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Biden Mobilizing U.S. Reserves

President Joe Biden activates portions of the U.S. Reserve forces and the White House explains. Senator Mike Lee raises alarm and Vivek slams the media. What are the Selected Reserve and Individual Ready Reserve components of the Armed Services?

Trump Prosecutor Jack Smith replies to Trump’s response on the government’s request to continue the trial to December 2023. U.S. Attorneys say there is no basis for having an indefinite trial date and MSNBC reacts.

New leaks from the Special Counsel’s prosecution of Trump reveal Trump family member Jared Kushner testified in front of Jack Smith’s grand jury. News media reacts to what this might mean for the Trump prosecution.

Rep. James Comer previews the Biden Whistleblower testimony that will blow the lid off the Biden Crime Family scheme. Comer sends a letter to FBI Director Wray inquiring about the FBI’s role in the prosecution of Whistleblower Gal Luft.

Senator Ted Cruz and Rep. Byron Donalds are fired up about Merrick Garland’s lies. Cruz suggests appointing a Special Counsel to investigate the U.S. Attorney General and Byron Donalds suggest a different solution.

Hunter Biden lawyer’s send a cease and desist letter to Trump, demanding he stop slamming Hunter Biden on social media. We review the letter from Hunter’s lawyers and Trump’s response. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Deep State Exposed Themselves

The [Deep State] has pushed everything at Trump. He baited them in and they used almost all their ammunition. But in the process to get Trump, they made stupid moves. They exposed their system and the people saw the truth.

Now, the people have lost trust in many of the agencies, companies and Hollywood. The people are on the side of Trump. In the process, he allowed the [Deep State] to destroy themselves.More from the X22 Report.

Biden’s SOTU: A Debacle!

We didn’t waste any time watching Joe Biden’s speech. The dude is not only demented and senile, and a rotten orator, but also a blatant, lying polecat. He’s not even fit to serve as a dog catcher, let alone as an American president.

Still, it behooves us to know what he said, so we can prepare for the next round of lies and open assaults on our freedoms. Here, Steve Turley selects five moments that illustrate Biden’s lack of judgment, clarity and truthfulness.

Biden bringing up fentanyl takes the cake. That crisis would vanish if Joe Biden actively upheld his obligations to protect America’s borders. Instead of a safe nation, we have Chinese spies overhead and Mexican drug dealers running amok across the nation. Hey, Joe! Do your job or get off the stage!

President Biden delivers a mumbling State of the Union, explaining progress on immigration and other priorities. Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivers a response, and we hear from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ted Cruz, and Marjorie Taylor Greene in response.

The House Oversight Committee conducts a hearing questioning former Twitter and FBI executive Jim Baker, Vijaya Gadde, and Yoel Roth. James Comer, Jim Jordan, AOC, and others ask questions. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire, on Watching the Watchers.

Time To Apply The War Paint

The [Deep State] is in the process of removing Biden. The fake news has been instructed to report on the classified docs. The Department of Justice has blocks in place to prevent the House from following the corruption and reporting it to others. Will this stop the House? This is why they are removing Biden.

Trump is ready for the next phase of the information war. He has now changed his profile. He has applied the war paint. These are the days of days. You can hear him screaming FREEDOM!!!! More from the X22 Report.

Congress Ruins Christmas!

Congress passes a gigantic $1.7 trillion dollar spending bill filled with pork. Rep. Dan Bishop unpacks what is inside. Rand Paul prints out all 4,500+ pages. Mike Lee says this was done with zero representation. The debt clock rises. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire.

Midterm Elections!

Midterm elections are here! This is your Special Propaganda Report. More from Awaken with JP.

And with the election now under way, let’s hear from Joe Biden, encouraging all illegals to exercise their rights to stuff the ballot boxes. More from Jeff Dunham.

Court Packing Could End Us

Congressman Mike Lee tells Glenn Beck the recent leak of the Supreme Court’s abortion decision is part of a larger plan by the Left to delegitimize the judicial branch of government.

More succinctly, it’s another move forward to packing the court. If successful, Lee says, the court will become a political arm of the government rather than an arbitrary body to independently determine the meaning of law. Here’s more with Lee and Beck.

Feds Can’t Fix Healthcare

Why is the government so bad at healthcare? Why did Obamacare make it more expensive than it already was? Is there a solution? Former Member of Congress Bob McEwen explains in a video from PragerU.

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Meanwhile, Dick Morris weighs in on the lame Republicans’ failures to address Obamacare. After arguing years for repeal, now we have idiot senators like Utah’s Mike Lee, Kansas’ Jerry Moran, Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski and West Virginia’s Shelley Moore Capito refusing to budge, gumming up the Republican Party by insisting on their own variations as opposed to upholding the party’s pledge to the public to end the bloated healthcare mess. Enough! Every one of these holdout Republicans should be cast out of the Senate, and shunned by voters, the same as we treat the scumball Democrats.

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Styxhexenhammer666 says perhaps it is time the Feds got out of the healthcare business and let it operate on purely capitalistic principles. Sure, there might be some drastic consequences, but none worse than the bloated stasis caused by massive government intervention.

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