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The Matrix Scam Unravels

Thomas Althouse rejoins Sarah Westall to discuss the latest in the Matrix Corruption Scandal. For those of you who do not know the background, Thomas Althouse is the real creator and writer of the Matrix Trilogy. It was originally called The Immortals and he has all the proof.

This is a story of one of the largest film franchises is US history and how it was stolen; it’s a fraud. Truth is often stranger than fiction but we all know that by now. This story has intrigue and corruption at the highest levels of Hollywood including companies such as Warner Brothers and Disney and big names such as Michael Eisner, Steven Spielberg, the Wachowskis, Joel Silver and Keanu Reeves. They are all involved in this scam.

This is a two-part program. We present both videos here.

Nancy, Joe’s Excellent Adventure

Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are sitting by the curb, drinking liquor, trying to get a grasp on reality. And what should appear out of the sky but a telephone booth, run by Hillary Clinton, offering to take Nancy and Joe on a time-traveling adventure. Where’s Keanu Reeves when you need him? More from The United Spot.

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Microsoft’s Mind Control

If you thought Windows 10 was crafted by Satan, wait until you get a look at the new Microsoft invention!

Just before the United States went under lockdown, the Microsoft Company took out a patent — W02020060606 — on a system of mind control. The system involves an implant that can read individual body activity data and couple that activity with a cryptocurrency. If the correct body activities are measured, the cryptocurrency can be provided. If the measurements are incorrect, the cryptocurrency can be withheld.

Interesting that Microsoft chose the mark of the beast — 666 — for this implant, filed March 26, 2020. It’s quite clear this must be resisted and every step taken to bust up Microsoft. The wealth of its founder, Bill Gates, would most certainly go a long way toward resolving the US debt, although he left Microsoft’s board on March 13 — 13 days ahead of the new filing — so most likely, he cannot be taken into account.

Inventors listed for the device are Dustin Abramson, Derrick Fu and Joseph Edwin Johnson Jr., all with Microsoft in Redmond, Wash. More from Riss Flex.

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Here is a direct link to the patent application on file with WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization:


Which takes us back to The Matrix, the 1999 sci-fi movie, involving computer hacking, and starring Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne.

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Researchers are currently working on various ways to harvest the energy of human movement in urban settings. They are working on turning the mechanical energy of body movements into a source of electricity. Applications for the technology could range from health to recreation. Researchers at MIT have been working on generating electricity from human movement in urban settings in a project called Crowd Farm. In Japan, scientists have connected generators to the turnstiles in railway stations to generate power. University of Wisconsin-Madison associate professor Tom Krupenkin is working on placing salty liquid inside the soles of shoes to generate electricity.

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The Devil’s Advocate

An analysis of the 1997 Taylor Hackford film The Devil’s Advocate, starring Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves. What, if anything, does this film have to say about President Donald Trump and his affiliation with the songs of the Rolling Stones, specifically, Paint It Black and Sympathy for the Devil? More from EntertheStars Reloaded.

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