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Ukraine’s Twitter Censorship

James Rickards, economist and former advisor to the Pentagon and CIA, says that thanks to the Twitter Files, we know the Biden Administration and its cronies were pulling the strings of censorship.

What we didn’t know, Rickards says, is worse than that. He said recent revelations from the files disclose that the FBI was telling Twitter to suppress voices at the direction of Ukraine! “Ukraine was calling the Department of Justice and the White House to suppress voices who might have expressed some doubt about the wisdom of what was going on in Ukraine.” He explains further on London Real, with host Brian Rose.

The State Wants Your Property

G. Edward Griffin, founder of Freedom Force International and Red Pill University, says the condition of property rights in the U.S. is deteriorating.

Appearing on London Real, with host Brian Rose, Griffin bluntly submits that the state wants your property. “All collective regimes and tyrannies do not like people to have property because that gives them independence, gives them the ability to resist the tyrannical power. They don’t like that at all,” Griffin says.

He explains further, including the right to defend your life and liberty as it pertains to property rights and the 2nd Amendment.

AI Will Disrupt Everything!

Author and public speaker Peter Diamandis tells London Real’s Brian Rose that AI will disrupt everything in the coming years.

Diamandis says we will see generative AI in the form of deep fakes and disruptions, and loss of jobs. The first Wall Street servers and power plants will be hacked by AI. The question is, Diamandis says, will that AI be dystopian, the Terminator or a benevolent entity. Here’s his analysis.

First Report Is Always Wrong

Retired Col. Douglas Macgregor says there’s an old expression in the Army about battlefields, or anything: “The first report is always wrong.”

Macgregor tells London Real’s Brian Rose this was certainly the case in what the media reported was a coup to remove Vladimir Putin by the Wagner Group. “It was not a coup, it was not an uprising, it was not a rebellion,” he says.

MacGregor says that in Wagner leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin, we were dealing with someone who is Russia’s answer to reality TV in the United States. He says it was never about Putin, but about the Wagner Group’s frustration with the Ukrainian conflict and ending it quickly. Here’s more.

AI Transforming Virtual World

Eric Pulier, the visionary behind the revolutionary platform Vatom, delves into the game-changing potential of Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the transition into the internet’s future–Web3.

Appearing on London Real, with host Brian Rose, Pulier explores the intriguing facets of Metaverse and AI, and how they are poised to redefine the digital landscape. More with Rose and Pulier.

Musk Eyes Twitter-Crypto Link?

Does Elon Musk have another surprising move at Twitter up his sleeve? London Real’s Brian Rose thinks so.

Rose asks, “Do you think Elon Musk is going to turn Twitter into the next crypto-payment system, the next neo-bank, the next potentially exchange.” Rose says Musk has been making crazy changes at Twitter and with the load of debt he faces following the leveraged buyout of Twitter, this move makes sense. Here’s more.

AI Or Godlike Machines?

Professor Hugo de Garis, author, retired researcher and expert in robotics and artificial intelligence, ponders whether humans are capable of creating Gods!

Best known for his work on developing artificial brains, De Garis is an advocate for the creation of Artilects,” or artificial intelligence machines, capable of intellectual achievements rivaling or surpassing humans. De Garis argues that the Artilects could one day become Earth’s dominant species and we must prepare for this possibility.

Should humans remain dominant, or should we relinquish this dominance to our godlike, massively intelligent machines? De Garis emphasizes that the stakes couldn’t be higher. Here’s more of his analysis.


Cataclysmic Event Ended Ice Age

Journalist and filmmaker Graham Hancock says there’s stunning evidence that an extraterrestrial, cataclysmic impact was responsible for ending the Ice Age.

Hancock explains that the undisputed episode we now call the Younger Dryas Impact, which occurred between 12,800 to 11,600 years ago B.C., was a true global cataclysm on an enormous scale. He says not only was human population diminished, but it destroyed everything in its path, including mega fauna.

Though there still are arguments of what caused the catastrophe, Hancock says there is clear evidence from a research group, with input from more than 100 scientists, that the planet ran into the debris trail of a disintegrating comet. “There were air bursts all over the Earth. It change global climate radically and led to the extinction of mega fauna and, I would say, the loss of a civilization that existed during the Ice Age.” Here’s more on London Real.

The Dark Side Of AI

Renowned physicist and cosmologist Max Tegmark says there is a  dark side to artificial intelligence (AI) and how it could be used to harm humanity.

Tegmark, known for his pioneering work in the fields of cosmology and artificial intelligence, tells London Real’s Brian Rose that AI is impacting society and has already caused a lot of harm. “It could be a lot more, unless we get with it,” he says. He explains further.

War Propaganda

London Real’s Brian Rose welcomes retired Col. Douglas Macgregor to discuss the controversial truth behind the U.S. government’s involvement in the Ukraine War. A decorated military strategist and trusted expert, Macgregor shares his insights on the hidden agendas, political motives and shocking revelations that have been kept from the public.