Parody Becomes Reality

Sleepy Joe Biden and his sidekick, Kamala Harris, sneak into the lighter side of life with a public appearance that’s more comedic than presidential.

Earlier this year, Saudi state-funded TV mocked Biden as a forgetful, sleepy old man, as U.S.-Saudi relations hit a new low. Watch the following video carefully, as Biden and Harris turn the parody into reality. Video, courtesy of Memology 101.

Slavery Abolition On The Ballot

The Constitution says you can be made to do labor if you’re imprisoned, but voters in five states will decide whether working prisoners are actually slaves.

Should we put an end to prison industries, or does having a job in jail teach the dignity of work and prepare convicts for return to the free world? The “Right Angle” trio Alfonzo Rachel, Scott Ott and Stephen Green debate the issue on the Bill Whittle channel.

Juan O. Savin: On The Precipice

Juan O. Savin, addressing a small gathering of supporters, says he believes a bizarre, almost unimaginable series of events is about to unfold running up to the 2022 midterm elections. He says it’ll be like a near-death experience for America, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the nuclear stuff. “We are on the precipice of something unfathomable,” he says.

He discusses Joe Biden’s mysterious, classified executive order last March, concerning the midterms and the distressing U.S. Postal Service announcement, creating a special division to handle election mail-in ballots, which the Supreme Court has already ruled unconstitutional. Could there possibly be more mischief and cheating in the air by the corrupt Democrats. Here’s Juan’s fiery analysis, plus more intel.

Juan O. Savin: October Chaos

Juan O. Savin joins the Nicholas Veniamin podcast to discuss what should be a wild and woolly October on the political front. He believes there will be a number of circumstances coming into play, culminating in late October, resulting in the delay of the 2022 midterms for 30 days.

Savin says the chaos will begin early in the month with the arrest of President Trump and the removal of Joe Biden from the  presidency via the 25th Amendment. He says the Democrats will bypass Kamala Harris for constitutional reasons, and possibly Nancy Pelosi, paving the way for Hillary Clinton or Gavin Newsom. Nevertheless, October will hot and heavy. Here’s Savin and Veniamin with more.

Parkes: Ultimatum For Biden

Simon Parkes says the sinister wheels of the Deep State are turning and we may well soon learn what the future holds for Joe Biden.

Parkes reports on intel that Biden was to get an ultimatum on Sunday to step down, or the military will hit the streets. Parkes says that doesn’t sound right, but posited that he could resign because of ill health, paving the way for VP Kamala Harris to assume the presidency. Should she decline, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is next in line.

Meanwhile, central bankers have just concluded an uber-secret summit and financial misery is about to be ramped up. And Germany wants into BRICS and will stage blackouts throughout the winter months. He explains further, plus takes questions from his viewers.

Juan O. Savin: The Final Stage

Juan O. Savin confirms the final stage in the effort to destroy the Deep State has arrived and it revolves around the 2020 Presidential election.

Appearing with Lewis Herms and Bruce Poppy on the Truth-A-Thon, Savin says that although the clock struck midnight on Sept. 3 for recovering crucial data from the 2020 election, which would exclude solving the dilemma in an Article III court, there’s overwhelming evidence of foreign interference in the vote that would shift it to a military court. “The military protects us from foreign enemies,” he says. “The attack on our vote was orchestrated from outside U.S. borders, with collusion on the part of people from the inside.”

Savin says it’s not over yet. He speculates the White Hats will shut down the 2022 midterms in what they call a 30-day-stop to ensure the Democrats and Deep State do not cheat again. He says it will begin sometime around Oct. 29 and after about 10 days into the shutdown, everything will flip to the other side, to the good guys. Here’s more.

Now, They’re Against You?

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