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Surrounded by Assholes

Bijou Phillips has spent her whole life…surrounded by assholes. Jamie Dlux reviews the career of the troubled star, the daughter of John Phillips and sister of Mackenzie.

The Daughters and The Papas

Jamie Dlux takes a look at MacKenzie Phillips, the famous rock singer and actress who was drugged and sexually assaulted by her father, John Phillips.

John Phillips wasn’t the only rock star screwing youngsters. They all were, as Gavin McInnes points out.

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A Battle for the Cheeseheads

The great state of Wisconsin is the next battleground site on Tuesday in the race for the White House. The GOP field will be chasing 42 delegates, and most recent polls have Ted Cruz slightly ahead of Donald Trump. Eighty-six delegates are up for grabs on the Democrat side, where socialist candidate Bernie Sanders has closed Hillary Clinton’s once-commanding lead considerably. PJTV host John Phillips analyzes the numbers in this special edition of “Poll Position.”

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Poll Disses President Obama

The terror attacks in Brussels has escalated the anxiety among Americans over terrorism and ISIS. A CNN/ORC poll reveals that 74 percent of Americans are dissatisfied with our progress in the war on terror, and a majority are blaming President Obama’s lackadaisical response. The poll further shows 60 percent disapprove Obama’s handling of the war on terror, and a whopping 64 percent say he’s doing a terrible job with ISIS. So who do Americans trust? Host John Phillips breaks down the poll numbers in this edition of “Poll Position” on PJTV.

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Polls Favor Trump, Clinton

As voters scurry to their voting precincts on this Super Tuesday, the latest polls show Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton firmly in control of their their political destinies. In the GOP race, Trump leads in 9 of 11 polls, while challenger Ted Cruz is tops in Texas and Arkansas. The Democrat race appears to be more one-sided, with Clinton holding huge margins in most of the 11 primary and caucus states, save for the Northeast, where Bernie Sanders leads in his home state of Vermont and in Massachusetts. Host John Phillips breaks down the latest numbers in this edition of “Poll Position” on PJTV.

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The Zika Virus Emergency

The Zika Virus, which is transmitted by mosquitos and has been on our radar for more than five decades, is wreaking havoc across Central and South America and coastal areas of the United States. The virus is especially devastating for pregnant women and their unborn fetuses because there is no cure for Zika. Dr. Kelly Victory, trauma and emergency specialist and president of Victory Health, discusses the ramifications of the deadly virus in this special program on PJTV

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High Court Faces Uncertainty

The sudden death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has caused nothing less than a political earthquake. Scalia’s untimely passing has opened the door for President Obama to push the high court further to the left, paving the way for a torrent of progressive adjudication for years to come. Host John Phillips welcomes PJTV contributors Scott Ott and Stephen Kruiser to discuss the consequences of an errant Obama appointment in this edition of “The Run Down.”

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Iowa, NH Going Down to Wire

Multiple polls for the first presidential primary in New Hampshire and the Iowa caucuses show some traditional outcomes, but many surprises, too. So will Donald Trump dominate as the polls indicate, or is there an upset in the making? Will Bernie Sanders’ late surge in Iowa and New Hampshire come to fruition, or does Hillary Clinton have something left for the 11th hour? John Phillips analyzes in this edition of “Poll Position” on PJTV.

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The Clintons’ War On Women

President Bill Clinton’s shameful sexual indiscretions and subsequent cover-ups with his wife, Hillary, have landed on main stage of the 2016 presidential race. Author and political pundit, Roger Stone, sits down with PJTV’s John Phillips to discuss his new book, The Clintons’ War on Women, a critical look back at one of America’s most powerful and dangerous families.

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