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Ghislaine Maxwell’s Client List

When will we see Ghislaine Maxwell’s client list? How about the full Epstein Island flight logs? Will these pedophile criminals escape forever or finally be brought to justice? Here’s the latest ChristianPatrioticNews video, drawing upon Q-posts for possible leads on Epstein, as well as his allies in Pedowood, formerly Hollywood. Also covered: The Vatican and symbolism concerning the Federal Reserve.

Hunters Become The Hunted

Hunters become the hunted! We are returning The Rule of Law to our Land! This is the final battle!  Unseal the indictments! Pray! More from And We Know.

The Creature From Jekyll Island

Mel K interviews author, historian and filmmaker G. Edward Griffin, whose book The Creature From Jekyll Island, exposes the sordid history of the Federal Reserve. Despite its name, it’s not at all an arm of the federal government, but a private consortium of banks that often acts as if it is a government agency. Will this cabal gets trashed or replaced in the foreseeable future? Stay tuned.

Weimar & World War, Too

After a long absence, Sir Patrick Mack returns with a gem — Weimar & World War, Too, the fourth installment in his series POP: Sex, Satan and Babylon’s Boule. This installment is well worth the wait.

Still, we are running it on a Sunday, a day where you might have extra time to relax and digest a lot of information. This video runs over two hours. You don’t have to watch it in one sitting, but you might find yourself inclined to do so. It’s that good!

Here, you’ll learn about mass starvation across Ukraine in the early 1930s, a famine used by Josef Stalin to control the population and punish his enemies. You’ll learn about the Committee on Public Information, the first large-scale organization in the United States involved in disseminating propaganda — a group that pushed the Red Cross.

Here, you’ll see how countries got carved up, or reconstituted, or created afresh, in an attempt to provide a new homeland for the Jewish people or others across Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Most of all, you’ll get a sense of how Weimar Germany led to Nazi Germany, and the rise of Adolf Hitler. It’s complicated, requires a fair amount of attention and sorting through history, but in the end, you’ll leave much wiser about the state of the world.


Dr. Jekyll Delivers Mr. Fed

The secretive scheme for the newly born central bank was a means to an end, for nine months later would come the Great War… creating a global superpower operating under the reigns of those who conceived it. More from Truthstream Media.


The Rise Of A Central Bank

What is torn asunder during the Civil War is soon rebuilt under powerful titans, while repeated panics drive hysterical populations into the arms of a new central bank. More from Truthstream Media.

In a video called The Secret of Money, Mark Dice also delves into the formation of the Federal Reserve following secretive meetings by bankers and their allies on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia.

Sinking of the Titanic

What if the Titanic was sunk to start the Federal Reserve? When the Titanic sank in the frozen northern waters of the Atlantic Ocean on April 15, 1912, the passengers on board included three of the richest men in America, all of whom had been outspoken against the creation of the Federal Reserve. They included John Jacob Astor IV, reportedly the richest man in America at the time; Isidor Straus, co-owner of Macy’s Department Store, and Benjamin Guggenheim, a powerful mining magnate.

Two others who were scheduled to be on the Titanic but cancelled at the last minute: Milton Hershey (of the Hershey fortune), and- wait for it- J.P. Morgan, new owner of the White Star Line, which built the Titanic, and not coincidentally, drafted the Federal Reserve Act at Jekyll Island. The act got passed into legislation the following year. Not insignificantly, Astor was also a close friend of Nikola Tesla, whose plan in creating electricity had been for it to be free to everyone.

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America’s Downfall

G. Edward Griffin, author of THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND, discusses the Deep State and the cadre of non-elective administrators who are attempting to take full control of our government and our society.  He says their policies are easy to describe: “divide and conquer.” Griffin is interviewed by Lauren Southern.