Mass Formation Psychosis

After living through almost three years of lockdowns, harmful mandates and isolation, it’s no wonder 57 percent of Gen Z are taking medication for serious mental illness.

Martin Brodel has the details on what is being called mass formation psychosis, plus reports on Arizona patriots calling for a new election on Dec. 6, in light of the massive fraud that occurred in the vote last week.

It’s Already Happened!

Martin Brodel reveals from his source that the reason for the ongoing “nothing can stop what is coming, nothing” mantra is because it’s already happened. “It was over before it began,” the source tells Brodel. “Remember, we’re a year or so behind in exposure and disclosure mode currently.”

Brodel says intel is pouring in at a rapid pace from other bloggers. “We are very close,” he says. He explains further, plus discusses whether or not the country is fully aware of what lies ahead. Use discernment when viewing the video.

Dulce DUMB Cleaned Out

Martin Brodel says intel from his source confirms that the Dulce DUMB, located in northern New Mexico, has been completely cleaned out. He brings us the details, plus a report that the White Hats are now in firm control of the stock market and an update about our ascension. Here’s his report.

Judgment Day For Lois Lerner

Martin Brodel reports that Lois Lerner’s testimony about targeting conservative organizations and Christians under President Obama’s IRS will soon be revealed. He says government watchdog, Judicial Watch, announced that a federal court has ordered the release of testimony from Lerner and her top aide, Holly Paz, regarding IRS clandestine policies during the Obama Administration. Brodel brings us the details, plus more.

Check out this rare video, courtesy of conservative journalist Jason Mattera from 2014, when he confronted Lerner in her ritzy D.C. neighborhood.  She tried to seek shelter with neighbors, but was rebuffed.

Moving In Right Direction

Martin Brodel says the good news is that things are moving in the right direction. The Alliance, aka the White Hats, the good guys, are in slow-disclosure mode, so as not to stun the public, but matters are on a positive upturn, he says.

That’s not to say the journey won’t get bumpy along the way. “Remember what Trump told us. He said, ‘we’re not going to tell you what we’re going to do, we’re just going to do it,'” Brodel says. He adds that positive solutions are finally coming to the financial system, which will benefit all of us. “Literally, everything’s at stake here,” he says. He explains further.

White Hats Have It All

Martin Brodel reports updated intel from his source, who says those crooked Democrats, Rinos and Deep Staters who believe they’ve gotten away with stealing the 2020 election, better think twice. He explains why their actions were a waste of time, because they stole something that doesn’t exist anymore. Brodel explains further, plus brings us more intel.

Pesticides In Moderna Vax

Sourcing Real Raw News, Martin Brodel reports that military special forces under White Hat authority have discovered pesticides in the Moderna Covid-19 vaccines. The military raided a Moderna vaccine repository in early May and destroyed approximately 250,000 vials of the tainted vaxxes. Brodel explains further, plus brings us more updates on the week’s news.

Taco Bell Launches Drag Brunch

In another chapter from the theater of the absurd, Martin Brodel reports that Taco Bell is launching drag brunch events at locations across America. The events will feature men dressed as women, entertaining customers while they eat.

Talk about a Bizarro World! Says Brodel, “This is more exposure of what they’re doing. We have demonic possession in a massive amount of numbers.” He added that the fast-food industry is about to be exposed in a big way and a number of fast-food chains will be taken down. He explains further, plus brings us an update on the Khazarian Mafia, questioning whether the Jewish people really had a true bloodline.

Tom Vilsack Sentenced To Hang

Martin Brodel reports that military tribunal has sentenced Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to hang for his role in the destruction of several food-processing plants across the country.

Vilsack, who denies culpability in the incidents, told the tribunal that “people have too much food as it is and a little combustion isn’t a bad thing.” In one incident, when a commuter plane crashed into General Mills plant in Covington, Ga., the NTSB and FBI said pilot error caused the accident. The report was quickly rebuked by an FBI whistleblower, who said the plane was pilotless and remote-controlled. Here’s Brodel’s report on the story, plus more, and please judge the material for yourself.

Truthers Ready for Big Event

Martin Brodel brings us his thoughts on the big booms looming in the coming weeks and months. He says alternative media is talking about proof of Deep State arrests and executions and more grizzly clips.

Says Brodel, “We don’t believe the big event, whatever it is, is going to shake up the truthers. In fact, we welcome this movie going into a whole new chapter.” Here’s his analysis.