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Bragg Under House Pressure

Jim Jordan and the House Judiciary Committee hold a hearing in Manhattan to address Alvin Bragg’s terrible performance. The House of Representatives responds to Alvin Bragg’s lawsuit trying to stop the House Subpoena.

Michael Cohen and his lawyer Lanny Davis respond to Trump’s $500m lawsuit against him.

The Proud Boys trial continues with testimony and the media is SILENCED. We review the latest from the court and the filings. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Pentagon Leaker Arrested

Alleged Pentagon Leaker Jack Teixeira was arrested at his home on suspicion of disclosing classified national security documents.

Is Hunter Biden running country? The President’s son corrects him on more than one occasion on his trip to Ireland.

Former President Donald Trump sues Michael Cohen for $500 million dollars and Cohen responds. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

The Washington Post and New York Times once were considered hallowed examples of America’s free press. Now, these two institutions have morphed into docile service agencies doing investigative work on behalf of Joe Biden and his corrupt leftist administration.  Here, in a video partially labeled “Doing the FBI’s Work For Them,” Glenn Greenwald explores this strange trajectory and what it means for a dystopic future.

Deep State Strikes Again!

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt explores how the Deep State is going all out to subvert and shut down former President Donald Trump’s 2024 re-election campaign. Don’t underestimate the chicanery that these cabalists can exert in their efforts to corral and control the nation. They will not stop until they are satisfied with their results. They do not flinch committing murder nor the deepest, darkest deceptions.

Here, Dark Journalist gives us a broad overview of these fiends, including the usual suspects we have all come to recognize for their dishonesty and evil contrivances — the intelligence agents from the CIA, FBI and other kindred federal establishments, as well as their compromised allies from the American mainstream media.

But Liszt believes it’s a mistake to focus exclusively on these branches of the Deep State. There’s also an insidious aerospace wing, including Boeing and Lockheed Martin,  encompassing the agencies that lord it over the UFO Files.

The media is humiliated as the Trump indictment implodes. They have been turned into a laughing stock by a lazy and dishonest district attorney — Alvin Bragg. Here’s more from Steve Turley.

Trump speaks after his arraignments and even Trump haters are concerned about the strength of the indictment. Congress reacts and we hear about strategy from Trump’s lawyers. What is next in the case?

Proud Boys trial continues with Judge Kelly denying a key defense request, sealed proceedings, and more from Robert Gouveia at Watching The Watchers.

Is DeSantis Part Of DS Plan?

Dan RadioStyle reports that the Deep State is losing control and rapidly running out of options. “That is what is shaping 90 percent of the news stories out there,” he says.

Perhaps the most startling revelation, according to RadioStyle, is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ connection to the Deep State’s backup plan! Their goal: Get President Trump to back down, endorse DeSantis, who will surely go on to win the Presidency, paving the way to continue the Deep State agenda. RadioStyle brings the details, calls out the bad guys and more.

Trump Grand Jury ‘Canceled’

The Trump Indictment grand jury proceedings were unexpectedly cancelled. We piece together more details about Michael Cohen’s lies. We get more reaction from Senators Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham, as well as the President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The Proud Boys Trial continues a short day with the cross-examination of Videographer Eddie Block (@Eddie Block Films) and the review of an explosive motion from Zachary Rehl’s defense. More from Robert Gouveia at Watching The Watchers.

Is the Trump arrest a sting operation? That’s what Clif High says in a Substack audio file, which we bring to you here, courtesy of 100 MonKeeZ.

Distractions Everywhere! Focus!

aDistractions are popping up everywhere! Stay focused!

China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin meet. Talk of a Trump indictment rattles patriots, while sending the Leftists into a derision of grandeur! Kari Lake discusses election fraud. Let the world witness the truth! Pray! More from And We Know.

On today’s episode of Red Pill News Live, we examine the continuing investigation of the Biden Crime family and the impending arrest of DJT.

Also discussed: Allegations by journalist Ava Chen that Anthony Fauci conducted an illicit sexual affair with Wang Yangyi, the 41-year-old director-general of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Chen has called upon Congress to examine the email exchanges between Fauci and Wang, and called upon journalists to issue FOIA requests to secure the emails.

The full title of the episode is How To Murder A Nation: The Arrest of Donald J. Trump. More from RedPill 78.


No Truth Allowed

Mark Dice says he is in imminent danger of being banned by Facebook. His crime: He has been speaking out in support of Kyle Rittenhouse. Facebook considers Rittenhouse a dangerous individual, so no one is permitted to defend or support him.

Just who appointed Facebook to dictate how we should think or what we can say? This is a social media platform that has gone seriously astray. Time to bust up this evil company and stop the censorship.

