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Katie Hobbs Held In Custody

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs has been at GITMO since Sep. 28, awaiting a tribunal scheduled in November. We can’t collaborate that’s a fact, but we do bring you this video from Dobie_Tejas, maintaining Hobbs is now a prisoner at GITMO. Dobie_Tejas cites as its source the journalist Michael Baxter at realrawnews.com.

“Disgraced former Arizona Secretary of State and gubernatorial election thief Katie Hobbs has been at Guantanamo Bay Since September 28th and, charged with treason, will face a military tribunal in mid-November,” the video quotes from a realrawnews report. In addition to treason, Hobbs also reportedly faces charges of election fraud and conspiracy to commit murder. The murder charge supposedly stems from a failed murder-for-hire plot against Kari Lake.

Although Fox News and other mainstream media outlets originally reported Katie Hobbs’ disappearance, those reports ceased when Hobbs showed up in Arizona a few days after the disappearance was announced back in September. Realrawnews claims a double double or clone resurfaced in Arizona, while the Hobbs arrested and transported to GITMO is the real McCoy.

Again, we urge caution in reviewing and analyzing this report. We will bring you updates as events dictate.


Booms everywhere! False flags: The new normal! The swamp runs deep! The news is fake!

The war is real! And the world is watching!

Kari Lake, World War III, Hamas supporters in America, Anthony Fauci,  borders! Pray! More from And We Know.

The [Deep State] is doing exactly what the patriots want them to do. The 16-year plan is being countered by we the people. Each part of the plan the [Deep State] implemented, the people are rejecting.

Trump lets everyone know that more and more people are waking up. We need to win big and with people by his side, it will make it very difficult to cheat in the election.

Which means the [Deep State] will push a cyber attack to try to postpone the election. Trump will usher in peace and the people will be with him. More from the X22 Report.

Arizona Gov. Hobbs Disappears

Katie Hobbs, the Democratic governor of Arizona, has disappeared, leaving the state’s Republican treasurer Kimberly Yee as the temporary governor. What’s strange about this situation? Yee isn’t next in line to serve as governor. There are two other state officials, both Democrats, ahead of her. They are Secretary of State Adrian Fontes and Attorney General Kris Mayes.

So why didn’t Hobbs leave when she could be assured either Fontes or Mayes would take charge? Has Hobbs been indicted or is she undergoing medical treatment she doesn’t want to divulge? When will she return? Inquiring minds want to know. Here’s more from Styxhexenhammer666.

Steve Turley says the strange disappearance by Katie Hobbs further delegitimatizes her governorship. Many people are convinced Hobbs wasn’t elected in the first place. They maintain she simply used her position as secretary of state to pad her vote totals and subtract from the votes given to Republican challenger Kari Lake.  In other words, she’s a governor through the magic of election fraud.

Now that she has “disappeared,” those charges begin to resonate more strongly. And already, Yee is taking action to cast aside some of Hobbs’ questionable associates. How big will this bombshell become?

Will We See Trump-Lake Ticket?

Dan RadioStyle says it seems things are moving into another phase and we are nearing the time where election partners will need to come forward.

Perhaps the most intriguing scenario comes from the Arizona desert, where all eyes are on Kari Lake. She’s hinted at a U.S. Senate run in 2024, but does she really have her sights trained on the Vice-Presidency? Could we see a Trump-Lake ticket in the near future? Radiostyle takes a closer look, plus also reports on the chaos at the southern border, the Democrat push to reinstate internet neutrality, the cancel-culture mess regarding Russell Brand, and more.

Time To Take Back This Country

Kari Lake begins the conversation discussing the Arizona election fraud case. She is now bringing the case to the Arizona Supreme Court. If she has to, she will bring it all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The people are now seeing the industrial military complex, the pharmaceutical complex and now the election industrial complex. The people see the system of the [Deep State].

Former President Donald Trump and Kari Lake are on the front lines and they are pushing forward. They will not back down. The [Deep State] does not know what do with people that do not back down. Here’s more from the X22 Report Spotlight.

Communication Blackout Near

The [Deep State] is panicking. Their MS13 gangs are being shut down. Crimes against children are now being exposed and the [Deep State] realizes they have lost the narrative and they need to get it back. They are making a move against Twitter to destroy it so the people move to Threads. This will fail.

Once the information war is lost, the [Deep State] will shut down comms and the European Union already signaled this. Communication blackout is coming. The patriots are prepared. This is not just another 4-year election. It’s about destroying the [Deep State] system. More from the X22 Report.

No one person is above another! Evil losers no more! We, the people. Pray! In this edition: Chuck Schumer, the CIA, Sam Bankman-Fried, information warfare, and who are the white rabbits? More from And We Know.

The End Won’t Be For Everyone!

Draining the swamp does not simply refer to the removal of those corrupt in Washington DC. These people are pure evil.

Scotus wins! Kari Lake wins! Democrats are screaming again! But as we’ve reported for quite some time, the end won’t be for everyone. Pray! More from And We Know.

BOOM Week Happening!

BOOM Week Happening! The key will unlock the door. Arrests will lead to Great Awakening?

All will be right — Patriots will protect patriots! Keep charging Midnight Riders!

The Information Warfare will intensify! Welcome to the Digital Battlefield! The picture will open up the eyes of the world! More from And We Know.

FBI Stonewalls On Corruption

Rep. James Comer’s phone call with FBI Director Christopher Wray didn’t go so well! Wray offered some minor concessions, but not enough to stop the pending Contempt of Congress legislation from moving forward. Congress comments on FBI corruption at the highest levels and Trump takes questions from Iowa about reform. Is Christopher Wray worried? Probably not, as JustTheNews reports he jumped on the FBI jet to head to Las Vegas.

Leaks continue to the Trump prosecution cases, with new reports Special Counsel Jack Smith has audio recordings of Trump holding classified documents related to Iran. Smith is also known to have contact with Christopher Krebs, formerly with CISA (the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency), signaling the investigation may be extending beyond January 6th and into the 2020 election itself. Is there internal discord in Trump’s team? Rumors swirl.

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s team filed their opposition to Trump’s attempt to remove his criminal prosecution to federal court. State prosecutors respond to Trump’s two main arguments justifying removal in what will be an important procedural battle.

Kari Lake makes a special appearance to announce she has formally filed her appeal paperwork in her election lawsuit. Lake says she has new evidence and offers suggestions for shoring up elections around Arizona and the Country. The trial Judge issued a final order regarding sanctions and other penalties, refusing to impose severe sanctions against Lake or her lawyers. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.


McCarthy Caves On Debt

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden reach an agreement on raising the debt limit in exchange for some reductions in spending. We review the terms of the deal and check the reaction from members in Congress.

Lindsey Graham visits with Ukraine and Zelensky and tells him that sending money to Ukraine to eliminate Russians was the best money ever spent. Meanwhile, the United States keeps spending!

New evidence is released in the Kari Lake case that purport to show people adjusting machines after they were certified and sealed. Arizona officials react and the corrupt Katie Hobbs suffers another major blow to her “administration.”  Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.