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Animals Walking In Circles

The internet is in a tizzy over the strange phenomenon of large groups of animals, insects and birds that have been spotted walking in circles throughout the planet.

There are multiple explanations for the weird behavior, such as disease, changes in the magnetic field of the Earth, experiments at CERN or a coming pole shift. The phenomenon began in China, where a flock of sheep walked nonstop in circles for two weeks. Eerie, to say the least. Could this be a sign of a massive, catastrophic event in the near future?  Here’s more with Everything Inside Me.

An Avalanche Of Truths

So many truths are getting to the public. We are learning how the New World Order plans to use mosquitos and other insects to decimate our population. We are seeing hard evidence of poisoned foods.

We are coming to understand the malicious abuse ingrained in our banking system and how our elections have been rigged.  We also are seeing how handlers and actors bring deceit to our politics. We need to wake up, and we need to do so now! More from And We Know.

Breaking The Matrix

If you love America… it’s crunch time. And although unlike any other in history—this is war. The stakes have never been higher in my life.

Our freedom is at stake. Our children’s futures are at stake… and we’re barreling towards the most consequential midterm elections ever… against an enemy that has no moral guardrails, whatsoever. They are evil.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where are you are…if you’re rich, or if you’re poor— everybody can do something.

And for those of you that know me, you know I’m no sycophant of anyone except for my Lord and Savior. More from Joe Dan Gorman in the 10th anniversary edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Eat Ze Bugs

The Lancet has declared that now is the time for a ‘Great Transition’ of society to focus on ‘Planetary Health.’ Prince Charles ALSO calling for a “fundamental transition” at COP26. But what is this “Great Transition,” or “Planetary Health?” And what does it have to do with food freedom? Christian breaks it down in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.

The Dragon Bloodlines?

What are the Dragon bloodlines? Do Rep_Tilians rule the Earth? McAllister TV dives into the deep end, where most political commentators refuse to go.

Learn about the three main races of lizards. The biggest of these, the gray men, occupy the methane-drenched recesses deep inside the Earth. Key to the lizards: The proboscis that extends from their faces.

Also, we hear about body snatching and vril drones.

When Insects First Flew

Insects were the first animals able to fly and they did it best. That’s because evolution works with what it has and the fact that body structures don’t crop up very often. This development by insects was so unusual that scientists are still working on–and arguing about–how and when insect wings first came about. Hallie Moore fills in the details in this episode of PBS Eons.

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I’m Not Eating Bugs

Experts keep saying we’ll all have to start eating bugs as the world’s population grows. F off. Or so says, Paul Joseph Watson, who swears up and down: I’m not eating bugs!