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Hollywood Under White Hats?

Is Hollywood under White Hat control? Tarot by Janine believes that’s the case, and now McAllister TV suggests it’s likely as well. We are already starting to see celeb vax reactions! What’s the story behind Justin Bieber’s facial distortions? What about Mick Jagger canceling a Rolling Stones concert in Amsterdam, citing a bout with Covid?

Otherwise, in this episode, McAllister TV touches upon the code word “Hillbilly?” The AI threat has been with us for decades! Jonathan Winters on the Last Day on Earth! Deplorable Deb (from St. Petersburg, Florida) reports from the Basket of Deplorables! Also we get new updates from Bluewater and a shapeshifting reptiles from Pfizer!

The Frickert Fracas

Hey kids (of all ages), it’s Saturday Morning Cartoon time again!

Not long ago, my weekday upload for grownups was an episode of WAIT TILL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME featuring an appearance by Jonathan Winters. Like Don Adams and Phyllis Diller, Winters had also guest starred on Hanna-Barbera’s top Saturday Morning ‘toon… But, in his case, he also brought along the same Granny Maude Frickert character to both shows.

SCOOBY-DOO, WHERE ARE YOU? (Basically ersatz DOBIE GILLIS characters crossed with the old I LOVE A MYSTERY radio show plus a semi-anthropomorphic dog thrown-in for good measure.) was a big hit for the studio in 1969. Not only did it get a second production season, which was kinda’ rare for Saturday Morning Cartoons, but is spawned a slew of follow-up series, one-shot video features, and even big-budget live-action movie adaptations.

Scooby and the gang also became the go-to template for many of HB’s ‘toons through the ’70s, as YOGI BEAR had been for the ’60s. Just rename the Meddling Kids, and swap-out the dog for a semi-anthropomorphic car, phantom, cat, shark, or even a goofier-looking dog, and there’s your new show. Heck, even the Justice League got a pair of Meddling Kids and their dog when HB took over the superheroes’ license with SUPER FRIENDS.

Scooby’s second program, the NEW SCOOBY-DOO MOVIES, had the mystery adventures extended to an hour-long, and featured guest stars. And what a mixed-bad that lot was! Sometimes real people, like Cass Elliot, Davy Jones, or Jerry Reed, voiced by their real-world selves. Sometimes fictional characters, like Batman, the Addams Family, or the cast of other HB Scooby-esque cartoons. Sometimes a splitting of the difference, with the onscreen personas of real people voiced by impersonators, as with the THREE STOOGES and LAUREL AND HARDY due to the originals being retired or dead. From September, 1972. More from the OldHorseman.


Maude Frickert Roasts Reagan

Comedic genius Jonathan Winters make his way back into the lighter side of life with his improvisation of Maude Frickert, President Ronald Reagan’s fictional first-grade teacher. The act was part of Dean Martin’s Celebrity Roast series in 1973. Clip courtesy of Tony Lee Photography.

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Jonathan Winters’ Characters

Comedic giant Jonathan Winters was known for the many characters he portrayed during his performances. There was no script, no director, just a few props and Winters would take it from there.

In this segment of the lighter side of life, Winters wings it during an appearance on “The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson,” much to the delight of the audience.

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Classic Jonathan Winters

Comedians Jonathan Winters and Don Rickles were the only two performers who were never written for. Producers simply set them loose on a stage or set to work their magic. In this popular airplane skit, entertainment legend Dean Martin has a difficult time keeping a straight face as Winters ad-libs his way through nearly 10 minutes of pure genius.

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The Gay Moby Dick

Jonathan Winters unveils the un-PC character “Captain Arnold” (the bit turns up on the “Humor As Seen Through The Eyes Of” album). After the stand-up, he sits down and offers his JFK impression. Always great to see one of the true legends of comedy, a spontaneous genius at observing and twisting reality.

Sadly, it’s doubtful anyone could do the same routine on national TV these days. Would bring down the PC police!

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