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What Happened To The Sun?

Restricted Republic’s Lisa Haven reports that scientists are totally baffled after NASA filmed the never-before-seen phenomenon of a piece of the Sun’s north pole breaking apart.

Sourcing The Science Times, Haven says astronomers witnessed a large amount of plasma, or electrified gas, blasting out of the north pole region. Scientists believe the event is related to the reversal of the Sun’s magnetic field. Here’s more.

Government Tied To Plant Fires

Eco Health Alliance whistleblower Dr. Andrew Huff suspects that a government-funded actor or globalist group are responsible for the more than 200 fires at food-processing plants around the globe–most of them in the United States–in the last year.

Restricted Republic’s Lisa Haven reports that Huff, who has access to government information pertaining to a food-supply chaos, said the government coordinated attacks in the U.S. He reported his findings to the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, but never received a response. Haven brings us the details.

War In The Vatican!

Restricted Republic’s Lisa Haven reports war is breaking out in the Vatican, which she says is a plot to get liberal Pope Francis to resign.

Haven says that according to the Daily Mail, conservative Vatican forces are turning up the pressure on the “Communist” Pope to get him to step down. “He has not been standing on the side of freedom,” Haven says of the Pontiff. “And I believe this is one of the many reasons there are tensions now building over in the Vatican.”

Meanwhile, back in the states, the Satanic Temple will flood the city of Boston with Devil worshipers when it hosts Satancon! Haven digs into both stories.

Ex-Officials Sound Red Alert

Lisa Haven reports that a group of former military generals and ex-secretaries of defense have sounded a red alert against a political civil-military environment, just days after Joe Biden’s divisive MAGA speech. She brings us the details, plus more.

Russia Retaliates!

Restricted Republic’s Lisa Haven reports that the United States has allowed itself to become so interconnected with the international community, that anything affecting them eventually ends up affecting Americans.

Case in point, she says, are the “suicide sanctions” the Biden Administration placed on Russia, who in turn shut down the much-need Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline to Europe, not because of anything they did, but because of policy from the West. She explains further, plus more.

Will IRS Target Conservatives?

In a bombshell announcement, Lisa Haven reports that the IRS has named radical Nikole Flax to head the division’s centralized office of 87,000 new agents, recently approved by the Biden Administration’s Inflation Reduction Act.

Flax was a major player in the IRS scandal that targeted conservatives under the Obama Administration and a confidant of disgraced high-level division employee Lois Lerner. “This is chilling to the core,” Haven says. More from Restricted Republic.

Musk Stirs Up Billionaires

What has billionaires so stirred up that they are attacking one another? Elon Musk, of course! These crybabies are slamming Musk’s Twitter adventures as detrimental and have slammed the idea of billionaire ownership of the social media giant. Restricted Republic’s Lisa Haven explains.

Follow The Money

Restricted Republic’s Justus Knight reports that Joe Biden is one crucial decision away from decimating 50 percent of Americans and a new classified meeting may decide when.

“Remember, money is the root of all evil,” Knight says. “Track money and you can determine what future decisions are going to be made.” He says there are many indicators as to what’s happening now and what’s coming down. Unfortunately, he says, it might very well point to another war to satisfy the greedy and corrupt globalists. Here’s his analysis.

Snowden: Story Of The Year

What has Edward Snowden shouting “Story of the Year” but 17 news outlets joining forces to fight? Let’s learn more about the Israeli software firm Pegasus and how this company might have been tracking journalists from CNN, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Associated Press, among other major mainstream outlets. More from Lisa Haven and Restricted Republic.

What is Pegasus? It’s a malware that infects IPhones and Android devices to enable operators of the tool to extract messages, photos and emails, record calls and secretly activate microphones. The manufacturers of the software say they are innocent. It’s the dirty regimes that buy the software that use it to eavesdrop on journalists, or exterminate dissidents or rule with an iron glove. More from Dan Bongino.

Will Kamala Cost Demon Rats?

Devastating insider leaks are showing just how Leftist Kamala Harris is. As a U.S. Senator, she was ranked to the left of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. What compelled Joe Biden to appoint her as his running mate? Can we afford to have a hardened Leftist so close to the White House? Will her polemical nature cost the Democrats in 2022? More from Lisa Haven.