While we’re reviewing the bizarre habits of the media, what exactly was CNN’s Chris Cuomo thinking when he took Michael Cohen under his wing for a little heart-to-heart about cheating women and duplicitous media. “The media is not your friend,” Cuomo warns in the audio tape, secured by CNN rival Fox News, and aired by Tucker Carlson.

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A Flood Of Resignations

Here, McAllister TV riffs on the many recent resignations and follows some of these tales down the rabbit hole, including a look at chef Anthony Bourdain!

Trump says healthcare will not happen until 2020. The new deal is going to be amazing. The [Deep State] is panicking. They are so afraid that they are now attending group therapy. Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan want access to Michael Cohen’s transcripts. Nellie Ohr lied about her ham radio to Congress. D’s introduce a bill to allow illegals to work in government. Maduro allows RC aid into the country. The Chinese woman that was apprehended in Mar-a-Lago might be an employee of a social media giant. More from the X22 Report.

In Pursuit of Truth delivers his first new video of the week after a few days of silence by Q. Here, Sir Patrick Mack gets into a mainland Chinese woman, arrested at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, carrying four cellphones, a laptop computer, an external hard drive and a thumb drive containing computer malware. You have to wonder: Was she trying to get near President Donald Trump or just to bug his resort?

RedPill78 has Trump wishing Creepy Uncle Joe the best of luck. The bigger news: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and her campaign chairman are being targeted with FEC campaign financing violations.  Also, Congress is fishing around for six years of President Donald Trump’s federal tax reserves and he says he likely will not provide them.

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Joe Biden is in the news, and it’s just not about being creepy, connections are being made to Ukraine and China. News Unlocks. The [DS] is still trying to use the Mueller report as a weapon. The propaganda will not work this time.Venezuela is receiving aid from Russia and China. The [DS] and neocons were baited into pushing regime change in Venezuela, they are exposed. America is no longer for sale. Those days are over. Change is in the air. More from the X22 Report.

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Destroying the Illusion says 6,026 sealed indictments were added in the month of March, bringing the nationwide total to 88,350. These indictments began to be tabulated in October of 2017, so we have seen a monthly average of 5,521 every since. When will they begin to be served? DTI’s Jordan Sather doesn’t offer a specific date, but surmises it could be “shortly.” In other words, the long wait might be ending soon. Also in this edition, Sather tackles NXIVM, Alex Jones, Joe Biden, and a MAGA hat attacker.

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We close with McAllister TV discussing mega memes, the Lizard Queen, the dirty Pope and Satanic Hollywood.

Patriot’s Move Coming

The Cohen show is now over and the takeaways are amazing. Cohen lied, broke laws and confirmed that there was no collusion. Jordan and Meadows refer Cohen to the DOJ for lying. The Summit with North Korea ended without a deal, or is this part of the deal? Trump is the master of making a deal. He will wait and Kim Jong-Un will contact him to make the final deal. This is a power play. The [Deep State] played their hand. They might try a couple more but the patriots have the facts and the truth. When Q said that FISA is going to bring down the House, Q was talking about the corrupt people in the House. More from the X22 Report.

Jordan Sather says his job is getting easier because the mainstream media is putting out so many lies and so much propaganda, that it’s not so hard any more to sway people simply by telling the truth. Here he deals with vaccine news, climate change, UFOs and 5 G, among many other topics.

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In Pursuit of Truth takes a humorous break with this series of quick burns. What can you say, except the insanity just keeps growing more insane by the hour.

Notice how Eric Trump and James Wood both made Q posts that got quickly deleted. Boom! Expect the fireworks to begin soon. More from Jordan Sather.

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In Pursuit of Truth echoes the latest QAnon post in saying, “Carpet bombs are OK. Tactical nukes are better.” Also, look for new superseding indictments to be issued over the next couple of weeks in the NXIVM case. It’s not clear if those will all involve the existing defendants or whether additional defendants could be named. In that case, it could delay the start of the scheduled trial, now set for late April.

Here is a X22 Report rounding up the weekend’s events. The summary, “AOC tweeted out that it was Donald Trump Jr who was involved in a criminal conspiracy, turns out to be false. Trump is hitting hard against, Cohen, the DOJ/FBI who were involved in spying on him and many other crimes. Trump is setting the stage for the MOAB. Trump makes an unexpected stop in Alaska to visit the troops. It seems the President of Afghanistan is sabotaging the peace talks. [DS] ready to deliver aid to Venezuela, beware of a FF. Q drops a single post, tells us that the countdown continues and get ready for tactical hits.”

Finally, we close with a new In Pursuit of Trust post from Saturday called “Roast or Burn.” It returns to the Albert E. Smith Memorial Foundation dinner that then-GOP candidate Donald Trump turned into a blazing roast of Hillary Clinton. Here, QAnon adds his own hot material, outlining some of Hillary’s racist remarks as well as her strangely patronizing behavior in Haiti. Once the full scope of what she’s done there is known, she’s going to have a hard time staying out of prison.