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Child Concentration Camps?

Clayton Morris reports on breaking news from the southern border on the discovery of what he calls “secret child concentration camps.”

Morris says that illegal immigrant children with no parents are being detained in facilities near the Texas border. He’s joined by investigative reporter Michael Yon and podcaster Ann Vandersteel, who describe their encounter with a border whistleblower, who says the children are not allowed to go outside and  are being monitored by escorts in the 19-20-year-old range.

Vandersteel says old Walmart stores that have been permanently shutdown are being rehabbed into facilities to house up to 5,000 children. She claims this is happening all over the country. She added that Southwest Key Programs, a nonprofit that operates facilities for unaccompanied immigrant minors, receives hundreds of millions of dollars from the government yearly, which they use to finance the coyote cartels to smuggle children into the U.S. Here’s the rest of the story.

U.S. Funding Invasion Camps

Investigative reporter Michael Yon joins the Natural News podcast and host Mike Adams to reveal how the U.S. government is funding the immigrant-invasion camps in Central America.

Yon also recounts the horror and atrocities for those migrants who are forced to travel through the Darian Gap en route to the southern U.S. border. Yon says many families are actually provided with rape kits–funded the the U.S. government–before the treacherous journey. Here’s more with Yon and Adams.

Globalists Vs. Farmers

Investigative journalist Michael Yon tells Sara Carter that our southern border migration disaster is just part of what he sees as a massive threat to our nation.

He says the World Economic Forum’s march to control the planet’s food supply is equally as dangerous. He details how the globalists are forcing farmers off their farms in the Netherlands and Belgium and how the sinister movement connects back to China.

Weaponized Migration

Sara Carter welcomes independent journalist and longtime war correspondent Michael Yon to the podcast to discuss the weaponization of migration from Latin America to the United States.

Yon explains why the real number of people illegally entering our nation is at least 300,000 per month and probably much higher. He also slams Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for doing virtually nothing about the invasion of the U.S. More from Carter and Yon.

Massive Caravans Headed North

Investigative journalist Michael Yon says the southern border invasion is in full swing, as evidenced by huge immigrant camps in U.S. border cities and massive immigrant caravans headed north.

Yon, a former Special Forces operator, joins InfoWars and Alex Jones with updated intel on the bottleneck of immigrants flooding the Darien Gap, the region connecting North and South America. He says sources tell him it is being overwhelmed like never before with migrants heading to the U.S. southern border. Sadly, Yon says, 160 migrants have died in the last week, victims of flash floods. Here’s his report.

Engineered-Migrant Invasion

Investigative reporter Michael Yon tells Brighteon.com’s Mike Adams that an engineered migrant invasion and occupation is targeting all Western nations.

The wave of illegals headed for the southern border are coming from migrant camps near the Darian Gap, funded by the United States and NATO. Yon, reporting from the Darian Province, in Panama, says activity has picked up dramatically in the last few days, including a fleet of 16, jam-packed busses that left the area on Tuesday, making a beeline toward the border. Here’s more.

Global Famine Looming

Combat journalist and author Michael Yon says global famine is rapidly approaching and immigration patterns indicate that the throngs are all headed to America.

Appearing on The Highwire, with host Del Bigtree, Yon cites the shortages of fertilizer and nitrogen in the food supply worldwide, and human osmotic pressure, which he describes as the push and the pull of migration. Here’s more.