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Shut Up LeBitch

Lebron James might be able to score with free throws, but he mostly slings goose eggs over Twitter.

How do we know? He got himself fact-checked by Elon Musk, who easily dispatched Lebron’s barrage of crap! More from The Salty Cracker.

Empty Promises For Blacks

Jason Whitlock and former NBA player Royce White sound off on the black community for their ties to the Democrat Party.

Why do Donald Trump’s values align better with the views of most blacks than the platitudes of Barack Obama and LeBron James? Did White actually call black Democrats “fools” for their continuing allegiance to the liberal agenda? Whitlock and White bring you more on this sensitive issue.

A Woke Lebron James

Comedian David Chappelle ponders the woke conundrum of what it actually means to be equal in this gut-splitting stroll into the lighter side of life.

Says Chappelle, “Say Lebron James changed his gender. Can he stay in the NBA or, because he’s a woman, does he have to go to the WNBA, where he’ll score 840 points a game?” Tune in, as Chappelle challenges the woke culture and offers a funny anecdote about comedy favorite Louis C.K. Video, courtesy of Avvin a Laff.

UFC Champ Rips LeChina James

Outspoken UFC warrior Colby Covington isn’t holding back when it comes to calling out Lebron “LeChina” James. The division’s interim welterweight champion, who has put James behind the crosshairs on many occasions, lashed out at the L.A. Lakers superstar, calling him a “Chinese puppet master for employing women in sweatshops.”

Covington criticized the Nike sweatshops in China and doubled down on James, saying he doesn’t stand for equality. Larry Rhodes, host of “Rhodes Rants” on the Black and White Sports blog concurred. “We’re not big fans of Lebron. We know Lebron, LeChina, LeWoke, LeBronda, LeFraud loves to wrap his arms around Communist China,” he says.

Rhodes says James skipped the Olympic Games to promote his film, Space Jam 2, in China, hoping for financial support. He left with a big, fat goose egg. Here’s more of the story with Rhodes.

Author Predicted Virus In ’81

Truth Seeker’s Zachary Hubbard takes a deep dive into a 2020 Fox News article that revealed mystery author Dean Koontz predicted the coronavirus in a 1981 novel. Koontz’s novel, The Eyes of Darkness, is eerily centered around a virus outbreak that begins in Wuhan, China, and is used as a bio-weapon during wartime. The virus is referred to as the perfect weapon, since it only affects humans.

Says Hubbard, “The coincidence between the book’s virus and the actual coronavirus outbreak is uncanny.” He speculates that it’s not serendipity but more likely another example of predictive programming that was put in fiction before it happened in real life, a process employed by the sinister Cabal throughout history. Hubbard takes a closer look at the novel and employs his gematria expertise to uncover other coincidences, such as Kobe Bryant’s death being predicted in a Comedy Central cartoon and the amazing and prophetic events surrounding the Titanic disaster.

Shut Up About Politics, Lebron!

The ridiculous era of wokeness has finally caught up with NBA superstar Lebron James, whose getting some pushback from fellow athletes. Swedish soccer legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic tore into the Los Angeles Lakers star’s often woke Leftist rhetoric, basically telling him to shut up about politics! Others have voiced their opinions, too, advising Lebron to stay in his lane and just dribble.

The apparently sensitive James didn’t take kindly to the criticism and shot back, “I am kind of the wrong guy to go at. I speak from an educated mind.” Meanwhile, “big-brained” James is louder than ever on social media, extolling the virtues of Black Lives Matter, dealing a blow to white supremacy and, oh yeah, he’s in the tank with the Chinese Communist Party.  Never mind that he has no interest in helping the impoverished youth in nearby Compton, or voicing his support for black-owned business. He’s basically a fraud, and a lamebrained one at that. Here’s more with Salty Cracker.

Lebron James Ruined The NBA

In case you haven’t noticed, the Los Angeles Lakers captured their 17th NBA title earlier this week, tying the Boston Celtics in that category. Problem is, nobody cares. A closer look at the numbers reveal that in Game 5 of the six-game series, a puny 5 million TV viewers tuned in to watch the Lakers and the Miami Heat. Compare this to 18 million viewers in last year’s fifth game between the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors, which also went six games.

So what happened? The simple truth was that NBA fans and the sports world got tired of the political intrusion–huge Black Lives Matter decals on the court, radical political slogans on their jerseys. Enough already! After months without any sports, in light of COVID-19, fans simply wanted a respite from the doom and gloom of the pandemic, not a bunch of BLM drivel shoved in their faces.

At the forefront of the social-justice incursion was Lakers’ superstar Lebron James, with his senseless blather night after NBA night. Says political commentator Bill O’Reilly, “Lebron James has ruined the league.” Not only did the NBA lose millions of of its TV audience during the season, sales of team merchandise dramatically plummeted, leading the league to announce there will be no more political slogans next year.

Then there was Lebron’s pal, Colin Kaepernick of NFL fame, adding salt to the wound during the abbreviated season by penning a radical essay calling for the abolition of law enforcement and prisons. “When you enter Crazyland, whether you’re a TV network, a sports franchise, most Americans say we don’t want to go to Crazyland. And we’re not,” O’Reilly says. Here’s more with O’Reilly on The First.

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Why Are NBA Ratings Tanking?

NBA basketball finals ratings have hit a record low. Lebron James is a big part of the problem. So are people fed up with all the Black Lives Matter promotions. More from Ramzpaul.

The Hypocrisy Of Lebron James

It’s perplexing how every time a black man gets shot by police–no matter the circumstances–the sports community bursts into a wild frenzy, quickly reaching for their racism and social injustice narratives. But when the tables are turned, as they  were in Los Angeles last weekend after a black man shot and seriously injured two law enforcement officers at point blank range, what is their reaction? Crickets.

And perhaps the biggest offender in the sports world is the Left’s pea-brained idol, Lebron James. When he’s not kowtowing to the China Communist Party, he’s demeaning law enforcement, and American values in general, with senseless drivel, wrought with errors and inaccuracies even a third-grader would smirk at.

Following the shooting of the two officers in California, LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva announced a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the gunman, which was increased by $75,000 via two private donations. Pointing out James’ alleged interest in race relations, Villanueva challenged him to match the donations. And again, there was no response.

The reaction is prevalent throughout the sports world, with their fake empathy–kneeling, Black Panther salutes and disparaging our treasured national anthem with some nonsensical creation of their own. Nothing but a bunch of losers!

Host Ryan Kinel tears into James and the entire sports community, exposing their disgusting hypocrisy in this episode of Sports Wars.

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