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Treason: Crime Of The Century

Jason Bermas returns to SGT Report to discuss the Durham report, treason and the future of our fallen nation, which was once regarded as a Democratic Republic by and for the people.

Press Mum About Foxx’s Stroke

The mainstream media has maintained an across-the-board wall of silence about Hollywood star Jamie Foxx suffering a stroke on the set of his latest movie.

Why ignore the debilitation of a major star? Could the stroke have anything to do with Foxx and his strict adherence to vaccine mandates? Is this why the press is clamming up? More from Jason Bermas.

9/11 Hijackers Were CIA Assets?

Jason Bermas says there’s growing evidence the 9/11 hijackers were CIA. Why would the CIA take down the Twin Towers? Or attack the Pentagon? There are suggestions it was done to hide agency faux pas. By that we mean to cover up illegal bond trading exercises, some of it related to destabilizing Russia.

Here is part of the first half of Berman’s disclosure. To see the second half, you will need to join his Red Voice Media site.

AlienScientist has long entertained the notion that 9/11 was an inside job. Just for reference sake, here is the definitive AlienScientist treatment of 9/11, getting into the specific bond agencies targeted as well as Naval Intelligence at the Pentagon.

George Bush and Dick Cheney acted like they were shocked. In fact, they were brazen crooks and thugs, undoubtedly aware of this staged inside job.

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Epstein, Cyrus: K-I-S-S-I-N-G?

Robot cops are coming to New York City! And guess what? Unlike real crimes, which the city ignores, New York city is not going to look kindly if you bust up one of their robot cops. In that event, you’re likely to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Jason Bermas gets into Big Botters while also covering the U.S. Virgin Islands lawsuit against J.P. Morgan Chase for cozying up to Jeffrey Epstein.

In a complaint, made public on Wednesday, the U.S. Virgin Islands said J.P. Morgan compliance officials urged the bank to sever ties with Epstein years before it did so in 2013. The complaint also reveals that Epstein’s behavior was so widely known at J.P. Morgan that senior executives joked about his interest in young girls.

One example: Mary Erdoes, now head of asset and wealth management, in 2008 “received an email asking her whether Epstein was at an event ‘with Miley Cyrus,'” the singer and actress then starring in Disney Channel’s hit show Hannah Montana.

Epstein Secrets To Be Revealed?

J.P. Morgan Case chairman and chief executive officer Jamie Dimon will give sworn testimony in May on the bank’s decision to retain Jeffrey Epstein as a client despite his sex trafficking.

British newspapers are reporting on the case, while their American counterparts — the fake news — remains completely silent on Epstein. That’s because the American press has done little except cover up for Epstein from the very beginning.

Dimon’s sworn testimony will be behind closed doors. It’s part of a trial brought against the J.P. Morgan Chase Bank by the U.S. Virgin Islands, where Epstein has his home in the Caribbean. Here’s more from Jason Bermas.

Fed’s Endless Money Printing

How has Joseph Biden’s administration compounded inflation? By endlessly printing money without going through the proper channels to back it up.

Here, U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie, a Kentucky Republican, offers a 3rd grade level lesson in how inflation ruins our economy. His colleague, Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Maryland Democrat, claims he doesn’t understand Massie’s objections.

But Raskin is the husband of Sarah Bloom Raskin, who previously served on the Federal Reserve Board. So without a doubt, he does understand.

What’s Raskin doing then? Just glossing over the facts, practically sneering as Democrats almost always do. He acts like it would be beneath his dignity to explain himself.

Jason Bermas presents this exchange as a Reality Rant on Red Voice Media. it’s a great primer on how The Fed and U.S. Treasury can conspire to destroy an economy.

Epstein Files Released? Not Yet!

Jason Bermas says new data files have yet to be released on Jeffrey Epstein and his client list. We’re seen lists circulating online, and reported on one of those lists, earlier this week.

But Bermas, who is a veteran researcher and has devoted much of his attention to Jeffrey Epstein, says that list was cribbed together from existing sources widely available since 2019. A true “new” and massive list has yet to come out. He promises to be among the first to report once it is.

We’ll keep checking with him, as well as other veteran Epstein researchers including Whitney Webb and Luke Rudkowski, to bring you a full, and accurate, list as soon as possible. It’s a felony that all of these people’s names and their crimes have gone unreported for so many years. Many of them merit jail time, and some should undoubtedly be hung.

While the Jeffrey Epstein clients’ list has yet to be released, there has been one eye-opening revelation: The release of email correspondence from Jeffrey Epstein to Jes Staley, formerly CEO at Barclays. Revealed in a court case filed against J.P. Morgan Chase by the U.S. Virgin Islands government, there were more than 1,000 emails between Epstein and Staley.. Here with more details is Natly Denise.

Bermas: Kappy Killed Himself

In a wild revelation, podcaster Jason Bermas tells Riss Flex that actor-musician Isaac Kappy, widely believed  to have been murdered because of his knowledge of  human trafficking in Hollywood, actually committed suicide.

Bermas says Kappy got in over his head with the wrong people and realized he was manipulated. “That’s why he took his own life,” Bermas says. “A lot of people thought he was killed. He was not killed. The police body-cam footage, everything about it, was real.”

Bermas adds that Kappy had a tendency to believe in conspiracy theories that did not have any basis in evidence. Furthermore, Bermas says he received evidence from a strong source who claims Kappy  got involved in a disturbing internet game called 23, run by psychopaths and sociopaths.

He brings us more details, including the circumstances surrounding Kappy’s alleged suicide, and more. As always, do your own research and use discernment.

Elon Unmusked!

Several of our favorite researchers from the truth movement assemble to “unmusk” Elon Musk.

Is he a true freedom fighter or an icy cold warrior with deeply embedded ties to the Department of Defense? How much of what he says or does can we trust? How can we truly counter corruption and censorship?

This is an exceptional panel, including Jason Bermas, Ryan Christian, Whitney Webb and James Corbett. Derrick Broze serves as moderator. More from the Last American Vagabond.