Simon Parkes: A Slow Transition

For those lamenting the snail-like pace of the Great Awakening, there doesn’t appear to be any reprieve in sight. Simon Parkes says the complexity of the operation is so great that the White Hats aren’t going to react just to please the patriots, but to accomplish what is needed to achieve the target they’ve set.

Parkes posits that it’s seemingly more tempting to move 75 percent of the public from one standpoint to another over a period of time, without rocking the boat, than to throw all the information and facts on the table at once. “It’s coming, but it’s going to be difficult,” Parkes says. “And I  want the people at the top to make it as easy as possible, and not make it drawn out any longer than it has to be.”

Parkes brings more analysis, plus delivers more intel during a Q&A session.

Simon Parkes: Not As Bad!

It’s not as bad as it looks! That’s the somewhat tepid assessment of the 2022 midterms from Simon Parkes.

Parkes says Americans were expecting a red-wave tsunami, were afraid of a major false flag and anticipated the military would get involved to keep the vote on the up-and-up. None of this happened. “Many people are feeling very lost, very angry, shocked, betrayed even,” he says.

But all is not lost. More shenanigans and fraud with Dominion Voting Machines in key Republican strongholds, such as Maricopa County, might well point to a better outcome for the GOP. Parkes says what allegedly went down in Arizona was captured and fully documented by specialist military teams and, this time around, the case won’t get lost in endless inquiries and reports. Expect a quick resolution. Here’s Simon’s analysis.

Simon Parkes: Intel Update

Simon Parkes says there’s a strong chance the 2022 midterm elections will be interrupted or paused, and he discusses what’s really happening in the Ukraine conflict.

Parkes emphasizes that Nov. 8 is a key marker in the Great Awakening and breaks down the logistics. “This is about taking back America,” he says. “It’s about reminding people that we’re not on our own. People are prepared to get together and celebrate that truth beats lies, and evil cannot win.”

Parkes says we are being shown an inaccurate portrayal of the Ukraine conflict by the mainstream media. Contrary to reports, Russia is not on its last legs and, earlier this week, it launched at least 200 cruise missiles, taking out all of the hydroelectric generating power stations in Ukraine. He explains further, plus brings more intel.

Ex-Officials Sound Red Alert

Lisa Haven reports that a group of former military generals and ex-secretaries of defense have sounded a red alert against a political civil-military environment, just days after Joe Biden’s divisive MAGA speech. She brings us the details, plus more.

Juan O. Savin: Storm Is Here

Juan O. Savin warns to batten down the hatches, there is a tsunami headed our way. Savin tells David “Nino” Rodriguez that the bad guys are going to start coming off the rails simultaneously, as election integrity issues become more understood and as the electorate pushes back inspite of a Congress pushing back against the will of the people. Here’s more, courtesy of Moment of Truth.

The Best Is Yet To Come

The [Deep State] is deploying assets and positioning themselves for the midterms. The pandemic is being pushed. Monkeypox lockdowns are being pushed. The 16-year plan is being pushed. They are trying everything. This is having the opposite effect. It is waking the people up.

The only forward is the military with the people and this is where this is all headed. All systems are a go. The patriots are prepared and the people are going to see the true agenda of the [Deep State]. The best is yet to come. More from the X22 Report.

Pesticides In Moderna Vax

Sourcing Real Raw News, Martin Brodel reports that military special forces under White Hat authority have discovered pesticides in the Moderna Covid-19 vaccines. The military raided a Moderna vaccine repository in early May and destroyed approximately 250,000 vials of the tainted vaxxes. Brodel explains further, plus brings us more updates on the week’s news.

Martial Law Imposed In Canada

As the trucker convoy protests continue to heat up in Ottawa, Prime Minister JustinTrudeau has enabled the Emergency Powers Act. The act can be used to bring in the military and declare martial law. They can use “any force necessary.”

This is what we have been preparing for. Could it simply be fear meant to force protesters into compliance? Or are they readying for mass imprisonment of freedom-loving individuals? Josh Sigurdson reports in a new edition of World Alternative Media.

Ahead of Trudeau’s imposing martial law, blue-check soy boy Dean Blundell doxxed the Freedom Convoy truckers and their donors. Needless to say, the leftist flamer, a former radio announcer, got all huffy when conservatives threatened to turn the tables on his sorry ass.  More from The Salty Cracker.


Revenge Of The Patriots

Martin Brodel says the patriots have had enough and they’re coming after you–and that includes the military! “The vast majority of the military are good people … and now it’s time for all of us to take this world back from the evil, from the scumbags,” he says. Listen to the rest of Brodel’s rant, plus an update on a new fundraising platform, which has already raised more than $1 million for the Freedom Convoy truckers.

Will Trump Return Before ’24?

With patriots clamoring for the endgame and the recapture of our country, Juan O. Savin warns that less than a dozen people truly know what the plan is.

“If you don’t see what we’re going through now is war, you’re not paying attention,” Savin says. He added that the outcome will be grand theater, an amazing show. It’s about who gets to control the presidency. Savin joins the David “Nino” Rodriguez podcast, including guest Delora O’Brien, who bluntly asks Juan whether President Trump will be back before the 2024 Presidential election. Tune in to hear his answer.