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Think Of The World Awakening

Future proves past…enjoy the show. Should the lights go out, know that we are in control. 10 Days of Darkness. The Great Awakening. Military control. We are winning bigly.

The scare tactics of the mainstream media and Democrats are failing. Promises made, promises kept. We are prepared and assets are in place. More from And We Know.

ChristianPatriotNews delves into the Q-posts from 2018 and says we can expect military tribunals to begin soon. How does the [D]epartment of [D]efense deal with terrorists and enemy combatants? The military is the only way, and the tribunals are the military’s chief tool to arrest and try terrorists or enemy combatants.

Look for the Law Of War Manual to come into play. Those charged will be arrested following the unsealing of indictments, and taken to Gitmo for trials.

Also in this edition, ChristianPatriotNews explores The Twitter Files initiated by Elon Musk, the Defense Department’s single largest civilian contractor.

The Fake News Turns On Biden

The Mainstream Media is now turning on [Joe Biden]. The [Deep State] players cannot protect him anymore. The public is now aware. The [Deep State] knew that this was going to happen. They knew that the Prosecutor or the House was going to reveal all this later on.

The [Deep State] is being brought down a specific path. There are rumors that Trump might be coming back onto Facebook and Twitter.

The [World Economic Forum] has let us know that there will be a cyberattack in the next two years, which is very interesting. Think Presidential election on 11.5 and then think of cyberattack on 11.4. More from the X22 Report.

Unlocking Mind Control

What does it take to induce a mass-psychosis event? 1. Widespread fear throughout the population. 2. An isolated, identifiable enemy. 3. Isolation of individuals from social groups. Does any of this sound familiar? Bill Whittle and Alfonzo Rachel break down the details surrounding mind control.

George Webb Tees Off!

An animated George Webb tees off on a variety of topics, including Rino Congressman Dan Crenshaw and some members of the Fox News media for criticizing those House members who opposed Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House.

Webb was especially critical of Crenshaw for calling the opposition “terrorists” for not supporting McCarthy. He also lashed out at “Fox & Friends” hosts Ainsley Earhardt and Pete Hegseth for jumping on the Crenshaw bandwagon.  Appearing on the Peter Duke podcast, Webb also blasts the mainstream media for their take on what really happened during the alleged Jan. 6 insurrection, especially those who were not in attendance. Here’s more.

Las Vegas Blackout!

A large area of Las Vegas, including 13 MGM properties, went dark last week following what is being called a terrorist attack.

Storm Warning News’ Jim Yackel says local TV station 8 News Now reported that Mohammad Mesmarian, 34, rammed his car through the gate of a solar power generating plant, then set his car on fire, intending to damage a massive transformer.

Despite the gravity of the attack, Yackel says there was a national media blackout on the story. “Could it be that Mesmarian didn’t fit the narrative or profile they are looking for,” he asks. “Any way, my friends, expect more of this. There is a deliberate attempt to bring down parts or all of the U.S. power grid.” Here’s the report.

The Ukraine Cover-up

Redacted hosts Clayton and Natili Morris peer into the ulterior motives of Democrat Party operatives and what they are hiding in Ukraine.

Clayton Morris says there’s actually quite a bit that’s being kept under wraps, so much so that they had a game plan in place when we all figured it out. The plan revolved around the creation of George Soros’ non-profit group called the Open Society Foundation to game out a multi-day event with the mainstream media to deal with any bad news that surfaced about Hunter Biden’s dealings with Joe Biden. You can’t make this stuff up!

Morris put the entire cover-up in context, including the revelation that the FBI was in possession of Hunter’s infamous laptop as early as 2019, months before the 2020 election! Here’s more.

Bigger Than Balenciaga

The recent scandal that erupted over the ad campaign from fashion brand Balenciaga not only put a spotlight on the evil effort to sexualize children in our culture, it also emphasized the fact that many of America’s progressive elites seem to think this trend is okay.

Media outlets like The New York Times were more concerned about the outrage against Balenciaga coming from the right than they were about a fashion brand posing children with teddy bears dressed in sexual fetish attire. Glenn Beck asks: “What alternate universe is this?”

Beck welcomes author James Lindsay, who was banned from Twitter for saying child grooming is not okay, as they expose the groups and motivations behind the trend to normalize child sexualization and the dark origins of how this movement began.

Together We Stand Tall

Together, we expose the mainstream media, RINOs, corrupt Democrats, 3-letter agencies and the social media colluding to destroy us. But with God on our side, we can still stand tall, and continue to prevail. More from And We Know.

Zelensky’s Pulling A Fast One!

Volodymyr Zelensky–Mr. Fantasy Man himself–is selling more fairy tales to Congress and the mainstream media.

Jim Fetzer reports that the Z-Man has Congress believing that Ukraine can retake Crimea! “This is frankly absurd,” Fetzer says. “Russia would never allow Crimea to fall back to Ukraine. It’s incapable of happening!” He says, with the exception of the corrupt media, no one else is falling for this nonsense, which is obviously a ploy to cover up the Biden Crime Family’s sinister dealings in Ukraine. Here’s more.

FDA Drops Pfizer Bombshell

In a bombshelll story ignored by the mainstream media, Redacted reports that  the FDA has released data showing the prevalence of blood clots and other adverse events for the Covid vaccine.

The FDA says that it is not taking any action based on the study, because the findings do not prove much and that they are “still under investigation and require more robust study.” Here are more details with Natali and Clayton Morris.