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Liddle Now Trending: Wake Up

Liddle is now trending as more people become aware of the Deep State’s role in the trafficking of children. The Deep State routinely commits crimes, but nothing within its repertoire is quite so egregious as those pedophiles who prey upon innocent children. The public not only has become more aware of what’s happening, but also recoils at the brazen involvement of our law enforcement agencies. The clowns certainly have a curious nonchalance when it comes to prosecuting suspects.

Child Rescue OPS? Have we entered the final stages in what’s turned into a protracted war between good and evil over information and spiritual warfare? Pray! Here’s more from And We Know.

The patriots are now showing the people the criminal syndicate. This has been planned from the very beginning, Trump is the conductor. The military and the military intelligence is playing their role. The plan is being done in stages to wake people up and trap and expose the [Deep State] in the process. All the indictments that they are throwing at Trump will boomerang on the them in the end. Here’s more from the X22 Report.

Communication Blackout Near

The [Deep State] is panicking. Their MS13 gangs are being shut down. Crimes against children are now being exposed and the [Deep State] realizes they have lost the narrative and they need to get it back. They are making a move against Twitter to destroy it so the people move to Threads. This will fail.

Once the information war is lost, the [Deep State] will shut down comms and the European Union already signaled this. Communication blackout is coming. The patriots are prepared. This is not just another 4-year election. It’s about destroying the [Deep State] system. More from the X22 Report.

No one person is above another! Evil losers no more! We, the people. Pray! In this edition: Chuck Schumer, the CIA, Sam Bankman-Fried, information warfare, and who are the white rabbits? More from And We Know.

Is France Their Test Run?

The [Deep State] realizes they have lost the information war. They are trying to regain control via Artificial Intelligence but this will fail. They will now need to push the information war into a physical war.

Is France a test run to try to start a civil war? It’s starting to seem like it. What we are witnessing is the destruction of the old guard power structure. The [Deep State] is being starved of funds and they are panicking. The patriots are in control. More from the X22 Report.

Left Losing The Information War

Twitter targeting hoax. The election was rigged.

If you support free speech, avoid the mainstream media. Its lies are failing. Do not bend. Do not be dragged down in the information war.

Kari Lake is on fire. The FBI is exposed. The woke left is losing on the battlefront. Pray! More from And We Know.

Media (TV Conspiracy) Is Dead

The Media (TV conspiracy) is dead! Trump Town Hall backfires for CNN. “The Storm” has begun. Biden family just the start in exposing the corruption. Now, we can witness the mainstream media revolt! Pray! More from And We Know.

Truth Networks Coming?

Joe Biden’s approval rating has hit 36 percent — the lowest rating for any President in more than 80 years. This comes as the U.S. House Oversight Committee raises awareness of Biden’s crooked pandering. The dirtbag has literally been selling out the American people for years to the highest foreign bidders, taking millions from the Communist Chinese and other rogue regimes.

Has the Great Storm actually begun? And, if so, just how much more must we endure of the corruption and chicanery before we see some relief? Are truth networks coming? Mainstream media is now in revolt. More from And We Know.

No Sleep In Washington DC

The information war is now heating up. The fake news outlets are preparing and restructuring and getting ready to try to control the narrative. This will not work.

Transparency brings accountability and the people are now seeing more and more evidence that the country was overthrown by people who installed themselves in the White House.

The perfect storm is now forming and the flood of evidence is coming. No sleep in DC. The hammer is coming down on the [Deep State]. More from the X22 Report.

Crimes Against Children: No Go!

The [Deep State] is now prepping to try to take back control of the information war. They are now pushing a bill which will fail. They are also coordinating with the big social media platforms for their next move.

The pandemic kicked it off, then the [Deep State] brought in the drag shows with the trans people to groom the children.

The border crisis is now being exposed and how it is used for child tracking and sex enslavement. Crimes against humanity, go after the children, the people will unite.

The precipice is approaching. Once it arrives,  it is game over. More from the X22 Report.

China’s Information War

Sara Carter says we are in an information war and our main adversary is China, whose goal is  to harness the data and power of our computer systems to utilize for nefarious reasons.

Carter says not only are the Chinese collecting our data, but also are utilizing our failed border system and targeting our youth with dangerous drugs, such as fentanyl and xylazine. ‘We are literally being taken advantage of 24-7,” she says. “Our nation has pretty much given up its basic security.” She explains further and welcomes former Guatemalan intelligence chief Mario Duarte to discuss the issue and how the Biden Administration is driving much of Latin America away from us.

Trump: Master Of Narratives

President Donald Trump: A true master of narratives! Not even the blackguards from the corrupt FBI and CIA can stop the truths that Trump will spin.

Kari Lake is starting to win big herself — never mind the lies of the leftist fake news!

Also covered: Obamagate treason. Satan is attacking. Uganda standing with children, More from And We Know.