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The Genius of Milton Friedman

In perhaps one of his most brash pronouncements, the late, great Milton Friedman explodes the myth that the Great Depression was caused by the failure of private enterprise. Speaking at a banking conference, Friedman asserts that the view blaming the private sector for the biggest economic catastrophe in our nation’s history was held not only by those who supported a greater role by government, but by everybody.

“The Great Depression was produced by a failure of government, by a failure of monetary policy” says Friedman, former economic advisor to President Reagan and a past Nobel Memorial Prize winner. “It was produced by the failure of the Federal Reserve system to act in accordance with the intentions of those who established it.” Tune in to hear Friedman flesh out his theory in this edition of LibertyPen.

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The Gender Confusion

The world around us is rapidly deteriorating into gender confusion. You no longer hear parents proclaiming, “Boys will be boys,” or there is nary talk about a girl’s knight in shining armor. Fact is, our culture is collapsing into a society of gender neutrality. More evidence of this came just days ago, when the president of the United States issued a directive that all public schools provide transgender access to all activities and facilities. And, yes, this includes restrooms on campus. Hard to believe.

LibertyPen’s John Stossel welcomes professor of education at Cal-Poly Elizabeth Meyer and family physician Dr. Leonard Sax to debate the gender neutral movement, which threatens to blur the lines of gender identity.

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Our Right to Privacy

The right to privacy is a fundamental right, yet we are reminded of the sobering fact that Big Brother is watching. Khaliah Barnes, of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, tells host John Stossel that our Fourth Amendment rights are constantly violated. She argues how protections are needed to prevent government and other entities from intruding on our personal information in this edition of LibertyPen.

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U.S. Youth Prefer Socialism

A recent poll by the Pew Research Center revealed that 49 percent of Americans age 18-29 preferred socialism over capitalism, a bad omen going forward for the greatest country on the planet. Independent pollster Frank Luntz tells John Stossel that abandoning our free-market system would be the end our economic freedom as we know it. He illustrates his point with his focus-group studies of the seemingly vulnerable youth of America and their compassion for socialism in this edition of LibertyPen.

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More Than a Nothing Burger

The beginning of the end has arrived in the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal. The latest smoking gun was a batch of 22 e-mails found on Clinton’s server, which contained information beyond top secret, yet she continues to to deny that she ever received the classified info.

“The case against her is overwhelming, damning, and from her perspective, grave,” says Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano. “And when she says there’s no there-there, when she laughs about it, when she says this is the re-suggesting of an old New York Times story, she is effectively mocking the 100 FBI agents who are investigating it.” Listen to the case against Clinton in this special edition of LibertyPen.

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Fleeing to America

President Barack Obama’s failed foreign policy in the Middle East created the Islamic radical terrorist organization ISIS, and in turn gave rise to the Syrian refugee crisis, which has flooded Europe with millions of immigrants. And now, Obama wants to bring the refugees to America–10,000 of them. Some say the number could soar to 200,000.

David Bier, immigration director for the Niskanen Center says the U.S. should accommodate thousands more refugees, while Mark Krikorian, Center for Immigration Studies, opposes taking in any Middle Easterners. They join host John Stossel and author-syndicated columnist Mark Steyn to discuss the volatile Syrian refugee crisis in this edition of LibertyPen.

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Beware Of the John Doe Rule

Ever hear of the John Doe Rule? First there’s a mind-shattering SWAT raid, then an incomprehensible gag order. It’s a protection device for political prosecutors. But is it really tyranny in America. Investigative journalist John Stossel talks to victims, then interviews free speech advocate Mark Steyn in this edition of LibertyPen.

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Thinking Out Of the Box

After experimenting with many ways and means in the workplace, American entrepreneurs are still scratching their heads at adverse results. Enter Brazilian Ricardo Semler, chairman of Semco Partners, who has broken every traditional rule in the book and succeeded beyond his dreams. For example, Semco employees name their own boss and salaries and work to a task, instead of showing up at a certain time. Semler discusses more of his radical workplace manuevers with an incredulous John Stossel in this edition of LibertyPen.

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Obamacare’s Golden Nugget

Promises, promises. That was the premise of Obamacare when the Obama Administration pitched it to the American people. But as we all know, things went south in a hurry. Not everyone received healthcare as promised. Service suffered. And premiums skyrocketed.

Consumer reporter and political commentator John Stossel says there was one shining nugget in the whole fiasco. “Whatever we think about Obamacare, there is one great thing about it,” Stossel says. “It got Americans to start thinking about how we pay for healthcare.” Stossel and Dr. Tom Joseph, owner of Freedom Orthopedics and Rehab, explain further in this edition of LibertyPen.

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Defending the 2nd Amendment

Legendary actor and president of the NRA from 1998-2003, Charlton Heston, was a voracious supporter of the Second Amendment and its undisputable guarantee of freedom for Americans. “Freedom has only one enemy, and that is negligence,” Heston said. The late cinema icon lays out his point with clarity and power in this edition of LibertyPen.

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