Dr. Evil, AKA Klaus Schwab

Actor Mike Myers, aka Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers film series, saunters into the lighter side of life, as he mirrors his non-fictitious counterpart, Klaus Schwab, executive chairman of the World Economic Forum. The political parody features Dr. Evil’s sinister interpretation of the Deep State’s Great Reset. Video is courtesy of Synopsis.

The Inside Scoop On Comedy

Did you know that the original title of the Married With Children comedy pilot was Not the Cosbys? Or that Mike Myers was offered the role of Shrek at the premiere of Saving Private Ryan? These are just two of 39 facts about comedy in this episode of Mental Floss with host John Green. Enjoy and please continue to tune in to LOL for a stroll through the lighter side of life.

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I Smell Bacon


Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, portraying slackers Wayne and Garth, poke some fun at a local police officer in Wayne’s World.

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Meanwhile, Pork Force is on patrol in Great Britain. Awesomely warsome, watch in amazement as this crack unit of porcine warriors battles terrorists and protects your freedoms.

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