Colbert Crew Nabbed At Capitol

Fox News host Jesse Watters and Rep. Rodney Davis provide insight on staffers of ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ arrested at Capitol Hill. The nine staffers, including some high-ranking producers, were inside a congressional office building filming a skit involving Triumph the Insult talking dog. Apparently, Adam Schiff, D-Calif., had let them into the building,  but they remained after it had closed to the public.

Coast-To-Coast Crime Wave

“The Five,” on Fox News, react to what they’re calling a coast-to-coast crime wave across America, due to the weak and irresponsible crime policies of the Democrat Party. Among the topics are liberal-city looting and the smash-and-grab crimes flooding Democrat-run cities. Here’s more on Fox News.

Blasting Biden’s Divisive Policies

Joe Biden’s Mexico border policies are blasted by Stephen Miller, former President Donald Trump’s senior advisor for policy. Miller appeared on Jesse Watters Show on Fox News. Ovation Eddie weaves in an Iron Man parody.

The GOP Has Died

On January 6, we saw the death knell of the GOP. When so many leaders of the party, like Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConell and Mitt Romney, are proven to be sniveling liars — pushing censorship just as vociferously as the corrupt Democrats — you know it’s the end. The final chapter! The last rites!

It’s not President Donald Trump who will be cast aside, but these shaky Republicans and warbling Democrats who have completely trashed America. You allowed our children to be abducted, raped and murdered for more than 30 years without making an effort to end the carnage. Yes, we are talking about Jeffrey Epstein and all of his rich fat-cat friends. We don’t care if he was CIA or Mossad, or CCP or KGB, or what? He was clearly a cad, a fiend, a monster. He should have been stopped — dead cold — if we had genuine leadership in Washington. But we didn’t.

We had a bunch of bozos who let our nation deteriorate, who even sold our inventions and our factories to China and Mexico, taking your cut for the sales and leaving us unemployed, and banging our heads. Yes, the GOP is dead. Let’s hope our next party doesn’t have to be entirely a lynch party, nor a party run by cowards and turncoats. More from Vincent James of The Red Elephants.

U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Florida, appeared Saturday night on the Watters’ World show on Fox News and told host Jesse Watters that there has secretly been an anti-Trump clique operating among Republicans for quite some time in Washington DC. Among the members of this clique: U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming and U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois.

Let’s hope both of those cretins, as well as any other traitorous Republicans who took part in this clique, receive primary opposition the next time they run. Those Republicans undermining our own President, and siding with creeps like the Socialist Democrats, must be defeated. No, we’re not going to recommend they be put into gulags or concentration camps or subjected to Maoist-style reeducation. We’re not Fascists like the Democrats! But we will remember this treachery!

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The Supreme Court Is Ruthless

It didn’t take long at all. Leftists are losing their minds over the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Of course, most Leftists lost their minds a long time ago. They are grown-ups who still act like children and throw tantrums, and wail, and scream, and shriek. More from Mr. Reagan.

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Looks like riots and violent protests are back on the menu as the Leftists go insane once again following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Demonstrations have already begun in Portland, and Left-leaning extremists are urging members of this fanatic party to burn down everything. Looks like we’re going to just have to bury them at the polls in November. Otherwise, these idiots are going to trash our nation, and make everything look like the dirty hovels where they live. More from Tim Pool.

The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg will energize the Left. Not because she died prematurely. She was 87 and had had numerous physical ailments and bouts with illness. But she was the Supreme Court’s most radical Leftist, so she symbolized much that the Left holds dear.

Will conservatives be as motivated? They should be, says Styxhexenhammer. Now President Donald Trump can appoint a much more conservative replacement and steer the Supreme Court back toward a position that reflects the views of most Americans. There are 5 million new gun owners, for instance. Isn’t it time to secure the Second Amendment, and more permanently block efforts by the Left to sabotage or sandbag our gun rights?

President Donald Trump tweeted Saturday that he will announce his Supreme Court nominee soon. “We were put in this position of power and importance to make decisions for the people who so proudly elected us, the most important of which has long been considered to be the selection of United States Supreme Court justices. We have this obligation, without delay.” Later, Trump said he will likely make known his choice sometime over the next week and added “it will be a woman.”

Speculation, so far, seems focused on two women: Amy Coney Barrett,  a former Notre Dame University law professor now serving as a justice on the 7th Circuit of the US Court of Appeals, and Joan Larsen, justice on the 6th Circuit of the US Court of Appeals and former Associate Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court from 2015 to 2017. Jesse Watters on Fox News says sources have told him the pick will go to Barrett. “Politically, nominating Barrett now basically expands his ticket giving him kind of a second running mate,” Watters said.

We don’t know yet how long this will take to settle: How long before the Senate under Major Leader Mitch McConnell will conduct proceedings to confirm Trump’s appointment. But we can safely say: Now all political hell breaks loose.

Only 10 days before Ginsberg died, president Donald Trump updated his list of Supreme Court candidates. There was a furor over the list, but now it appears quite prescient. More from Lisa Haven.


