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Billionaire Obama Associate Dies

James Crown, a managing partner of the Aspen Skiing Company, has died in a fiery crash at the Woody Creek race track in Colorado. Crown, a billionaire, was grandson of industrialist Henry Crown and the chief executive of Henry Crown & Company in Chicago, Illinois.

He also had served as a trustee for the Aspen Institute and on the board of J.P. Morgan Chase, which recently arrived at a settlement with victims of Jeffrey Epstein. Crown was a close associate of former President Barack Obama and led a fight to try to end violent crime in Chicago. Here, Ivory Hecker touches upon a few of the mysteries surrounding Crown’s death.

Epstein Linked To Alex Soros

George Soros is passing the torch on to his son Alex Soros, putting him in charge of his families $25B fortune so that he can push the causes he believes in like voting and abortion rights, as well as “gender equity.”

Meanwhile, J.P. Morgan Chase has agreed to pay out a $290M settlement to the victims of Jeffrey Epstein after it was revealed the bank continued to do business with him for years despite labeling him a ‘high-risk client’.

In this video, Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the latest Epstein cover-up news while also looking into Alex Soros and his new “philanthropic” endeavors.

Pelosi Filmed Herself On Jan. 6

New January 6th Footage reveals what was behind Nancy Pelosi’s camera as her family filmed her Hollywood-style exit of the Capitol. Former Capitol Hill Police Chief Stephen Sund shares his take on the video and reviews an excerpt from his book “Courage Under Fire.”

Thousands of images of the President’s son have been posted online courtesy of Garrett Zeigler and the good people at Marco Polo USA while the National Archives continue to hide documents from FOIA requests. Hunter goes on the offense against John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of the laptop repair store and the media gears up to cover for a declined Hunter prosecution.

Trump’s defense team files a motion to recuse Judge Juan Merchan from his case, alleging he has several conflicts of interest personally and extending to his family. How will the Judge rule?

Rep. James Comer finally succeeds in obtaining access to a FD-1023 form in possession of the FBI. New reports confirm Christopher Wray will deliver the documents next week.

J.P. Morgan Chase submits a new filing alleging the U.S. Virgin Islands Government was complicit in Jeffrey Epstein’s crime. In a fiery-but-redacted filing, the bank says government officials covered for Epstein and others for years. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia at Watching The Watchers.

Here, John Solomon shares the video footage showing Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, filmmaker Alexandria Pelosi, recording her exit from the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. In other words, Pelosi treated the event like a Hollywood entourage, a show. More fro, Dinesh D’Souza.


Power Players Behind Epstein

Whitney Webb, one of the foremost investigative journalists exploring the world of Jeffrey Epstein, joins the Kim Iversen Show to take a closer look at Epstein’s involvement with Jamie Dimon, the CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase. Dimon, for all intents and purposes, is the most powerful contemporary banking figure in the United States.

He exerts much control over the New York Fed, the cornerstone branch of the Federal Reserve. He also is charting the course for Central Bank Digital Currency, or CBDC.

Webb gives us an overview on how the intelligence agencies, multinational corporations and organized crime work in cahoots with each other. These unholy allies dictate so much in the world — not only orchestrating finances, but also government policies as well as criminal activity, including sex trafficking.

Now, we’re seeing their illicit system come crashing down — its rough edges exposed and left festering. It’s time, says Webb, to “build parallel systems” and attempt to decentralize the power.

Epstein’s “Sugar Daddy” Money

Jeffrey Epstein withdrew as much as a million dollars in cash per year, much of it involving “sugar daddy” money. So say documents now on court record as part of the U.S. Virgin Islands’ lawsuit against Epstein’s former bank — J.P. Morgan Chase.

The financier was often withdrawing cash in large sums, up to $80,000 at a time, not only to pay for child trafficking but also to reward his child handlers. Here, Robert Gouveia digs into the latest documents in the newly amended complaint.

Epstein, Cyrus: K-I-S-S-I-N-G?

Robot cops are coming to New York City! And guess what? Unlike real crimes, which the city ignores, New York city is not going to look kindly if you bust up one of their robot cops. In that event, you’re likely to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Jason Bermas gets into Big Botters while also covering the U.S. Virgin Islands lawsuit against J.P. Morgan Chase for cozying up to Jeffrey Epstein.

In a complaint, made public on Wednesday, the U.S. Virgin Islands said J.P. Morgan compliance officials urged the bank to sever ties with Epstein years before it did so in 2013. The complaint also reveals that Epstein’s behavior was so widely known at J.P. Morgan that senior executives joked about his interest in young girls.

One example: Mary Erdoes, now head of asset and wealth management, in 2008 “received an email asking her whether Epstein was at an event ‘with Miley Cyrus,'” the singer and actress then starring in Disney Channel’s hit show Hannah Montana.

Google Founder Gets Subpoena

Google Founder Sergey Brin is among four powerful business executives receiving subpoenas in the U.S. Virgin Islands’ Jeffrey Epstein lawsuit. The civil lawsuit was filed against J.P. Morgan Chase Bank for retaining Epstein as a client, while the U.S. Virgin Islands says bank officials, including CEO and chairman Jamie Dimon, knew he had been arrested and jailed on pedophile charges.

Besides Brin, others who received subpoenas included Thomas Pritzer, the executive chairman of the Hyatt Hotels, U.S. News & World Report publisher Mortimer Zuckerman and Michael Ovitz, former president of the Walt Disney Corporation.

The Wall Street Journal, which first reported the news, could not say precisely why these four were issued subpoenas, but it’s known that they were asked to provide documents and communications about Epstein and his private resort in the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as any particular evidence tying him to the J.P. Morgan Chase Bank.

Here’s more from attorney Robert Gouveia, who also delves into the role of CSAM, or child sex abuse material, in this case. The material sounds quite horrific and graphic, but rest assured, the CSAM is not depicted or reproduced here.

Meanwhile, feds in West Palm Beach, Florida, have arrested attorney Michael Dolce on charges of downloading more than 2,000 images of child sexual abuse to his home computers. Dolce was a partner in the law firm of Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll, but the firm promptly laid him off.

More importantly, he was one of the Democratic National Committee’s attorneys in charge of suing former President Donald trump in relationship to the events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021. Here’s more from WPBF 25 News, an ABC outlet in Florida.

Epstein Secrets To Be Revealed?

J.P. Morgan Case chairman and chief executive officer Jamie Dimon will give sworn testimony in May on the bank’s decision to retain Jeffrey Epstein as a client despite his sex trafficking.

British newspapers are reporting on the case, while their American counterparts — the fake news — remains completely silent on Epstein. That’s because the American press has done little except cover up for Epstein from the very beginning.

Dimon’s sworn testimony will be behind closed doors. It’s part of a trial brought against the J.P. Morgan Chase Bank by the U.S. Virgin Islands, where Epstein has his home in the Caribbean. Here’s more from Jason Bermas.

Failed Bank’s Epstein Tentacles

Boom! Silicon Valley Bank is more interesting than you think. I talk tentacles! Epstein, Biden, Thiel, China and more from Amazing Polly.

World Vs. The Khazarian Mafia

Jim Willie returns to SGT Report to discuss World War 3 and the counter war that is being waged against the Rothschild-Rockefeller-Zionist Khazarian mafia. It’s not game over for humanity just yet.