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Is it Too Late To Save America?

Today, The Two Mikes again spoke with Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney about current affairs.

Gen McInerney says there seems to be a rising, and direly needed, awareness among Americans that the national disaster caused by the Democrats, the Woke and their Billionaire funders is coming to a head. Where once stolen elections were not talked about in detail, everyday Americans now know 330,000 votes were shifted from Oz to Fetterman in Pennsylvania and that several states counted larger numbers of votes than they had registered voters.

The citizenry is also becoming aware that more than 200 food-processing plants have been burned down or destroyed by explosions since Biden entered the White House, and that not a single FBI investigation seems to have been started on any one of them. Americans are also seeing that the allegations against Trump about his presidential papers were written by a lawyer so corrupt that the law he based the case on is the 1917 Espionage Act and not the Presidential Papers Act. Why, because the former is a criminal law and the latter is an administrative affair.

General McInerney also suggested that this growing awareness is accelerating and may have been started by the unbelievable half-assedness of the manner in which Biden retreated from Afghanistan and left $85 billion in top-shelf arms and other military equipment for the Taliban and their Islamist friends across the region. The question remains if there is time for a full awareness and consequent liberating actions by Americans before Biden and his globalist masters destroy the United States?

Musk: A Modern Paul Revere

Lt. Gen. General Thomas (ret’d) talked to The Two Mikes Wednesday on several issues. Perhaps most important, he reported that the Republicans won five additional Senate seats in the midterms, those in Nevada, Arizona, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

The Democrats stole the seats by cyber transfers of hundreds of thousands of votes from the winning candidates to Democrat candidates who otherwise were defeated. In addition, U.S. government agencies and other entities transferred 5.8 million votes from President Bolsonaro to criminal Lula in Brazil, giving the convict Lula a win by 2 percentage points.

General McInerney also said that, at this point, he regards Elon Musk as a contemporary Paul Revere in that he is educating all Americans to the hard fact that the lawless federal government, through the FBI and CIA, are working with Big Tech to censor the voices of great numbers of American citizens and neuter the Bill of Rights.

Fetterman Stole Votes From Oz

Retired Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney says Mehmet Oz actually beat John Fetterman in last Tuesday’s U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania, but Fetterman stole as many as 330,000 votes from Oz. McInerney says the counting machines were “hacked,” leading to the switch of Oz ballots into Fetterman’s column.

Instead of accepting this flawed and fraudulent election, Oz needs to challenge the results and call for an audit. McInerney discussed the fraud on The Two Mikes, a radio podcast hosted by Michael Scheuer and Colonel Mike.

Tom McInerney’s allegations that the Pennsylvania race was stolen follow charges by True the Vote investigator Gregg Phillips that he and True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht have irrefutable evidence that “the entire PA voter registration file is living on a server in China.” Phillips adds, “They didn’t steal it.” The files were “given to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)…”

The True the Vote leaders recently were released from prison after a corrupt Houston-based federal district court judge from Houston, Kenneth Hoyt, found them guilty on contempt of court charges. Much of Hoyt’s annoyance revolved around the True the Vote refusing to reveal sources on the issue of how U.S. voting registration documents landed in China. A few key questions remain: Did the Chinese buy Fetterman’s election? Will he be doing their bidding and stabbing the people of Pennsylvania in their backs? Is he even competent to speak, let alone serve as a U.S. senator?

Here is a teaser dealing with Phillips and Engelbrecht’s release from jail, from Epoch Teasers and Trailers. Note the connection to the Konnech Inc. corruption case, which was also just dropped in Los Angeles. We added a third video, this one from Konnech Inc., showing one of the ways their computerized voting systems work. Food for thought as we continue to bear down on election fraud and foreign interference in American elections.

The Alexandria Shooting Plot

Dr. Michael Scheuer, former CIA officer and prominent blogger, says the Alexandria, Va, shooting attack on US Rep Steve Scalise was plotted and not at all just a random event involving an old, befuddled liberal. The shooter, James T. Hodgkinson, had backing from Democrats and/or Deep State allies, possibly both.

Scheuer says moderates and conservatives can no longer brush aside what’s obvious: We have radical Leftists in this country who are hellbent to push us down a socialist road, using violence in an effort to frighten us. It is no time to equivocate. It is time to expose these traitors and fight them, beginning with indictments to Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and members of the Clinton Foundation staff.

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