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Bill Gates’ Secret Russian Honey

The Wall Street Journal broke big news Sunday, explaining how Jeffrey Epstein tried to blackmail the billionaire Bill Gates for carrying out an extramarital affair with a young Russian expatriate, Mila Antonova.

Gates had met Antonova in 2010 at a bridge tournament where she was pushing her ideas of a new non-profit company that would promote bridge for youngsters. He apparently began a sexual affair with her while he was still married to Melinda Gates. At the time, Antonova was in her early twenties while Bill Gates was in his mid 50s.

It’s not clear yet how long the affair lasted, or whether Gates donated money to her charity. But he apparently did introduce her to Epstein and encourage him to make such  donations.  While it doesn’t appear Epstein took the bait, he apparently did pay some of Antonova’s college tuition fees. Gates also might have introduced her to Warren Buffett, as Buffett attended the same 2010 bridge tournament where Gates met her.

We already knew Gates was never a saint. He maintained a long extramarital affair with a Microsoft employee, an affair that lasted more than a decade, while he served as CEO of that company. Here’s a video from IgniteNYC, where Antonova explains why she finds bridge a powerful mind game.

She notes how Mae West loved bridge, although she misspells West’s name as “May West.” It was West who quipped, “Bridge is like sex. If you don’t have a good partner, you better have a good hand.”

Epstein’s Billionaire Buddies

Why are we suddenly finding so much more about Jeffrey Epstein’s associates? Why has the Wall Street Journal begun to break key aspects of the story?

Whitney Webb, author of the new two-volume book One Nation Under Blackmail, believes the revelations are meant to distract from even more damaging news of Epstein’s close association with Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin as well as Disney CEO Michael Ovitz.

Here, Webb  is interviewed by Clayton Morris on Redacted. She discusses both of those two figures and explains more about Epstein’s involvement with Disney, via Bran Ferren. Ferren had worked with Ken Russell on the sci-fi movie Altered States, and later formed Associates & Ferren, which did visual effects for Little Shop of Horrors. She also touches upon Microsoft’s Bill Gates, as well as his associates Nathan Myhrvold, formerly Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer, and Linda Stone, both of whom maintained relationships with Epstein.

The World Will Be Shocked

The enormity of what’s coming will shock the world! High-profile arrests! Buckle up. Pray! More from the Christian Patriot News.

Big Trouble For Big Tech

Four of the largest Big Tech firms have announced job layoffs totaling more than 50,000 this month. The carnage to date: 12,000 jobs at Google, 10,000 at Microsoft, 11,000 at Facebook and 18,000 at Amazon.

It’s not exactly clear which positions will be abolished and where. For instance, will Google trim its subsidiary YouTube, or other elements within its larger corporate sphere?

Also, why did all of the executives from these companies throw overwhelming support to Joe Biden, when Biden’s policies have obviously served as an albatross for these Silicon Valley firms? Here’s more from Tim Pool.

Bill On His Farmland Ownership

Bill Gates ventures forth to a liberal forum, REDDIT, as a safe haven to explain himself. The top question asked why he is buying up so much farmland and whether his ownership of so much land poses a problem. More from Really Graceful.

White House Pushed Censorship

Twitter Files 10 drop courtesy of David Zweig, revealing pressure from the White House to censor pandemic-related information. Twitter outsourced censorship campaigns using decision trees and banned Harvard medical doctors. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire, on Watching the Watchers.

So much worse than you thought. That’s the title of a new video from The Quartering. Now we know: T he FBI and CIA didn’t limit themselves to Twitter, but have also been linked to YouTube, Twitch and Cloudflare thanks to Elon Musk. We already were also aware that the FBI and CIA leaned on Facebook, so this scandal will only grow in scale and size the more we learn.

Who Is Marina Abramovic?

Who is Marina Abramovic? Many of may have heard of her but who is she really? Although she claims to be a performance artist, a closer examination of her works such as Spirit Cooking and her connections with people such as David Rothschild point to a much darker truth. More from Jay Myers.

Biden Behind Mass Censorship

The corrupt Joe Biden administration and its Homeland Security Department orchestrated the mass censorship we’ve seen over the past two years on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Microsoft and other social media platforms. Documents obtained by The Intercept outline how the government has enforced rampant censorship in a bid to control what DHS calls “disinformation.”

We have long suspected this to be the case, but now the documents show plainly how the censorship was orchestrated, who called the shots and who stood to benefit from the government’s rigid efforts to control the free-flow of information. Here, Tim Pool lays out the shocking details. As if we needed any more proof of Biden being the worst and most sleazy president in American history.

Just Another Coincidence

Remember when Bill Gates released a video with all of his friends ragging on him — Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Steven Spielberg, Jay Z, Al Gore and Bono?

Jamie Dlux returns to that video and recalls one of the other Bill Gates friends who turned up. No, it wasn’t Jeffrey Epstein, but Matthew McConaughey. Here’s Jamie, making it all make sense!

Gates Of Doom

Here’s a Microsoft promotional video from the 1990s that presents Bill Gates as a champion marksman. He’s not promoting himself as a killer, but pushing a raft of new video games being released for the Microsoft platform. More from Jamie Dlux.