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Vote For The Status Quo

Happy with the way things are going? Vote for everyone the Biden administration tells you to. He’s Joe Biden, and he approves this, you know, the thing! More from The Babylon Bee.

The Bird Is Freed

Elon Musk consummates his deal to gain control over Twitter, He says he now will work to make it profitable as well as to end the rabid censorship the leftists had been enforcing.

Many are celebrating the takeover, viewing it as a potential breakthrough for freedom. Hopefully, this will stand as a signal to America’s other social media companies that they need to clean up their acts. Cue up, Rockin’ Robin. More from And We Know.

And We Know performs double-duty with a second video today honoring Kari Lake, Lara Logan and others who have courageously stepped forward to preserve our freedoms while punishing those guilty of gross excesses. What gross excess?

Is there anything more heinous than the sacrificing of children to prolong the lives of decrepit old bastards?

4D Chess, Anyone?

Dan Scavino’s comms are getting stronger as the details keep unraveling. Each day we are that much closer to taking control of the U.S. House, and most likely the U.S. Senate as well.

Americans have a profound distrust of the Democrats. They not only have driven inflation to insane levels, but have proven themselves to be shameless liars and cheats.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk is getting closer to finally gaining control of Twitter. More from And We Know.

She Hit The Bottle Early Today

Listen as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi repeatedly slurs her speech while addressing concerns about rampant inflation under her watch. Maybe she should put the vodka down for a change of pace, and actually work to resolve the crippling inflation that she and her president, Joe Biden, have unleashed upon us. More from Ovation Eddie.

Stagflation Has Arrived!

Normally, economic stagnation and inflation stay far away from each other. But as we witness the poor leadership and irresponsible spending binges of the Biden Administration and Congress, the time has come for the monster that is “stagflation.”

Everything Inside Me (EIM) reports U.S. GDP has declined in the first two quarters this year and matters are about to worsen. EIM says we are in the worst inflation bubble since the Jimmy Carter era and the cost of living has skyrocketed as a result, many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and businesses are laying off employees by the thousands. EIM explains further and discusses who’s to blame.

America’s Second Revolution

Bernie Suarez reports that America is in its second revolution. We are experiencing a brand new consciousness, people are seeing the darkness for themselves and the old reality we used to live in has been flushed down the toilet, along with all the dirty masks.

“Not only are we in a new consciousness, we are in a brand new evil,” Suarez says. “The Demons on the left are really pushing the envelope to a brand new level of sorcery.” He explains, plus drops more intel.

Bizarro World: CNN Flips

CNN hasn’t exactly turned Republican, but they are starting to flip and actually tell the truth for a change. Listen as a CNN analyst dissects why Republicans are likely to do much better than Democrats in the upcoming midterms elections. More from Ovation Eddie.

Republicans Now Surging

National polls are now showing the Republicans with a clear edge ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. The party has not only closed the gap against Democrats, but surged ahead in many of the key battleground states. Even some long-standing Democratic strongholds appear ready to elect GOP hopefuls this year. The reasons?

Rampant inflation and poor economic performance will strike the hardest  against Democrats. But they are also perceived as being weak on crime. In addition, their open borders policy rattles the majority of Americans, as does their radical environmentalism and opposition to oil, coal and nuclear energy.

Not only will Democrats likely lose the U.S. House and Senate, but they stand poised to suffer some truly blistering defeats in 2022. For instance, Democrats could get turned out from the governor’s offices in both Nevada and Oregon. Sweet! More from Steve Turley.


Making America Poorer

Trish Regan surmises that any way you slice it, the Biden Administration is making America poorer. The government intervention that was supposed to cure our problems has failed. “It never works, never does,” Regan says. “And the more they interfere, the more treacherous it becomes for every single American.” Here’s her analysis.

Are Major Retailers Conspiring?

99percent reports that major retailers are flashing a huge red flag, many cutting back on billions of dollars in inventory orders, seemingly all at the same time. Do they know something the public doesn’t? Does this portend a looming recession?

Meanwhile, employees at delivery service industry giants, FedEx and UPS, are experiencing protests and massive strikes in advance of the holidays. 99Percent says the CEO of FedEx was even quoted as saying he fears a major recession. Are retailers conspiring to inflate prices, or are they protecting their bottom line? Here’s more with 99Percent.