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Shut Up And Dribble!

A handful of Brooklyn Nets season ticket holders sat courtside at the Nets’ last home game, wearing t-shirts that said: “Fight Antisemitism,” a direct slap at NBA superstar Kylie Irving’s alleged antisemitic remarks last week.

Many pundits in the corporate media have vilified and demonized Irving. It’s difficult to believe that one “sentence-less” tweet about a documentary no one is watching sparked this much outrage. Fearless Fire host Jason Whitlock and sports journalist Steve Kim debate the issue.

Empty Promises For Blacks

Jason Whitlock and former NBA player Royce White sound off on the black community for their ties to the Democrat Party.

Why do Donald Trump’s values align better with the views of most blacks than the platitudes of Barack Obama and LeBron James? Did White actually call black Democrats “fools” for their continuing allegiance to the liberal agenda? Whitlock and White bring you more on this sensitive issue.

Sports Letting Us Down

America is a shining example of sports’ transformative power. It’s about the games that are at the center of our social behavior, combined with our founding principles to enhance the American experience. It reveals what America is and can be. But our enemies know this, which is why the culture war has moved to our sports arenas and stadiums.

Says Jason Whitlock, columnist for Outkick.com and a TV and radio host, “Sports is in the same crosshairs as our founding fathers, under attack for past racial sins and unappreciated for their vital role in cultivating racial unity.” Even worse, Whitlock emphasizes, American sports have been infiltrated by China and Nike, its defacto parent company. Nike and the NBA’s China agenda helps explain why the sports giant’s pitchmen–LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick–smear the United States as inherently racist and evil. “One can make the argument that the NBA is no more than the in-house marketing department of Nike,” Whitlock says.

Here’s more of Whitlock’s powerful speech on the state of American sports, presented by Hillsdale College.

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