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Everything We Didn’t Learn

The Ghislaine Maxwell trial: Everything we DIDN’T learn! With the Jeffrey Epstein conspirators, some have wondered why didn’t the prosecutors get Maxwell to name names by offering her a deal? Well, we can assure you there’s nothing to see here. Go back to sleep. More from AwakenwithJP and The We Lie To You News.

Pussycat Isle

The Federal Aviation Administration has released new flight records for Jeffrey Epstein’s planes. We now have flight records for a few thousand additional flights that Insider has added to its comprehensive database logging most Epstein flights over a 20-year span.

Also, newly released documents show Epstein visited Bill Clinton in the White House at least 17 times during Clinton’s first term in office between 1993 and 1995. He was admitted as a guest 14 days and on three occasions made two visits in a single day.

Here, Jamie Dlux reviews a few of the flight logs, and turns up more evidence of Epstein’s involvement with Bill Gates.

One of the big questions as the Ghislaine Maxwell trial begins in New York… can we trust WHO is involved in the prosecution and judicial part of this process. Ben Swann, from Truth in Media, looks at these figures, including former FBI Director James Comey’s daughter Maurene, one of the key prosecutors, and Alison Nathan, the Ghislaine Maxwell trial judge.

As the trial enters day four, the fake news media is still playing games, focusing on trying to connect former President Donald Trump to the story rather than actually telling the story. The first of four victims to testify against Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘2nd in command’ has delivered a devastating picture of the abuse, which took place unchecked for decades. Stew Peters show investigative journalist Edward Szall shares a report on the testimony and the attempt to tie the trial and crimes to President Trump.


Plan Afoot To Install HRC

First we take a look at the troubling facts in the Maxwell case and the possibility that an old Deep State family is planning to cover up the crimes of the elites and then we look at the very [plausible theory that HRC may be installed once Kamala and Joe leave office. More from RedPill78.

The enemy has created a problem to justify taking our freedom. Put on the full armor of God! You are a bright light in darkness. More from And We Know.

Epstein Arrest! Child Sacrifices!

McAllister TV covers the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein!!! Child sacrifices!!! Human cloning!!! Panic in Washington DC!!! Here you will get an in-depth look at how cloning centers are making carbon copies of humans, why they are doing it and the genetic consequences. Are what’s produced actual clones or monsters? Find out how celebrities are being “suicided” and replaced by malevolent clones.

A new witness came forward in the 11th hour and is now talking to Horowitz. [JE] has been arrested and the patriots are now cornering the [Deep State]. There is no escape. If you step back and take a look at what is happening you can see the MOAB, and it is about to drop. More from the X22 Report.

Now that Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested and charged with trafficking minors, who will be next? Will any of his rich and famous guests be charged as well — from Prince Andrew and president Bill Clinton to actor Kevin Spacey and celebrated scientists. Why did they visit Epstein’s Little St. James Island in the US Virgin Islands? Were they enticed for sexual experiences with girls as young as 14 years old? Were there also incidents of cannibalism where these elites dined on children? RedPill78 surveys the case.

Also, it appears one of Epstein’s prosecutors will be Maurene Comey, an assistant US Attorney in New York State and the daughter of disgraced former FBI Director James Comey.  Uh-oh! On the flip side, Mike Cernovich — who won his case to unseal several closed documents pertaining to Epstein — is now launching a campaign to release closed documents involving Congressional sexual harassment cases.

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Pool Party!

Yujing Zhang, the Chinese woman arrested at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, not only was carrying four cell phones and computer equipment, but also some $8,000 in American cash plus a device allowing her to use radio frequency to locate hidden cameras. In other words, she doesn’t exactly look like someone there casually for a pool party! In Pursuit of Truth outlines the case and how Zhang made it past a few Secret Service agents, something that might well have played a role in the president’s firing of Secret Service Director Randolph Alles.

Vincent James of The Red Elephants says the firing of the Homeland Security secretary and Secret Service director are only a beginning. President Donald Trump is embarked on a quest to get the rampant illegal immigration under control. The longer it continues unabated, the more the economic benefits are lost for native citizens. Here, James explores the role of Trump aide Stephen Miller in shaping the current purge and also projects what might come next.

McAllisterTV reviews some of the resignations over the past two years involving leading politicians and corporate leaders. How many of these instances involved cases of sexual abuse and human rights violations? Did these politicians walk away so they could avoid eventual exposure, jail time and fines? Here, McAllisterTV also interviews one the Resignation Anons. Strange things are happenings.

Sara Carter and John Solomon appear on Mark Levin’s Fox show Life, Liberty and Levin and discuss their contacts with members of the Q team.

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Comey’s daughter works for the Southern District of New York Court. Comey is panicking and says why would you investigate the investigators. Meadows and Nunes are making criminal referrals. This is just the warm-up to show the public there are those in government that committed crimes. Judicial Watch uncovers more emails from HRC. Mueller will be ready to release the report within a week or so. Trump is using the Scaramucci model for DHS. The real mission might not be Venezuela, it might be Cuba. Pompeo indicates that IRG is a terrorist organization, the pressure is on. More from the X22 Report.

Candace Owens, testifying in front of the House Judiciary Committee, lays waste to the corrupt Democratic Party. You won’t hear any of her testimony on NBC, CBS or ABC because those TV networks are all in the business if fluffing up the Democrats, their allies in political crime. We also present Tim Pool’s response to Owens’ testimony. What he says is accurate: Liberals have become dummies, with Ted Lieu certainly one of the worst of them.

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