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A Day Of Remembrance

And We Know opens its latest video with a remembrance of John F. Kennedy, the American president murdered by the dirty cabal under the marching orders of the CIA on Nov. 22, 1963. Kennedy warned of the dangers of censorship and the threats to our free speech.

His warnings are even more relevant today, with the CIA,  FBI and the rest of the Deep State continuing to seize control of the federal government while suppressing the voice of Americans.

Bear in mind: Difficult truths are only the tip of the iceberg. In today’s episode: The George Soros-funded outfit Media Matters is in serious trouble. And free speech is under serious attack as we witness a corrupt judiciary trying to silence former President Donald Trump.

Aether Pirates Of The Matterium

Clif High says the fight for free expression has become much harder to wage as the Khazarian Mafia continues to ramp up its censorship and divert honest and fair discussion of what’s afoot. He calls them “the aether pirates of the matterium,” as they roam the Internet far and wide, forcing anyone to walk the plank if they dare dissent too loudly.

They are always clamping down on some words, while promoting other words that advance their deceptions. To succeed, you must avoid falling into their many traps and their endless lies.

For instance, we are only now beginning to discern the bastion of lies surrounding the January 6th, 2021 “insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol. Sinister and corrupt politicians like Nancy Pelosi might call it an insurrection, but few others buy that malarkey nowadays. Here’s more from High in a new Explorers’ Guide To SciFi World episode.

Hunter Insider Gets Subpoenaed

Trump submitted his notice of appeal challenging the “Insurrection” portion of the Judge’s ruling in the Colorado Ballot Removal case. The Colorado Supreme Court also accepted the removal-petitioner’s appeal, which continues to argue for Trump’s removal from primary ballots.

As expected, Judge Tanya Chutkan denied Trump’s motion to strike Jack Smith’s inflammatory language from the January 6th indictment. Chutkan, who also gagged the former President, sees no problem with Jack Smith using insurrectionary language despite bringing no criminal charges of insurrection. Meanwhile, Democrats in the media say Trump is “more dangerous” than Hitler and call for him to be “eliminated.”

The Department of Justice insider who allegedly tipped off Hunter Biden’s defense team to a pending search has been subpoenaed by the House Judiciary Committee. U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf, who made repeated donations to Democrats, has been ordered to appear to answer questions about her role in the Biden Crime Family coverup. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Ghost Buses: Gov Behind J6

J6 disclosures keep on coming with release of 44k hours of video and more proof that the government was behind the January 6 “insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol. We’ll also look at the CEOs selling out to China, and a big win for Donald Trump. Thanks for watching and praying! Here’s more from Lori Colley.

It Was More Of A Guided Tour

House Speaker Mike Johnson on Friday released thousands of hours of footage showing the January 6th “insurrection” was more of a guided tour than any kind of violent affair.

In other words, the never-before-seen footage demonstrates — beyond a shadow of a doubt — that the leftist Democrats and their jackal allies in the fake news have been grossly exaggerating what transpired in the U.S. Congress on January 6th, 2021.

The January 6th Select Committee was nothing more than a political charade by a bunch of lying blowhards. Thank God we sent Liz Cheney packing. Now it’s time to throw out the rest of these bums. Here’s more from Memology 101.

Gag Order Tossed Out

Judge Arthur Engoron’s unconstitutional gag order was stayed after a New York Court of Appeals heard oral arguments on former President Donald Trump’s claims. Engoron had previously gagged Trump and his defense lawyers from commenting on strange notes being passed between Judge Engoron and his so-called law clerk during the civil trial. But with the gag order stayed, Trump and his defense team are now free to discuss these issues – what will they say?

Trump’s defense submits their final reply in their motion to strike the inflammatory language from Jack Smith’s indictment. Why is the insurrection language necessary if Trump hasn’t been charged with insurrection?

Atlanta District Attorney Fani Willis does not like Harrison Floyd’s X-Posts (@hw_floyd) and is trying to throw him back in jail. Citing witness tampering and intimidation, Fani moved to revoke Floyd’s bond to stop him from speaking out. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

What Were Jan. 6 Ghost Buses?

The J6 fake insurrection is now falling apart. We now know that ghost buses were used to bus in MAGA cheaters and FBI informants.

Trump and the patriots are making the [Deep State] feel pain every step of the way. The more the people know, the more pain they feel.

Iran is going to open the door way beyond the Biden family. This will lead the people to the Obamas. Soon people will see how treasonous these people are. More from the X22 Report.

Prosecutors Pushing Gag Orders

Fani Willis responded to the Jenna Ellis and Sidney Powell video leaks by unveiling new requirements that defendants and their attorneys view future plea proffer-related discovery at her office under supervision. Who had something to gain in the leaking of the videos?

Jack Smith submitted his answer to former President Donald Trump’s gag order appeal that is currently pending with the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. In the opening pages, Smith claims Trump is essentially an insurrectionist even though he admits he was not charged accordingly under the law.

Trump’s defense team called Judge Arthur Engoron’s double-standards “lunacy” as attorneys attempted to get expert testimony admitted during trial. We review the day’s trial testimony courtesy of @KlasfeldReports. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Kash Patel explains why Federal District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan should step down from presiding over the Washington D.C. trial against former President Donald Trump. Of course, Chutkan is not recusing herself. Like most Democrats, she’s as corrupt and dirty as the day is long. Patel is appearing on The Benny Show with Benny Johnson.

Iran Threatens To Kill Trump

The patriots are now trapping the [Deep State] in all of their crimes. Iran is now being brought into focus. Iran put out a video calling for the assassination of Trump.

All roads lead to Obama. Obama is now being brought into the spotlight and Trump is going to show the country and the world how treasonous he really is.

Soon, it will be game over for the [Deep State]. Transparency is the only way forward. Here’s more from the X22 Report.

Ray Epps & The Fed-Surrection

Why was Ray Epps treated as victim by the same people who condemned almost everyone around him as a threat?

We try to answer some lingering questions about the one “election-denying-Donald Trump-supporter” the media and the government didn’t seem to hate. Here’s more from Lara Logan in her Rest of the Story Docuseries: Ray Epps, Part 1.