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Worst AFT Pick Ever

We can all agree David Chipman was a terrible ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) pick due to his history of lobbying for gun control. But his history of lies and policy positions is worse than you think. More from the Liberty Doll.

Conspiracy Theorists Targeted

Alexandria Ocasio -Cortez is proposing funding to re-education and deprogram conspiracy theorists and radicals, because the best way to fight conspiracy is with conspiracy. More from The Liberty Doll.

Vermont Governor: Go Snitch

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott. supposedly a Republican, wants kids to snitch. Meanwhile, New York sets up covid-19 checkpoints. More from The Liberty Doll.

Steep Price Of Biden’s Taxes

Make no mistake about it: Joe Biden’s tax plans would not only be expensive, but potentially devastating for the middle class. Here, The Liberty Doll explores the cost of Bidenomics.

Michigan’s Lunatic Governor

Michigan’s Supreme Court recently ruled that Gretchen Whitmer’s lockdowns were unconstitutional…but she’s steaming ahead anyway. More from the Liberty Doll.

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The Michigan governor demonstrated just how vile and violent she is with a Tweet Sunday that called for the assassination of President Donald Trump. Whitmer didn’t do that openly, of course, but used the numbers “8 6 4 5,” with “86” being code for murdering and “45,” representing Trump, the 45th president. We’re not so dumb, you hoary Satanic bitch. We get your pukey joke. More from Tim Pool.


Masks At Home

Health officials are telling Massachusetts residents to wear their masks at home, 24/7. Seriously. More from Liberty Doll.

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Zombie Joe and his Gang, including Kamala Vampiress, are demanding everyone wears face masks. That’s right! Face masks for Amerika! More from Jason Bermas.

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