#Adios Sinema

Why the Right should let them fight.

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
-Some French manlet.

A rant from RazorFist.

We Do Not Want Venezuela!

Parents descended upon the Natomas United School Board meeting in Sacramento, California, to demand the firing of a brazen Leftist who pushed students to take part in Antifa rallies. The teacher, Gabriel Gipe, bragged about his revolutionary classroom techniques in a video released by Project Veritas. “I have 180 days to turn them into revolutionaries,” Gipe boasted.

Now, he’ll have to work from the outside, as the school board heeded the advice of disgruntled parents late Wednesday night and discharged this cavalier Communist.

The only question that remains? How did this flaming scumbag get away with his radical antics for so long? He not only displayed an Antifa flag in his classroom at Inderkum High School, but also a portrait of Chairman Mao Zedong. He even marked papers he graded with stamped images of Fidel Castro and Kim Jong Un.

Why did none of the school’s administrators or its other teachers see the blatant red flags? And if they can’t control a goon like Gipe, how many others are following in his footsteps, and tearing apart our schools as well as our students? More from Mark Dice.



Woke Teachers Getting Banned

Woke teachers are getting fired from schools all across the nation. Parents have had it with Leftist schools preying on their children. More from Steve Turley.

Here is the most recent example. Gabriel Gipe, a teacher at Inderkum High School in Sacramento, California, gives his secret formula for turning students into revolutionaries. He openly admits that he is practicing Communist indoctrination. Why are Leftist propagandists like Gipe working in our public schools? Take a hike, you piece of gutter trash! More from Project Veritas.

Woke Propaganda Flows

Since Joe Biden took office, the U.S. Army is spending more on woke propaganda. All of the federal agencies are. The Democrats set up strings requiring agencies to embrace and spout propaganda or else face budget cuts. So we can expect more of these Leftist commercials in the months ahead. More from Sinatra Says.


Ratings Crash For Woke SNL

Saturday Night Life got a temporary ratings boost when it hired the controversial and spacey industrialist Elon Musk as guest host. But only a week later, SNL has sunk to new record lows.

Viewers are no longer watching the boring, half-century-old show. We’ve not only had it with the format, but the snide personalities, the woke Leftist politics and all the predictable propaganda. Time to trash SNL. For that matter, pretty much all of NBC could go down the tubes without anyone missing a beat. More from The Salty Cracker.



Buyer’s Remorse

Joe Biden’s voters are undergoing a meltdown. Many already regret voting for him. He not only lied or was vague about his true plans, but the dude is patently stupid and pushing far-left policies that the majority of Americans oppose. More from Steve Turley.


Trust In Media Dissolves

Trust in the news media has now hit a record low. Most people now believe journalists are lying to push ideology. More from Tim Pool.

Twitter is enabling child porn to be circulated, ignoring the victims. No wonder Jack Dorsey likes Leftism. More from Styxenhammer666.

Welcome The Banana Republic

America has undergone a tectonic plate shift. Social cohesion has broken down. Life spans are becoming shorter. History is being destroyed. our elections corrupted, our freedoms trampled by violent Leftist thugs. These are all themes touched upon here by Black Pigeon Speaks, in a video discussing “Civilization-States.”

Leftism Has Become A Religion

As America has drifted from Judeo-Christian values, people have turned to Leftism to fill the void. PragerU’s Will Witt is on a mission to expose Leftism as a cult of shame, guilt and destruction.

Witt tells us of a visit to a California University to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. He and his entourage dressed up as Native Americans to celebrate the culture, but were immediately attacked by Leftists, hurling death threats, racist remarks and chasing them off campus and calling the ordeal cultural appropriation.

So after ruminating on the horrible experience, Witt decided to put their ideas to the test, driving 900 miles from Los Angeles to the Navajo Nation Reservation in Window Rock, Ariz. The encounter was stunning, to say the least. Not one of the Native Americans was offended by the Washington Redskins name, not one of them was offended by cultural appropriation and not one of them wanted other people getting offended for them on their behalf.

Says Witt, “It’s cultural appreciation, not appropriation. These young people, people my age, are going to universities now and are coming out more stupid than when they went in.” He says the white Leftists are on a mission, too. Their goal is to spread nonsense of how terrible America is, and that canceling and shaming people is how we should live our lives. Which only means one thing: White Leftists are the most racist people in America. Here’s more with Witt on PragerU.

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Twitter’s “Fact-Checking” Tool

Twitter is unveiling a new fact-checking tool: Birdwatch. Is this a legitimate attempt to ferret out misinformation or just another manipulative, Leftist propaganda device? More from Really Graceful.