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The Truth About Online Privacy?

What exactly is data scraping? Does online privacy exist at all? How can we survive the onslaught on AI, or Artificial Intelligence? Mel K discusses these and other key tech issues with Zach Vorhies – author, tech expert and noted Google whistleblower.

Also, if you haven’t already done so, check out his website www.blast.video for  a compendium of current news, independent, health and other useful links.

The Enemy Within

Mel K is back! And the enemy is within, but don’t fret. The Democratic National Committee says no primary debates due to “no serious challengers,” so the criminal masquerading as President Joe Biden is the guy in 2024. Enjoy the fall of the Republic friends.

In the meantime, here’s Mel K discussing some of the biggest globalist creeps in Biden’s camp, ranging from George Soros to Klaus Schwab. More from the SGTReport.

Why Brazil Matters

Brazilian patriot Paul Serran, a musician and investigative journalist, explains how globalists have seized power in Brazil, drawing upon the illicit activities of Joe Biden and his American cronies — the creeps like George Soros. The puppet masters are the same, and so is the game. So when America sneezes, as has happened, Brazil catches a cold. Here’s more in a far-ranging interview with Mel K.

What Really Happened To JFK?

Mel K interviews Jack Roth, author of the new book Killing Kennedy: Exposing The Plot, The Coverup, and The Consequences. Published in November by Skyhorse, the epic 432-page book offers more evidence suggesting Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy, and that President John F. Kennedy’s death involved a much darker and deeper conspiracy.

History Channel host Jimmy Church says he was only six weeks old when Kennedy was murdered. and adds, “Whether it’s Oliver Stone, Jack Roth, or any other researcher bringing fresh information out in the open, we need to do everything we can to reveal the truth about the death of President Kennedy, and this book is a must read in that regard.”

Exposing Davos And Globalists

Mel K exposes the evil afoot at Davos and the Globalists’ agenda. She makes her appearance here with The Flyover Conservatives, comprised of the husband and wife podcasting team of David and Stacy Whited.

“Right now, there is mass curiosity,” says Mel K. “Which is all we need — for people to look around and say, ‘What is going on? Where can I look? What can I read?'”

Soros Behind Open Treason

Mel K returns to SGT Report to drop 90 minutes of truth bombs. She says George Soros, the Democrats’ No. 1 donor, has openly backed treason. The radical Leftist party follows suit with its incessant drives to censor opposing opinions and to impeach those who question its globalist agenda.

Massive Global Shift In Power

Although it has yet to be reported widely in the West, Germany is now taking concrete steps to re-align with the Russians and Chinese, as well as their Asian and African allies, in establishing a new world order. The change comes as the Rothschilds are losing their grip over control of the European superpowers. France and Great Britain also are slipping, leaving the United States and Canada as the last of the superpowers holding to the old line.

That’s the assessment of geopolitical analyst Benjamin Fulford, who says the world is undergoing a sea change, yet the fake news continues to ignore the changes and refuses to cover them. Fulford, a Canadian investigative reporter living in Japan, shares his assessment with Mel K. He touches on a number of topics, including the precarious state of the diamond trade now that diamonds can be created artificially and no longer need to be mined.

Truth About Weather Warfare

The scientists and politicians pushing the Green New Deal are simply trying to force you to transfer your wealth to them. They are not honestly attempting to improve the weather. The fact is, the chemicals they unleash in the atmosphere are ruining green energy options, including solar, wind and hydro power.

So what we are seeing is a climate scam more than an honest set of energy policies.  Here to explain what’s afoot in clear, layman’s terms is Dane Wiginton from Geoengineering Watch. He delves into the truth about weather warfare with Mel K.

Fresh Climate Change Insanity

Now that the covid pandemic is winding down, it’s becoming apparent that the radical Leftist government will be pushing climate change as its next monstrous goal. Here, in an inteview with Mel K, Jason Bermas discusses what he calls an “Orwellian” climate change push occurring under Joe Biden’s administration. What’s this campaign involve?

All of the energy sources favored in Blue states — like solar, wind and geothermal energy — are being pushed. Meanwhile, the federal government is now actively trying to shut down diesel, oil-driven and natural gas energy sources, just as the government has stamped out coal and nuclear energy.

Bernas covers a lot of ground, and gets into “deep fakes” involving Joe Biden. Is he Frankenstein Jr.? An amphetamine-riddled freak? Just a manipulative clone? We don;’t know and who knows if we ever will be able to sort out the madness.

No Holds Barred Epstein

Mel K is joined by Jason Bermas for a no-holds-barred talk about Jeffrey Epstein and the throng of sex criminals surrounding him. Not only do we hear of Ghislaine Maxwell’s efforts to secure her release from prison, but also side trials coming up against pathological perverts like Peter Nygard, the former fashion executive who also owned an island resort in the Caribbean.

Curiously, the feckless mainstream media remains mum on Epstein, so we’re grateful that veteran researchers like Bermas and Mel K continue to carry the torch, exposing Epstein and the hideous criminals who operated in his shadows, up to and including cannibals.