Prostitution in South Korea

SE7EN recently got caught leaving a sexy massage parlour. To some, this was surprising. To others who know more about prostitution in South Korea and how widespread it is, this wasn’t surprising at all. We’ll tell you a bit more about how big prostitution is here, how often South Korean men pay for sex, and some of the different ways that prostitution is practiced here in South Korea.

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The Sim Chung Story

There are visual fireworks aplenty in this animated retelling of a traditional Korean folktale. The story revolves around a dutiful daughter, Sim Chung, who throws herself into the sea, hoping to bring her blind father riches and improved health. Instead, she’s the one embarking on a grand adventure among the most colorful sea creatures, forming a spirited Gershwin chorus in this short by M9. H/T Kuriositas

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Korea Vs. Japan

Eat Your Kimchi vbloggers Simon and Martina talk about the differences they have observed between Korea and Japan. They’re not big differences about culture and history and politics, but just basic observations that they have noticed from their experiences living and traveling in both countries.

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History of Korean Animation

This 15-minute compilation video collects together highlights from the most notable South Korean animations over the past 40 years. No narrator provides background or connects the dots. Instead, there’s a steady stream of clips, ranging from the silly to the sublime, from minimalist works to ones featuring madcap drawing styles. There are now more than 120 animations studios in South Korea, and they produce a large body of the animated series shown in the United States as well as Japan, including both Family Guy and The Simpsons.

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Know Your Monster: 30


Yonggary is a South Korean movie monster, inspired by the Japanese Kaiju. He’s said to be a 200 million-year-old dinosaur, resurrected by aliens to help them conquer the Earth. Yonggary looks a lot like Godzilla, but has a protruding horn in place of his nose. In some incarnations, he even has a few horns. Yonggary also has a jewel called the “Damon” on his forehead. It’s through this jewel that the aliens control the beast. When the jewel gets destroyed, Yonggary breaks free from his alien masters, turning against them and fighting to protect the planet.

Besides looking like Godzilla, Yonggary exhibits many similar traits. He dines on gasoline and oil, shoots fireballs from his mouth and emits a laser beam from his horn. Reacting to criticism that Yonggary was a Godzilla clone, the Korean filmmakers modified the monster’s original appearance, giving him a few new distinguishing attributes. There’s also some trash talking against Godzilla in the Yonggary movies. As one policeman observes in the 1999 remake of Yonggary: Monster from the Deep: “Compared to this guy, Godzilla is a pussy.”

Yonggary translates as “Huge Dragon” in Korean. The monster has not built up much of a homegrown fan base, and the Yonggary movies haven’t been particularly successful at the box office. The first came out in 1967, and promptly disappeared. However, the 1999 remake was repackaged as Reptilian for release in the United States. It’s aired a few times on the Sci-Fi channel and also surfaced in a Midnite Movies DVD series marketed  by MGM.

Here’s a short clip of the CGI-generated Yonggary in action.

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Tomorrow’s featured monster will be Zedus, wrapping up our month-long salute to the Kaiju.