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White Hats Move Gitmo to Guam

Kerry Cassidy tells Patriot Streetfighter Scott McKay that all is not progressing so smoothly as previously thought in the White Hats’ efforts to eradicate the Deep State’s New World Order agenda. So much so, that unexpected push back from the globalists have forced the good guys to relocate Gitmo and its prisoners to Guam.

Sourcing an article she wrote for her website, Cassidy describes a fleet of ships, escorted by the military, en route to Guam, where the White Hats claim they can set up a perimeter around the country that is more secure than Guantanamo Bay. “The White Hats are getting more pushback from the Deep State than people realize or understand,” she says. “In essence, we are in a civil war.”

Cassidy explains further, plus adds more intel on the chaos in the DUMBs between the aliens and White Hats, alien AI and who really is running the show.

Gene Decode: Globalists Foiled

In a stunning revelation, Gene Decode tells Patriot Underground that Russia’s incursion into the Ukraine in February 2021 was a pre-emptive invasion, thwarting a globalist preplanned bioweapons attack.

Decode says Vladimir Putin had no more time to wait and was forced to make his move, actually entering Ukrainian territory a week before previously reported by the media. He says the neocon Satanic West and globalists genetically patterned the bioweapons to target the Slavic people of Russia.

Decode elaborates and is joined by Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy to discuss more intel, including the genesis of child trafficking in the massive Ukrainian DUMBS, which dates back to Nazi roots, plus more.

Project Looking Glass: ET Tool

Kerry Cassidy says Project Looking Glass, in theory, was based on technology secured from extraterrestrials, is based on probabilities and today is referred to as AI.

Appearing on Breaking the Matrix, Cassidy explains the  purpose of Project Looking Glass, how it works and which groups are using it. She also discusses what many believe was a Nazi victory in World War II and their breakaway civilization that has been hidden from the world, plus updates current events.

Who Controls The World?

The Universal Council’s Kimberley Ann Goguen reveals to the Project Camelot podcast and host Kerry Cassidy that the world has always been a hierarchical system, with the order at the top, and the covens and a faction of military and intelligence people below them.

So who actually is pulling the strings?  Goguen says the existing structure points to three individuals: the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab, a man named Richard Weiss and an anonymous Italian with the code name Mr. Black. “These three seem to be barking out orders to the White House, to the Space Force, to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Those are the people I see most often,” she says.

Goguen, who claims she was schooled by the Anunnaki and has had interactions with Marduke, of Babylonian scripture, explains further, reveals more intel on the other-worldly realm, the Black Sun and Donald J. Trump’s meeting with an ascended master, who told him he would win the Presidency in 2016. Please use discernment when watching the video.

Juan O. Savin: Not JFK Jr.!

Juan O. Savin seemingly puts an end to rumors that he’s John F. Kennedy Jr. in hiding, much to the chagrin of Kerry Cassidy.

Mel Carmine, host of the XRPQFSTeam podcast, directly asks Savin to respond to Cassidy’s claim that he is in fact JFK Jr. camouflaged in a body mask. Savin says, “There were people calling me about 20 or 30 different people, so that was just one that stuck with me than others. Robert David Steele used to introduce me, everytime we did a show, as not JFK.”  He added, “we’re all the kid by the side of the road,” referring to his top-selling book by the same title, which makes many references to the Kennedy family.

Savin explains further, plus also discusses the strong future of the dollar, the Quantum Financial System and Nesara-Gesara.

Covid Cover-Up Goes To The Top

In a bombshell revelation, Redacted’s Clayton Morris reports that newly-released FOIA documents reveal the Covd-19 pandemic was a Department of Defense operation dating back to the Obama Administration!

He says everything the public heard was was political theater, right down to the FDA vaccine-approval process. “That means that human beings were used as props, essentially,” Morris said. He adds that the Pentagon used a number of shady approval authorizations, still in use, that shielded Big Pharma’s medical participants and protected them from any liability from unregulated vaccines.

The FOIA documents were obtained by Sasha Latypova, executive of a pharmaceutical contract research organization, who joins Morris with more on the breaking story.

In another shocking disclosure, Kerry Cassidy says her sources confirmed that the concoction we call Covid is alien-derived. “It’s a Grey-alien AI recipe that has been downloaded to our scientists,” she says.

Cassidy explains further, including reports that AI expert Cyrus Parsa was physically attacked by ETs for his disclosures, the Reptilian hive in Ukraine’s Devil’s Mountain and the underground biolabs.  Video courtesy of the Diolindo Ruotolo channel. Please do your own research and judge the material for yourself.


Decode & Cassidy: ET Presence

Patriot Underground welcomes Gene Decode and Kerry Cassidy for a comprehensive discussion on the alien presence in Ukraine, its Deep State biolabs and experimentation on humans and, of course, its connection to the Khazarian Mafia.

They explore the shocking underground world of Ukraine, including the massive DUMBs housing these creatures, the nine hidden pyramids on the Crimean border and Devil’s Mountain, thought by Ukrainians to be the house of Satan, plus more. Video courtesy of Chembuster.

A Rothschild Speaks Out!

In a bombshell Project Camelot report, Kerry Cassidy interviews a member of the notorious Rothschild family, who claims she is not from this planet, but arrived from a parallel universe.

Erin Rothschild, aka Erin Green, says she arrived in our universe with her husband and children, and her father, R.C. Green Sr., aka R.C. Rothschild. Erin says her father was head of the Rothschilds’ military shadow government, in charge of all black ops, such as MK Ultra and time travel, from the 1940s through the 1970s.

In the following video, courtesy of Todd50, Eric describes her unusual life as a Rothschild and, as always, judge the material for yourself.

Is Alien Agenda A Distraction?

The alien agenda, or ET invasion, that the public has embraced for decades, is merely a government distraction, meant to hide what’s really going on.

Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy says the real action is going on in our skies, off planet, where different alien factions are in battle. She explains further, plus updates intel on the alien and AI presence on our planet, the threat of nuclear war from Russia, the possible cancellation of the 2022 midterms, what’s really going on in Ukraine and an interesting twist on the Cuban Missile Crisis. Here’s more. courtesy of Bluewater. As always, use discernment when viewing the video.

Timeline Shifts And Prophecies

Psychic and author Sean David Morton joins Project Camelot and host Kerry Cassidy for a heated discussion on past worldwide events and stunning future prophecies, including timeline shifts we’ve already been through and the Galactic Federation. Here’s the interview and please do your own research and judge the material for yourself.