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Pope Alters Knights’ Leadership

Kevin Annett rejoins Sarah Westall to discuss the history-making changes now occurring worldwide. These changes range from the Pope nullifying the leadership of the Knights of Malta to the Queen merging churches before her death. These events are historical changes that will affect people for centuries to come.

During this time of incredible chaos, Kevin Annett has the gift of bringing clarity and intention to our actions. You can learn more about Kevin Annett at https://MurderByDecree.com. More from Sarah Westall on her channel Business Game Changers.

Vatican Funding China Takeover

Kevin Annett rejoins the program to discuss the developments with the Vatican and China. According to sources, the Vatican bank is set to fund China’s take over of the North American economy. We also discuss the overall cabal plans and how you can fight back and keep your dignity. More from Sarah Westall on Business Game Changers.


More Rumblings: Pope Leaving

Kevin Annett rejoins Sarah Westall’s program to discuss the likelihood that Pope Francis will be removed soon considering mainstream media propaganda outlets have reported that Francis will step down. We also discuss China’s control in Canada and what that means to the United States. Lastly he explains how common law is the answer for regaining our freedoms.