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Who Raped Jani Lane Pt. 2

Jamie Dlux returns with part two of his video Who Raped Jani Lane. Here he deals with the rumors and facts surrounding a rape of the front man for the heavy-metal band Warrant. Lane’s wife, the model Bobbie Brown, has a role to play here, as well as a couple of other rockers, including Paul Stanley from Kiss and Rob Halford from Judas Priest.

Who Raped Jani Lane?

Jani Lane’s ex wife Bobbie Brown claims the Warrant frontman was drugged and raped by a heavy metal musician and their manager early in his career. The model, who appeared in the video for Warrant’s 1990 hit single Cherry Pie, spoke with Fox News about her new book Cherry On Top: Flirty, Forty-Something, And Funny As F**k. Here’s more from Jamie Dlux.


How did so many actors from the TV series That ’70s Show end up under a cloud of dark suspicion?

Danny Masterson, who appeared eight years on the show, has now been sentenced to prison after being found guilty on a pair of rape charges.

Then, we have Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, who went to bat for Masterson. Meanwhile, Kutcher himself happened upon a murder scene the night of Feb. 21, 2001, and lied to the Los Angeles Police Department about what happened. Found dead was Ashley Lauren Ellerin, stabbed no fewer than 47 times. Here’s more from Jamie Dlux.

Apeeling To Whom?

Bill Gates has done a lot of confusing and even hideously criminal things. Now, he’s trying to become appealing. Well, sort of.

He has helped a new startup company called Apeel Sciences that coats fruits and vegetables with an artificial layer of chemicals to slow the rate at which the food turns rotten. So far, the results have been tested out on avocados, as well as blueberries and strawberries. Here’s more from Jamie Dlux.

Hog Lobby

Ham doesn’t come in a pretty pink color. That enticing shade is achieved by injecting the meat with a sodium nitrate solution. Here are excerpts from a 2016 French documentary that dives into the process, as well as explaining a few of the unwanted health and safety concerns. Jamie Dlux introduces and discusses the documentary.

Nukes Of Hazard

We’ve always called Hollywood the motion picture capital of the world? But the reality is that more films were produced inside a classified movie studio located on Lookout Mountain in Laurel Canyon, outside Los Angeles. Some 19,000 films came out of this studio, operated by the U.S. Air Force.

Did they generate fake nuclear blast tests? Here’s more from Jamie Dlux, drawing upon Dave McGowan’s landmark book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon.

Papua New Guinea Pigs

Jamie Dlux explores the work of physicist Carleton Gajdusek, a co-recipient of a Noble Prize in 1976, for his theories on the transmission of kuru.  This is a rare, generally incurable and often fatal neurodegenerative disease first detected among the Fore people of Papua New Guinea.

Gajdusek linked kuru outbreaks in the 1950s and 1960s to the practice of funerary cannibalism, as he observed Fore people digesting the muscles and brains of deceased relatives. Subsequently, this cannibalism was outlawed and the disease promptly disappeared across Papua New Guinea.

Milder Disease

Jamie Dlux introduces a book called Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History. Drawing upon the book, he compares the vaccines developed for smallpox with the vaccines for Covid-19. Quite illuminating!



Trudeau’s Golden Showers

Just how sick are the Illuminati globalists running most of the Western nations of the world? For a prime example, listen as Jamie Dlux shares the memoirs of Cathy O’Brien — long used as a puppet and a sexual slave during her youth. Under the control of MK Ultra programming, O’Brien was shuttled from one world leader to another to abuse her.

Here, she talks about her experiences with Pierre Trudeau, the former Prime Minister of Canada and the father of the current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  Pierre Trudeau was an absolute degenerate and derelict, whose peeing afflictions echoed in his name “Pi-erre.” Dlux shares passages from O’Brien’s audio book TRANCE Formation of America.

You might think she is wacky, but if so, how do you explain how her vulva has been carved to resemble a figurine of Satan?. It’s time for Justin Trudeau and the rest of the Satanists — including Joe Biden — to be forever removed from public office. These politicians should never be mistaken for actual role models. They are little more than gross, malevolent perverts.

Big Catch-Up

Dr. William R. Trebing reads a 2019 addendum to his 1999 book Good-Bye Germ Theory.  He doesn’t know if we are winning the war against the use of toxic chemicals in our drugs and vaccines. But he is grateful that American voters rejected Hillary Rodham Clinton as president in 2016, calling her a heartless tool of Big Pharma. Here’s more from Jamie Dlux, bringing us up to date on the latest public comments from Hillary’s daughter Chelsea  Clinton.