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Weaponized Migration

Sara Carter welcomes independent journalist and longtime war correspondent Michael Yon to the podcast to discuss the weaponization of migration from Latin America to the United States.

Yon explains why the real number of people illegally entering our nation is at least 300,000 per month and probably much higher. He also slams Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for doing virtually nothing about the invasion of the U.S. More from Carter and Yon.

WEF, Obama Join Forces

The People’s Voice (TPV) reports hat the World Economic Forum has partnered with Barack Hussein Obama to activate a full-blown emergency government censorship executive order to regain control of the narrative in the run-up to the 2024 election.

The news to censor Americans raises all sorts of questions, including who is really running the U.S government? TPV says it certainly isn’t Joe Biden, who has spent most of the last few months getting lost on stage. Here’s more.

George Orwell Got It Wrong!

The Underground’s Michael J. Matt says George Orwell got Big Brother right, but he was dead wrong on the counter-revolution!

Matt says Orwell nailed it in his novel, 1984, when it comes to the revolution, the bad guys and Godless super state, but he misfired on the counter-revoluton. Why? Because he was an agnostic. Matt elaborates, plus also touches on King Charles’ plans for the New World Order, the  unusual and troublesome activity in the Roman Catholic Church, including Pope Francis’ outlandish policies, and the World Economic Forum’s march from transgenderism to transhumanism.

WEF Wants Depopulation Now!

There’s no surprise that Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum are acknowledging that their focus at Davos this year is to push forward Agenda 2030, the massive climate tyranny and depopulation agenda.

Sourcing The National Pulse, Josh Sigurdson reports that the WEF will accelerate the implementation of Agenda 2030, leading to quicker enforcement of events such as 15-minute cities and more mandatory vaccinations. Here’s his report.

The Enemy Within

Mel K is back! And the enemy is within, but don’t fret. The Democratic National Committee says no primary debates due to “no serious challengers,” so the criminal masquerading as President Joe Biden is the guy in 2024. Enjoy the fall of the Republic friends.

In the meantime, here’s Mel K discussing some of the biggest globalist creeps in Biden’s camp, ranging from George Soros to Klaus Schwab. More from the SGTReport.

The Plan To Ban Travel, Meat!

Josh Sigursdson reports that another insane agenda in the UK has surfaced, which will implement restricions on world travel and consuming meat, of all things!

Sigurdson says it’s another crazy step in the globalists’ Great Reset, essentially forcing people into slavery under a cashless society with carbon credit scores. He explains further, plus brings more intel.

Every Leak Now Weaponized!

The plandemic has ended. But the Deep State is cracking down, trying to control everything on all fronts.

The radical extremists in the Joe Biden administration have weaponized leaks, just as they have done with censorship.  Forget about transparency. These bureaucrats want to dictate everything, leaving little for further discussion. Must be tough to run a virtual Stalinist regime within the United States! Especially when your fearless leader can’t even board a plane without falling on his ass!

Also in this episode: Twitter/Telegram under fire! Remember back when President Donald Trump entered the belly of the beast, speaking to the globalists at the World Economic Forum: More from And We Know.

A Letter To The WEF

Truthstream Media presents its own broadside to the World Economic Forum — the globalists who want to take away our cars and force us to eat bugs. Meeting annually in Davos, Switzerland, these bureaucrats spell out rules for us that they never follow for themselves. They are hypocrites of the worst order, seeking to establish a New World Order, presumably under the reign of their obnoxious and dictatorial leader, Klaus Schwab.

Are Climate Lockdowns Coming?

In the following clip, taken from Telegram and posted on TikTok, investigative journalist Marc Morano explains how the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns were implemented to prepare people for the coming climate change restrictions as part of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset agenda.

Morano says it’s the same template. He added that the Covid fiasco planted the thought in Klaus Schwab’s corrupt mind that this was the narrow window of opportunity–with these Covid-type lockdowns–in which to reset the globe. Here’s more with Morano, courtesy of Free Your Mind.

Scripted World War III Closer!

Josh Sigurdson reports that China is warning of  a confrontation with the United States if nothing changes. He says as China and Russia bond, the U.S. is clearly in control of collapsing Western civilization via a fake war to force us into the Great Reset.

“This is a fake war,” Sigurdson says. “It has been planted in the lexicon to make it appear like we just naturally move into the Great Reset.” He breaks down the history and what to expect in the coming years.