How We Got Here

How we got to a place where both forks in the road lead to destruction. A BitChute exclusive rant from RazorFist.

Alex Jones of InfoWars explains how Leftists triggered a riot at the U.S. Capitol but it was meant to be much worse. He cites a high-level military Intel source who told him the riot was meant to be much larger. So this was a false flag event, but nowhere near the size or scope that the Leftist plotters had originally hoped.

Joe Biden isn’t even in the White House yet, and already the Leftists are going apeshit organizing false flag events. It’s not even a week after the U.S. Capitol boondoggle, and now rumblings are being floated of angry Trump supporters preparing to burn down Twitter headquarters in San Francisco. Yeah, sure!

If there are scores of protesters in San Francisco, and especially if they are planning to burn down anything in the downtown district, you can bet they are Antifa or Black Lives Matter protesters in disguise. Trump supporters aren’t going to San Francisco. We don’t want AIDs! Or to step in piles of human shit on the sidewalks!

Most of you have heard about false flags. Now, we certainly see them happening with greater frequency as the deranged and violent Left imagines returning to power. Parkland or Sandy Hook ? There are always false flags when the Democrats or their angry stooges blow into town! More from The Salty Cracker.

Moore, Maher Growing Nervous

The 2020 Presidential election is beginning to look a lot like 2016. Each cycle began with the Democrats loudly crowing about their inevitable victory. But 2016 ended with a surprise upset by President Donald Trump and now two Leftist pundits — Bill Maher and Michael Moore — are warning fellow Liberals that they see the same thing happening in 2020.

Tough titties, Leftists! You’re a bunch of losers, so you might as well accept your fate in life. Look for Sleepy Joe and the rest of his Hoe-Down squad to come up short once again. More from Steve Turley.

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Wanker Celebs Exploit Kung Flu

The usual assortment of Hollywood and New York celebrity wankers are trying to exploit the Kung Flu to push their rancid environmental agenda. Everyone’s already forgotten about Greta Thunberg, but Madonna and Robert DeNiro have chimed in, hawking the climate change nonsense. How long before we hear from Michael Moore? Here’s Meme the Left with the news.

In Great Britain, it’s the Cuckdown! Pubs are closed, borders open! More from Paul Joseph Watson.

We Are Change takes us to Singapore, where roving robots are enforcing social distancing. The robots walk the parks and the streets, and ensure people are not congregating or in close contact. US police have quietly bought into this plan, and some departments are bringing these robots stateside.

Something bizarre happened with COVID-19. Do blood types and genes determine your hospital fate? There are few scientific studies as of yet. But one, out of China, suggests that individuals with the blood type A are much more prone to have severe COVID-19 reactions. More from Lisa Haven.


Lunatic Left Eats Michael Moore

The Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore is no longer feeding off the fat of the land. Now, because some on the Lunatic Left think a new documentary he executive produced, Planet of the Humans, doesn’t far enough, they are busy badmouthing Michael Moore. Yep, once again, we see how the Left operates, not only attacking conservatives and moderates, but also fellow Leftists who don’t toe this or that line. In short, these people are bonkers. More from Meme the Left.

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Mystery Solved!

If you see three white guys walking down the street, chances are two of the three voted for President Donald Trump. So you should move over to the other side of the street to avoid them. This is the prognostication of white, Liberal Michael Moore, who is becoming a self-professed racist.

What’s the mystery that gets solved? Simple. Most Democrats are not only flaming bigots, but dumber than a box of rocks! More from Mark Dice.

We offer you a double dose of Mark Dice, as the news has been so hot and heavy this week, we haven’t been able to keep up with his daily videos. We apologize to Mark, as he is one of the hardest-working conservatives in the industry and also doing such vital and singular work. Here, he trains his sights on the Grammy Awards. We’re glad he watched them and that we didn’t waste our time with that Satanist crap! Yes, it does seem like a rip-off of The Jerry Springer Show!

White Liberals Act Like Racists

Face it, there’s no group in America these days that acts more racist than white Liberals! Michael Moore, a white leftist, in a stunning and brave display of racism-veiled-as-righteousness, says we should be afraid of white people. Your woke-meter toppleth over, Mr. Moore! Here’s your award. More from PragerU.

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Shut Up Michael Moore

Michael Moore says he represents blue collar, working class, economically struggling Trump voters. Believe that, and we got a bridge we can sell you. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

The Phony Magabomber

Well they cracked the case in record time and have arrested the MAGABOMBER, the mastermind behind the prop bomb attacks, so the world can breathe a sigh of relief. The globalist criminals who have been targeting the sitting President are all safe now. Liz Crokin joins SGTReport to break it all down. Thanks for tuning Patriots!

And speaking of Cesar Sayoc, here is a raw, unedited outtake from Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9, showing the Megabomber at a Trump rally in Melbourne, Florida, on Feb. 18, 2017, less than a month after the president’s inauguration. Of course, Moore highlighted the most obnoxious and dumb-looking of the “deplorables,” to make Trump’s supporters look more frightening and dumber.

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Left Turning On the Left

Most of Hollywood is Leftist and now they are all getting Leftier — not wishing to be left behind. Greg Gutfeld takes a look at some of the Lefty heavweights, from Michael Moore to Debra Messing, who just lashed out at Susan Sarandon over an election that’s two years old. If these ladies get any crazier, they might begin to jockey with Robert DeNiro and Sean Penn.

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Shameless Socialist Celebs

Venezuela used to be the richest country in Latin America. Today, its economy and civil society are disintegrating. The country is experiencing widespread hunger and out-of-control violence—a result of former President Hugo Chávez’ move, starting in 2002, to nationalize industries, establish price controls and block foreign capital from entering the country.

Back when Chávez was still in power (and still alive), U.S. celebrities including Danny Glover, Naomi Campbell, Michael Moore, Oliver Stone and Sean Penn praised the former president and his brand of “Bolivarian” socialism. As did left-wing intellectuals, including the famed M.I.T. linguist Noam Chomsky. What do they have to say now? John Stossel reports.

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