Now In Theaters

Panic in DC…now playing in Theaters! What’s behind the panic? #Obamagate! Proof that the former administration of President Barack Obama was not as ideal or as non-corrupt as they have tried to portray themselves. In point of fact, they were using illegal spying and smear tactics against millions of Americans, targeting, of course, Republicans and those who opposed the Leftist administration.

Now, we are beginning to understand the depth of the corruption: How these Democrats used not only Deep State knuckleheads, but also the mainstream media and Hollywood to keep their stranglehold on reality. They even had their own Shadow Government they launched after President Donald Trump became president, seeking to undermine everything he did. Compromised Republicans aided and abetted these crooks, so we had long delays and camouflages and subterfuges that hid the corruption and buried all trails leading to those committing the crimes.

But, guess what? We now are beginning to grasp #Obamagate and what we are seeing is absolutely horrifying. There were not only ruses like “Russia, Russia” and the dirty Mueller team, but also false flag shootings, like the mass murder of 22 people in Nova Scotia from an individual using a fake Royal Canadian Mounted Police car with decals. You have to wonder how many other FF events were similarly orchestrated? Does this Canadian shooting bear any relationship with the a strange event last week in which an 85-year-old woman was killed and her husband wounded after they were apparently shot by an assailant at the Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery? More from In Pursuit of Truth.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are trying everything to keep the event going, but it is now failing. No matter how many stories they put out the people want the opposite. The evidence is now pouring out. The Obama administration was behind the coup. They are trying to divert everyone’s attention by projecting what they did onto the AG and the President. This will fail. The people are going to find out what treason looks like. More from the X22 Report.

The hashtag to end all hashtags was trending with nearly 4 million tweets yesterday and even with TWIT suppressing 2 million of them, is still going strong with 2.25 million! POTUS gave us #ob@magate and boy did anons ever run with it! Let’s look at some of the points behind it and the ongoing investigation to uncover it. More from RedPill78.

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Jail time! Here are huge revelations from the recent declas! The last one could put James Comey behind bars! Some are saying he’s already wearing an ankle monitor, but that remains to be seen and verified. More from Black Conservative Patriot.

Attorney General Bill Barr probably will have to appoint a special prosecutor. Not to get to the bottom, but to get to the top of #Obamagate. That’s the prediction of Jesse Watters on Fox News. Make no mistake about it. The [Deep State] is losing ground. They waged a monstruous war against President Donald Trump. Now they are losing battle after battle as they lose control. It’s irregular warfare we are witnessing. It might be difficult to follow, but the damage is severe. The [Deep State] might never recover. More from And We Know.

In this video, We Are Change breaks down the feud between Donald Trump and Barack Obama as it relates to the Michael Flynn case and the current misinformation-filled political climate. He takes a hard knock at the lying polecats in the mainstream media.

Coronavirus Curve Flattening

The COVID-19 White House Task Force announced that America is flattening the curve and the prognosis calls for coronavirus deaths to dramatically decrease by the end of May. And with a handful of states beginning to emerge from lockdown, it appears the worst is behind us. Task force response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx gives us the lowdown on “Watters’ World,” with host Jesse Watters.

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FBI Set To Make Epstein Arrests

Breaking news. Reports are circulating that the FBI now intends to arrest four of Jeffrey Epstein’s associates. These will all be players involved in recruiting minors — usually underage girls — to serve as prostitutes and procurers for Epstein and his rich and famous pedophile friends. Here, Jason Bermas takes questions about the latest drops in the Epstein case and speculates and where the probe is headed.

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What really happened on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet the Lolita Express? In an outtake of her 60 Minutes Australia appearance, Virginia Roberts Giuffre discusses. She is determined that Epstein’s dirty secrets not be buried with him.

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Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson on Fox News finally took ABC to task for its “butt-covering” in trying to find out who had released the Amy Robach tapes. Seems ABC is one of those networks more worried about covering its own ass than actually telling the truth or doing honest journalism. Tucker appears with Katie Pavlich in a segment reported by the Next News Network.

Jesse Watters on Fox News also said over the weekend that the media is protecting pedophiles for political reasons. He vowed to pursue the Jeffrey Epstein case and expose the wrongdoing that has occurred.

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The Simpsons now asking questions?

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Left Not Used To Probes

The Left is not used to being investigated. But now that Attorney General William Barr is seriously looking into how the phony Russian probe got started, suddenly prominent members of the administration of former President Barack Obama are under the gun.  Here, PragerU founder Dennis Prager discusses the turnaround play with Jesse Watters on Fox News.

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Democrats: Brutal Child Killers

The Democrats are no longer just pushing abortion. They are pushing infanticide of children who’ve already been born. In other words, they are buying into the idea that mothers have a right to murder their own children. Sorry, Democrats, that’s not acceptable, any shape or form. Every one of you needs to be exposed as a butchering bastard and a murdering pig. Double the curse upon any Republican crass and stupid enough to side with the Democratic monsters.

Here, Fox News shows how the mainstream media and top networks — ABC, CBS and NBC — all devoted zero coverage to this critical Senate vote. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says those pushing this type of infanticide are no different than the “Canaanites” of ancient days. We concur.  Bill Still shares the clip from Jesse Watters’ Fox News program.

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