am really disappointed in Fox, I thought you were a little better than CNN,” she says. Here’s more on the interview, courtesy of the RenaudBe channel.

Meme Nation Jumps The Shark

Black Pigeon Speaks explores the nation that has jumped the shark — his homeland of Canada.

Governed by Leftist clown Justin Trudeau, Canada teeters on the brink. The nation has been overrun by immigrants who share little in common with the established population.

Trudeau himself describes Canada as a “postnational” country, saying “there is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada.” Sounds like a reckless course to proceed.

Border Wall To Be Demolished

The entire US-Mexico Border Wall to be demolished? Democrats reveal their plans for America’s future. They are crazed, as always. More from Mark Dice.

It’s Hiding in Plain Sight

Mark Dice discusses the mainstream media, what most of us know as the fake news. They miss or skip the biggest stories of the day, while pushing fraudulent footage as actual news. Here, Dice gets into some of the issues, like illegal aliens, that the news bypasses or overlooks because it’s composed of Leftists and liars.