Musk Rips Leftist Narrative

Elon Musk continues his mission to expose the manipulation of information and outright lies of the left on Twitter.

Not surprisingly, censorship was deployed as a one-way operation against conservatives on the social media site prior to Musk’s arrival. There is not one permanent ban on even the most radical leftists–not even the lying and colluding Associated Press, with its blatant lies of a Russian missile attack on Poland. Here’s more from Liberal Hivemind.

The Dems’ Worst Nightmare

The shift to the right is so obvious that talk of any sort of blue wave is disintegrating fast. Liberal Hivemind says even leftist anons on social media have been silenced, a key indication that the corrupt Democrat Party is in for a walloping.

Perhaps the key indicator of the left’s demise, Liberal Hivemind says, are what the voters are telling us, especially those in focus groups whose insight gives you a strong idea of what’s coming on election day. He explains further, plus takes a look at some key Congressional races.

Student Loan Plan Blocked!

Liberal Hivemind reports that another unconstitutional, illegal move by the Biden Administration has been blocked by a federal court, when the 8th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals gave the thumbs down to Sleepy Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan.

The decision thwarted the Democrat Party’s attempt to slip one by the public prior to next week’s midterm elections. Liberal Hivemind has the details and the analysis.

GOP Stunner Looming In NY!

In a shocking reversal of political fortune, the GOP is showing shocking resiliency in deep-blue New York state’s governor’s race.

Liberal Hivemind reports that a recent Trafalgar Group poll reveals that Congressman Lee Zeldin has whittled Gov. Kathy Hochul’s lead to below the margin of error. He says a GOP flip in the race would be a major stunner, since New York State has not elected a Republican to state office since 2002. Here’s more.

Nevada’s Gone Red!

While the corrupt media continues to predict Democrat victories in the coming 2022 midterms, the truth is, Republican candidates are surging by incredible numbers.

The latest state to seemingly flip and join the looming GOP red wave is the state of Nevada, a story no one seems to be covering. Liberal Hivemind says that GOP candidates are surging across the board and it appears the Silver State has gone red! Here’s more.

Bill Maher Dumps Woke Left

The woke, radical, political Left is losing supporters in droves, because they’ve completely gone bonkers. Liberal Hivemind reports that the latest casualty is total left-wing partisan Bill Maher, whose red-pill moments are increasing by the day.

“If the Left is losing someone like Bill Maher, what do you think is happening to regular Americans, concerned parents, independent voters, suburban voters,” says Liberal Hivemind. Here’s his report, including a clip of Maher excoriating the woke Left.

Will Raid Backfire On Democrats

MSNBC and the uber-left Rachel Maddow crowd are cheering like a bunch of damn seals over the raid on Mar-a-Lago, but Liberal Hivemind suggests the celebration might well be short-lived.

He says there already is a parade of fair-minded liberal voices speaking out against the illegality of the raid and calling the Biden Administration a corrupt, government establishment. Can you say backfire? Here’s more from Liberal Hivemind.


All Roads Lead To Big Guy

Liberal Hivemind reports that more evidence has surfaced from another Hunter Biden business associate, confirming that Joe Biden is indeed the “Big Guy.” The message was found during the panic over the Hunter Biden laptop leaks ahead of the 2020 election.

In a similar text during the same moments, former British special forces officer James Gillar posted, “Don’t mention Joe being involved.” Liberal Hivemind says, “The evidence is starting to stack up, folks. Joe Biden clearly lied.” Here’s more.

NY Times Turns On Uncle Joe

The gig is up for Joe Biden. Liberal Hivemind reports that The New York Times is the latest member of the biased, corrupt, mainstream media to turn on Uncle Joe. The Times, which happens to be Biden’s favorite media outlet, has joined such uber liberal media as NBC and CNN in a campaign to dump Biden.

“When you are a Democrat president and you are so in the gutter that you lose The New York Times, it’s time to wrap it up. It’s time to pack your bags,” Liberal Hivemind says. ” At this point, it’s time to resign.” Here’s more.

The Lying Left-Wing Media

Liberal Hivemind says the release of the Jayland Walker video in Akron, Ohio, once again confirms how far the corrupt, left-wing media and social media activists will go to muddy the truth. When the story broke that Akron police had gunned down Walker, a black man, the media and Twitter grifters straight-out lied and misrepresented the facts of what actually happened, Liberal Hivemind says.

They described Walker as an innocent Door Dash driver, who was allegedly pulled over by Akron police for a mere traffic violation, when in fact cops moved in on him when noticing he was driving the same automobile involved in a felony car chase the day before. The media also failed to mention that Walker was wearing a ski mask when exiting the car to escape police. Why would a delivery driver be wearing a ski mask during a summer night, unless he was up to no good? Both facts were obvious convenient omissions by the media to push their “racist” narrative. More from Liberal Hivemind.